Today a guy turns 21.
A boy with curly hair, long legs, green eyes and a beautiful smile. A guy who has the voice of an angel and the heart of a child.
A guy who “only” singing has saved people, without even knowing it.
A guy who loves bananas, kids, boots and Louis Tomlinson.
A handsome boy who is also a bit crazy.
A sweet guy, able to make anyone smile.
A guy who knows what love is.
A strong boy who refuses to be discouraged by anyone.
A boy, THE boy.
Happy birthday Harry Edward Styles

Just so you know, today’s the Waifu’s hotrodren Birthday!

And, well… um… Sorry I’m horribly delayed in your Bday gift. In my defense, I don’t want to rush it.

So there, Happy Birthday, Lauren. Thank you for being part of my life. Thank you for late night Skype convos. Thank you for all the terrible, perverted inside jokes we shared. Thank you for bearing with my obnoxious ranting, everyday, non-stop. Thanks for not leaving me even when I’m insufferable, selfish and self-centered sometimes. Thanks for loving me for my flaws (or despite them, if you don’t). Thanks for seeing the good in me when there was only nasty. Thank you for sharing my rage and my hatred and my love and my passion. Thank you for your unwavering friendship, for this thing that just caught me off guard because one day we were messaging like polite strangers and the next I was falling utterly in love with you and calling you names. Thank you for making me addicted to our conversations. Thank you for making this disturbingly unhealthy. Thank you.

And I will always hold a grudge against you for saying that I only talk to you until I find someone better. Bullshit. You’re my fave. And I’m just so platonically  in love with you it’s ridiculous.