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Westallen/Captain Canary AU:

Iris and Sara are on vacation, looking to forget what was waiting for them at home—which were jobs that were getting them no where near what they want to be. They think of this trip as a way to relax, refresh, and reflect… They didn’t expect to meet Barry and Leonard during their getaway. 

Barry and Leonard tell Sara and Iris that they are independent contractors. In reality? They are con  artists. A big score in Paris had them laying low in the flashy resort until they were ready to take on a new job. They hadn’t been prepared for Sara and Iris, who have managed to keep the men who were always one-step-ahead second-guessing their every move…

Especially when they find out both girls are the daughters of police detectives.

When their job in Paris catches up to them in paradise, they have a decision to make: split and leave the women behind so they aren’t involved—or let them know what is going on and give them a choice to leave with them.

An Itch to Scratch

Fandom: Star Trek AOS 
Pairing: implied Reader x Leonard McCoy/Bones
Prompt:  “How could I have known you were allergic to [item/flavor/scent]?  If it’s any consolation, you don’t look as bad as you think you do…” For @outside-the-government‘s birthday challenge
Word Count: 5,056

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Author’s Note:  Unbeta’d and a bit late, but hopefully you still like, darling!  This was pretty fun to write.  Happy belated birthday! 😊 ❤

             “Okay, what time is it?” you ask in a hushed tone, as you and Christine come to a halt in the corridor a few feet from Leonard’s quarters. Christine glances at her comm and tells you the time;  it’s roughly forty minutes since Leonard had gotten off shift, and you know that he’d been planning on crashing the second he was done, that he was exhausted after an extremely busy day.  

              “That should be enough time,” you whisper slowly, thinking. “I’ll check.  If he’s still awake, I can just say I came to say goodnight, or something.”  Christine nods and backs away from the door so she won’t be seen as you swipe the key card he’d recently given you and open his door.  It’s dark inside, and by the dim sphere of light given off by your comm, you can see him lying in bed as you creep across the room.  

              “Leonard?” you whisper as you creep closer, but get no response.  You repeat his name in a normal speaking voice, and still get nothing.  He shifts slightly in his sleep, making you freeze in place, but then he begins to snore, and you know you’re in the clear.  You carefully creep out of the room and poke your head out, nodding to Christine, who grins and darts into the nearby supply room.   When she returns, she’s carrying a huge bundle of balloons held together loosely by a light plastic tarp.  Grinning, you reach for the bundle and together you carefully manage to get it through the doorway without popping any of them.  You release this bundle into the corner of the living area, covering his desk and the floor with the balloons.   The two of you hurry out of the room and retrieve another bundle, emptying this one too until the balloons cover the desk and floor to waist height.   Each time you’re about to scurry from the room, you check to make sure that Leonard is still sleeping soundly, not wanting him to catch you in the act.

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Canaryfire AU:

Laurel Lance aka ‘The Canary’ has always entranced crowds around the world. From London to New York to Japan. Her canary cry has people always up off their feet and riveted. However, a scare at her latest show and what is read as a threat on her life by a stalker has her seeking protection 24/7. 

Enter Mick Rory. Ex-con gone straight. He knows how criminals think and states that his past is the reason why he is the perfect man to hire. Despite the protest from her manager, Laurel agrees and hires him on the spot.

But once the encore is complete and the lights go out— The two of them start to really get to know one another. She starts visiting him in his adjoining room first for the company of a friend… Then of the company of a lover. Soon, however, the paparazzi start to notice the shift in their relationship and the tabloids release information of them officially being together—

And her stalker, despite being her #1 fan… Is NOT a fan of Mick Rory.

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I have a very personal belief that it doesn’t matter if you’re straight, bi, gay, pan. It doesn’t fucking matter. No one should care, ever. They can’t tell you who you can love, why you love that person, who you get to fuck. That’s all up to you. Don’t ever let anybody tell you different!