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Happy Birthday, @upthenorthmountain!

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Today is @sloth-draws birthday! Everyone should go wish them a happy birthday! They are so great and so talented. Their art is absolutely beautiful and their ocs are so wonderful, each one so unique and detailed and inspiring so everyone should go check out their blog too. Here’s my birthday gift, some ot3 fluff featuring their oc Aracari Lavellan, my oc Elden, and Dorian all being cute and sappy.

Thank you, Lee, for being such a great friend! You’re always so fun to talk to and I hope you’re birthday is full of good things. 


They were lounging together, barely awake after another long day, but content at least in each other’s company. Dorian was propped up against the headboard reading and Elden was sitting beside him, head on his shoulder. Ari was sitting in front of him, leaning against Dorian’s knee as he worked on his crafts, and Elden couldn’t help but watch him.

Inquisitor Aracari. It was such a grand title, demanding respect, holding power and strength and reputation, and Ari wore it like it had been made especially for him. He and Dove both had accomplished so much and Elden couldn’t be more proud of them. He couldn’t help but fear for Ari as well though.

How many people saw Ari for who he was? A Dalish elf, strong and brave, yes, but he wasn’t some unfeeling icon. He was handsome and sweet, kind and generous, and none of this ever should have been his responsibility to fix, and yet everyone expected him to anyway. Ari was risking his life every day, suffering through the pain the anchor caused him and the weight of the world trying to crush him. He was so strong and Elden loved him for everything he had done and would still do, but Elden wished there was more he could do for him.

Tonight, Ari looked so tired, so tense, cursing under his breath as he struggled with the necklace he was making. His long hair was loose, hanging free and occasionally getting in his way and Elden was gripped with a sudden desire to run his fingers through it; to massage his scalp and ease at least some of the tension and maybe gather the long strands out of Ari’s way. He sat up and reached out, tentatively brushes his fingers through Ari’s hair.

“Is this okay?” Elden asked.

Ari’s hands stilled and he nodded, leaning back into Elden’s hand with a pleased sigh. Elden started by rubbing gentle circles at this temple, eventually moving to massage his scalp. Once Ari seemed more relaxed, he began running his fingers through his hair, gently untangling any knots he might find. Once he’d finished, he went back to massaging Ari’s scalp again. Elden couldn’t help but chuckle when Ari leaned back into him.

Elden starts running his hands through his hair again, slowly braiding it together. He wasn’t very good at it, he’d never done anything like this before, but he wanted to at least try. He moved closer, placing a kiss to the back of Ari’s head as he worked. When Elden finally finished, he wrapped his arms around Ari’s waist and kisses the back of his head again.

“Thanks,” Ari whisper, turning as best he could to steal a kiss from Elden.

“Don’t thank him until you’ve seen the atrocity he’s done to your hair,” Dorian muttered, barely glancing up from his book.

“Sorry,” Elden said with a chuckle. “I’m not very good.”

“Nah, s'fine, I like it,” Ari replied quickly, bringing a hand up to feel it and Elden just assumed he was too polite to point out all the places his hair was already beginning to come loose.

“You two have absolutely no taste,” Dorian said with a sniff, but there was no bite to the words.

“Well, we like you, so what’s that say?” Ari asked, turning to drape across both Dorian and Elden’s laps.

“Only that you both still have some sort of reason about you.”

“What’s the matter, you want Elden to do you next?” Ari asked with a smile.

“Really?” Elden said as he ran his hand through Dorian’s hair. “I wouldn’t mind.”

“I most certainly would mind,” Dorian replied, but he didn’t push Elden’s hand aside as he began massaging his scalp. “Come here, let me show you how it’s done.”

They rearranged themselves, Ari in Dorian’s lap and Dorian in Elden’s. Elden was supposed to be listening as Dorian demonstrated the proper way to braid hair and to his credit Elden really did try, but exhaustion was getting the better of him. He placed a kiss to Dorian’s neck and wrapped his arms around both him and Ari as best he could, just holding them close. He smiled when he felt Ari place his hand of Elden’s and squeeze gently and he thought he might be the happiest man alive. Elden watched Dorian’s hands in Ari’s hair, listened to their talk and their laughter and just smiled as he drifted off to sleep.

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