Happy 4th of July to all of my American followers! This day is very important in our history because it was this day that Bang Yongguk set us all free from the mundane current status of k-pop and its relentless hold onto the edm/pop genre and plotless music videos solely relying on synchronized dances in box sets to gain popularity™ through his groundbreaking, iconic, original, self-produced mixtape single entitled “Yamazaki,” available on all major music and video streaming platforms. God bless the U.S!

happy 4th of july to all my american followers! your country might be a fucking dumpster fire at the moment but today at least you’ve got an excuse to blast party in the usa at full volume

Happy 4th of July to all my American followers! Hope you have a fab day/night of celebrating Independence Day! In homage, here’s a few American Literature classics to brighten your day! ✨

“Perhaps one day

I shall deck ye in laces and jewels,” he said softly. “I havena been able to give ye much, ever, save a wee silver ring, and my mother’s pearls.”

“You’ve given me a lot more than that,” I said. I wrapped my fingers around his thumb and squeezed. “Brianna, for one.”

He smiled faintly, looking down at the deck.

“Aye, that’s true. She’s maybe the real reason – for staying, I mean.”

I pulled him toward me and he rested his head against my knee.

“This is her place, no?” he said quietly. He lifted a hand, gesturing toward the river, the trees, and the sky. “She will be born here, she’ll live here.”

“That’s right,” I said softly. I stroked his hair, smoothing the thick strands that were so much like Brianna’s. “This will be her country.” Hers, in a way it could never be mine or his, no matter how long we might live here.

He nodded, beard rasping gently against my skirt.

“I dinna wish to fight, or have ye ever in danger, Sassenach, but if there’s a bit I can do… to build, maybe to make it safe, and a good land for her…” He shrugged. “It would please me,” he finished softly.

~ Drums of Autumn, Chapter 9, “Two-Thirds of a Ghost”

Happy 4th of July to all my American followers! And to all our veterans past, future, and present, thank you for your service 🇺🇸🎆🇺🇸🎆🇺🇸

98 Kisses

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Steve’s girlfriend promises to fulfill one of her birthday’s tradition with him. One kiss for each one of his years.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: None?
1,230 words

Notes: Just birthday fluff to celebrate Steve’s b-day! It’s actually a little alike Bucky’s one, lmao. Not my best but just posting to remember the date! ALSO, HAPPY 4TH TO ALL MY AMERICAN FOLLOWERS! HAVE A NICE DAY Y’ALL! <3 Enjoy!

Before his clock can even reach its alarm time, Steve feels a pair of soft lips kissing the back of his neck and small hands sliding through his bare skin, instantly making him smile. 

Blindly turning his body around, he falls on his back against the mattress and pulls your body flush against his, wrapping your shoulders with both arms as he groans quietly. 

“Mornin’, birthday boy.” You mumble with a smile against his skin, pressing a small kiss to his chest as he squeezes you tighter in knowledge. “Happy 4th of July!”

“Happy 4th, sweetheart.” He replies just as lazy, sleepiness still taking over his voice as he presses a kiss to your cheek, pulling back with raised eyebrows and a small grin curving his lips. “I’m getting old, aren’t I?”

You let out a beaming laugh, squirming out of his hold and falling on your back as he watches you with a tender smile on his lips, reaching out a hand to push your hair back. 

“Just a little bit.” You squint your eyes playfully and prop yourself on your elbows, a smirk curving your lips as Steve just glances suspiciously at you. “What? You can still keep it up, at least.”

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Desperate Summers

Pairing: Mikey Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summary: It’s July 4, 2005, and you’re a guitar tech working Vans Warped Tour. You accidentally eavesdrop on a conversation between Mikey Way and Pete Wentz that you were never supposed to hear.

A/N: Happy 4th of July to all of my American followers! 

It was the fourteenth night of Warped Tour, and tonight, you and the musicians you worked for were in Fresno. It was also the 4th of July. You knew that a couple bands had bought fireworks, and planned to set them off after the show tonight. But, you weren’t worried about that right now. Your primary concern was getting sound check done on time - all the members of My Chemical Romance were onstage, ready to start, except for Mikey Way.

“Maybe he’s still on Fall Out Boy’s bus,” Gerard suggested. “He’s been hanging out with them a lot lately.”

“I guess I’ll head over there and look for him,” you decided.

“Thanks, Y/N!” Frank shouted at your back as you began walking towards the row of tour buses.

You found Fall Out Boy’s bus pretty easily - it had their name right on it. You swung open the door and were about to climb the steps when you heard voices coming from inside.

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Shock Confession (Part 2)


 Steve Rogers x Reader
Could you do a Steve one shot (possibly could be made into 2 shots I don’t know) about how Steve had a crush on the reader for a long time and they’re best friends and work together with like every mission, and one night at like 2 a.m. he comes to their apartment and tells them he loves them and the reader doesn’t answer because they’re in shock and he ends up leaving broken hearted, you can write the rest 
I would like to request a one-shot where Steve  and the reader are really close friends and are always flirting a little bit.  One day she teases him and he warns her that she’ll cross his line and it  leads to them kissing 
Warnings: None
Notes: Part 1. Happy 4th of July to all of my American followers, I hope you all have a wonderful day! Anyway I combined two different requests for this one because I didn’t really know how to follow up Shock Confessions Part 1. Hope you like it and enjoy!

After the incident the other night Steve had been avoiding you, much to your annoyance. You had been so shocked that you hadn’t been able to tell him that you reciprocated his feelings, of course now you didn’t think you’d ever get the chance. Pulling yourself out of bed you trudged down the hall of the tower to the latest mission brief, this was not gonna be a fun one. S.H.I.E.L.D had just found out about 3 remaining Hydra bases in Eastern Europe, near to the site of the original one that was based in Sokovia. As you entered the meeting room you could practically feel the tension in the air. Cap stood at one side of the table with his arms crossed across his chest and a deep frown etched into his forehead. Whereas on the other side of the room, Tony stood against the edge of the table with his palms laid on it, also frowning deeply. As you cleared your throat to announce your arrival you felt everyone’s eyes on you. Looking around you saw Clint and Natasha looking at you with sympathy, whereas the twins looked at you with their mouths agape and eyes wide. “What’s going on?” You asked quirking your eyebrow. “Nothing that concerns you Y/N.” Steve snapped, continuing to glare at Tony. “Fine.” You snapped back, sending him a glare of your own. “Shouldn’t we be briefing the next mission?” Clint spoke up with an awkward smile on his face. “Yes, we should.” Steve sighed, “Me, Natasha and Pietro will be ground support and take out the guards on the ground. Falcon, Vision and Tony will be our air support, taking out any aerial threats. While Clint and Wanda will go in and check for any hostages or the like.” Steve barked out, gesturing at individuals as he told them what their role would be. “What about me?” You asked through gritted teeth.  “Y/N, you’re staying home, you’re too much of a liability.” Steve said raising his chin slightly. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” You yelled, seething on the spot. “Exactly what it sounds like.” Steve replied, “Your powers are out of control, we’d have to spend extra time making sure you were doing your job correctly when we should be concentrating on the task at hand.” Steve replied clenching his jaw. You felt the tears prick in your eyes as you turn and fled the room.  “What the hell Rogers?” You heard Tony shout as you ran from the scene.

 You spent the day hibernating in your room that Tony had allocated you in the tower. Without anyone around it took on a sort of eerie calm, which was why you had wanted to get your own apartment in the first place. As you heard the team return you refused to be there to greet them, despite JARVIS’ constant requests for you to go to the lobby. Eventually there was a knock on your door, informing JARVIS to keep it locked, you hid your face in your pillow and closed your eyes. However the knocking continued for several more minutes, with its volume only increasing with time. Eventually you stood up and threw the door open. “What?” You growled, looking up at your visitor, as your eyes met the baby blue’s that could only belong to a certain Steve Rogers. “Y/N…” He nodded “Can I come in?’ Moving back you gestured for him to enter, you didn’t want to make a scene in front of any passing recruits. “What do you want Rogers or are you here to tell me more about how much of a liability I am?” You angrily spat as you shut the door behind him. Sighing he sat down on the edge of the bed and ran his hand through his hair and down his face. “That’s not what I meant and you know it Y/N.” He croaked, seemingly defeated. However his vulnerable state didn’t lessen the anger you felt towards him because of his words. “Don’t even try it Capsicle.” You replied with malice. You knew how much he hated the nickname so you aimed to wound. “Don’t call me that.” He growled with his face still tilted down. “Oh does the fossil not like being called names?” You mocked, “I think your forgetting the point of all this Spangles.” You said as you balled your hands into fists. “Be careful Y/N.” He growled standing up and striding towards you, “At some point you’ll cross my line and neither of us will be able to take it back.” He said leaning towards you. He was so close that you could feel the heat radiating off of his body and smell his distinctive cologne. “Oh yeah Rogers? Who says I don’t want to cross it?” You murmured, with anger still laced into your words. Before you could even think about it his lips crashed against yours. It took you a moment to realise what was happening before you melted into the kiss. Wrapping your arms around his neck he backed you up so you were pressed tightly between him and the wall. As quick as his lips were there they were gone. Steve’s head lay on your shoulder and his breaths were coming out in small pants, you could tell he was as surprised as you were. Gently running your fingers through his hair, you gently tugged his head up to look into his eyes.

 “I never got the chance to tell you this, since you practically ran out of my room the other night, but I love you too Steve Rogers.” You whispered with a small smile tugging at your lips.  Before you even got to the end of your sentence Steve’s lips were on yours again. Giggling you pulled his head back and quirked your eyebrow, questioning his earlier actions. “I’m sorry Y/N, it’s just that I wanted to protect you and I knew that once you found out where we were infiltrating you would be in so much pain.” Steve whispered laying his head on your shoulder and lightly kissing your collarbone. “Where were you infiltrating?” You whispered with fear in your voice. “The base we pulled you out of.” He mumbled, “We thought we had closed it down but apparently not.” He whispered, sighing against your skin. “Thank you.” You choked out with tears in your eyes. “I’m just sorry I called you a liability, I was just making up reasons to keep you safe.” He said raising his eyes to meet your eyes. “I know.” You whispered pecking him lightly on the lips and threading your fingers through his.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th to all of my American followers (or people who want an excuse to party) please stay hydrated and stay out of the heat, if it’s hot.

Eat what you want and please be safe if you’re partying or drinking!

Enjoy fireworks and just have some fun!!! Throw tea into the ocean I don’t care! But be considerate of others!!

Stay safe out there! Ily

Our Own Fireworks

Happy 4th of July to all my American followers!!

The fireworks pop outside and you glance out the window. You watch the fireworks, with a small smile in your face until you hear the groan. You turn and see him looking pale and scared.
“What is that?” He murmurs.
“Just fireworks Buck.” You say calmly, “they’re just fireworks.” He flinches as Tony sets off another round of the fireworks. They must sound like explosions to him, not the harmless pops that you hear. He groans.
“Fuck.” He covers his ears and furrows his brow.
“F.R.I.D.A Y. please tell Tony to stop the fireworks.”
“No. No I’m fine.” Bucky groans from the corner of the room.
“Don’t be stupid Buck.” You growl, as another round of fireworks goes off.
“I’m-I’m fine.” He mutters and when you look over at him you can see him shaking slightly but he’s trying to hide it from you. His muscles are tense and a soft groan escapes from his lips. You move slowly toward him, not wanting to startle him.
“Bucky,” You say softly as you get closer, “Do you want to go to the basement? Or the library or theatre. They’re both sound proof.”
“I’m fine.” He spits out from behind clenched teeth.
“No. You’re not.” You murmur softly as you take his hand in yours. He doesn’t like you touching his metal one, he’s still afraid he might accidentally hurt you. “Buck, you don’t have to be a tough guy all the time.” You say softly, you place a gentle hand on his face and his eyes open. That’s when you see how freaked out he really is. The panic in his blue eyes just breaks your heart, his breaths are coming in short gasps. You place his hand on the center of your breastbone and take a deep breath. “Breathe with me.” You coo. The fireworks are still going so apparently Tony didn’t get your message. You keep one hand over his on your chest and run your fingers through his hair with the other and his breathing starts to normalize.
A few more minutes go by and Bucky drops his head to your right shoulder with a soft groan.
“Thank you.” He flinches as another loud boom goes off, “I think this is the best I’m going to get.”
“Let’s go watch a movie. I know you love those horrible old clips of Steve in his Captain America dancer suit.” This earns a soft chuckle from him.
“You’re right, I do love those. They’re hilarious. You said the theater was sound proof?”
“Yep. No fireworks in there.” He raises his head and looks at you with those blue eyes of his. There’s something there you can’t quite read. He stands and offers you his hand pulling you up next to him. The two of you move toward the theater when another volley of fireworks stops Bucky in his tracks. His jaw is clenched and he looks angry. Then without warning he scoops you up and sprints to the theater room.
“Sorry. Sorry. I’m so sorry.” He groans after slamming the door. “I just needed to protect you, I’m so sorry.”
“It’s fine.” He still hasn’t set you down and you put a hand on either side of his face. Your fingers slide across his face, and into his hair. “We’re both safe.” His eyes search your face then and you gently press your lips to his. He groans softly catching your bottom lip in his teeth. You slide your lips across his scruff covered jaw, and he chuckles.
“I thought you said there wouldn’t be fireworks.” He teases.
“Shut up Buck.” You laugh then kiss him again.

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and followers!!

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happy tuesday my loves! 🤗 and happy 4th of july to all my american followers! 🇺🇸🎇🎆 guess what? 🤔no flower crown this week! 😱 star crown instead! 😂 anyway, i’m still new to this tumblr fandom but i wanted to say thank you for almost 500 followers already! i’m so happy to have made some new friends who are always so sweet and supportive. i really need people like that in my life right now so thank you all so much. i love you! -xoxo J 💜