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Koujaku and Ren do it - Happy Birthday, Kindra!!
  • Koujaku and Ren do it - Happy Birthday, Kindra!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dreaming-shark!! Thank you for being such a nice friend, putting up with me, giving me all the kourenao feels, letting me see your WIPs and overall, just being the sweet person you are!

Please enjoy this audio featuring Ren suddenly kissing Koujaku, suddenly blowing him and Koujaku taking him against a wall, all of this happening in Salon Suzume, if you want. You are a terrible influence.

The lovely art was kindly provided by eemamminy. Translations are under the cut:

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Happy 23rd Birthday Michi. Boy, time flies as it has been almost a year since we first became friends. We had many good times together and it was really fun. I hope it can continue. Well, I hope you enjoy your birthday today as this Great White Shark smiles for you on your birthday. I could not buy a cake at this hour so I got you this happy shark.

I love becoming friend with you. You are very sweet! A shark is more important than a cake because I eat anything solid. I love this photo so much because I am dying of laughter!!!! 

I’m just happy if i can make it out alive this semester. Its really a shark-infested design driven semester.
—  Like a little fish in a big tank of sharks, truly happy if i can make it out alive and see the light of Semester 2. So far, surviving, and i can see the light of semester 2.


Harry Potter Fandom Art Bundle that supports ocean/shark conservation:

Inspiration Rides the Waves

There’s no excuse to fulfill your dreams and Bethany Hamilton is an example of that #happy

Sitting on my couch last fall, I fell in love with this blonde woman who could do absolutely everything. Not romantic love, but rather inspirational love, love of her humbleness, love of her perseverance. I fell in love with Bethany Hamilton while watching The Amazing Race. Who was this girl that was blowing me away with her athletic ability combined with a quiet unapologetic demeanor?

I vaguely…

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