Some anonymous rich person wants to fund a Happy Endings movie

On Entertainment Tonight yesterday, Casey Wilson shared some potentially ah-mahzing news: A super-rich person has offered to fund aHappy Endings movie. According to Wilson, an anonymous rich person and American hero wants to bring Happy Endings back in movie form, and has even contacted her husband David Caspe, who created the very missed show.

“There’s interest,” Wilson told Entertainment Tonight. (Of course there’s interest! Did the collective reaction of devastation to that countdown clock not make that very clear?!) “Someone even called my husband [David Caspe], who created it, and basically said, ‘I’m a private investor, I would love to pay for a movie,’” Wilson added. “We were like, ‘okay’… now private citizens are coming off the streets!”

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Happy Endings is now on Hulu

But unfortunately season one is still out of order, same way it was aired. In order to understand the storyline better view it in the following order (thanks to this blog for sorting it out):

  1. Pilot
  2. Bo Fight (aired on TV as Episode 10)
  3. Barefoot Pedaler (aired on TV as Episode 11)
  4. Dave of the Dead (aired on TV as Episode 7)
  5. Quicksand Girlfriend (aired on TV as Episode 2)
  6. Why Can’t You Read Me (Episode 13)
  7. Of Mice and Jazz Kwon Do (aired on TV as Episode 6)
  8. Mein Coming Out (aired on TV as Episode 4)
  9. Your Couples, Friends, and Neighbors (aired on TV as Episode 3)
  10. You’ve Got Male (aired on TV as Episode 9)
  11. The Girl with the David Tattoo (aired on TV as Episode 8)
  12. Like Father, Like Gun (aired on TV as Episode 5)
  13. The Shershow Redemption (Episode 12)