happy birthday

Happy Birthday (Tae x oc fic)

A/n this is for my previous dongsaeng Szeyan, shes 21 now wooo i cant believe we have known each other for a year ♡

School is boring as usual,and as you approached that long 3 hours break you think about the birthday treat your friend is giving you.
“What should I eat…?”
you tap your fingers on the table,staring at the clock. This year is a simple celebration,but you dont mind.
“Class dismissed.”
You stood up along with the rest of the class,packing up as your friend waits for you.
“Hurry up,we can’t be late!”
That was a weird statement. Wasnt it just a normal celebration? You shrugged it off and continue packing. Once youre done,your friend pulls you towards the door and pushes you into a car. Confused,you were about to ask but she waves at you,and you found the car door locked.
Before you can speak,a tap on your shoulder got your attention and you turned to the source,gasping.
You have to suppress a scream when he smiles and wink at you.
Is this your imagination?Is it just a lookalike?
Pinching yourself,it definitely hurts. So its real. You find the courage to look at him again. He is still there and tilts his head,puzzled at your reaction.
“You are kidnapping me?”
Those words blurt out of your mouth and you regret it when he starts laughing.
“Happy birthday Szeyan!”
he gives you his signature rectangle grin,and hands you a giant teddy bear. All you can think about is how your name sounds like a song when he says it.
“How come-why-”
struggling to form proper sentences,you came up empty while Taehyung patiently waits,nodding softly to encourage you.
“I sneaked out here. Your friend have been sending thousands of messages from a month ago till now to arrange this. Bighit rejected it but I dont want her efforts to be wasted.”
You could only nod dumbly at his words,trying to process what hes saying to the best of your ability.
“Where are we going?”
Thats when you noticed that the driver is Seokjin,and the person next to him…
“Jungkook?!” he turns at the call of his name and answers with a sweet smile “Hi,I’m Jungkook!”
His eyes shine playfully as he speaks to you in english,making you blink and look away.
You find yourself sighing in relief when you dont see the others in the car. Three of them is enough to give you a mini heart attack and you cant handle anymore of them right now. Taehyung takes your hand and squeezes it in assurance,making you jump.
“Shes nervous.”
Seokjin says as he glances at the rearview mirror.
“Dont tease her!”
Taehyung replies,gesturing for you to hug the bear,hoping to give you some form of comfort.
“We won’t hurt you.You trust me right?”
He speaks softly,trying to remember the way Namjoon said it when he taught him those words. You squeeze his hand in answer.
“Dont worry!”
Jungkook makes a funny face,making you laugh. The car stops,and the three of them step out, Jungkook opening the door for you as Taehyung held out his hand for you. As you link your arms through his, your eyes widen at the sight that welcomes you.
The rest of the members are standing on the steps,cheering as Taehyung leads you up the stairs.

“Hey Szeyan!” Hoseok greets brightly
“Hello~” Jimin is all smiles
“Its great to see you here.” Namjoon grins
“Hi Szeyan” Seokjin waves at you
“Yo,looking good.” Yoongi nods,a small smirk at how you blush when Taehyung pulls you closer. They started to take something out from the baskets they were holding,and you realised that they were throwing flower petals at the two of you.
“Namjoon!” “Ah hyung…” “Hyung seriously”
The rest of them sighs as their leader trip over his own feet while walking up the stairs,the basket landing on top of his head. He brushes himself off with a shrug
“You guys should be used to it now.”
As you reach the top,you were greeted with a long white bench that overlooks the sea,a feast on the table. There were your favourite food,drinks and snacks. it was all decorated with mickey mouse designs,Jimin placing a mickey mouse headband on you before Taehyung can do it.
He says simply,giving you a thumbs up but before he can sit beside you,Jungkook pushes him aside and sits on your right,nonchalant when Jimin pouts with a whine
“Jungkook-” “The one she likes is me” Jungkook cuts him off in korean,not realizing you understand what hes saying. Taehyung settles to your left,oblivious to what you have heard. Your eyes accidentally meets Jungkook’s,who smiles innocently at you. You shake your head to his confusion and thanked Seokjin for preparing all the food.
“Taehyung prepared it.I only taught him how to cook it.” “You dont have to tell her that!”
Taehyung’s embarrassed, and to hide it he hugs you lightly.
“Happy birthday!”
He hands you a small purple box, as the others give you their gifts.
Taehyung’s gift is a bracelet,with an elephant and star charm. The others got you charms for the bracelet too, Hoseoks a smiley face, Namjoon’s is a beanie, Seokjin’s being a spoon, Jimin’s is a music note while jungkook’s is a bunny.
They pile your plate with food,urging you to eat up and waiting for your reaction in anticipation.
“Its a little too sweet…”
you cant help saying and Taehyung deflats slightly
“But i still like it! Thank you Taehyung!”
his face brightens,and hugs you again,before pecking your cheeks.
“Wow Tae!” “Ooohhhh Taetaeeeee” “Awwww” “Did you really do that?”
He stands up abruptly,making sure you have finished eating before pulling you to a more secluded area.
“Did you enjoy what i prepared?”
he asks nervously,anxious about your answer"
“Of course, do you even have to ask?”
He smiles shyly,blushing as he embraces you. His hug is as warm and soft as he is, and you find yourself smiling back.

Happy birthday to my beautiful smart brave funny goofy crazy girlfriend!!! So happy you moved to Denver with me, I love all the new adventures we are doing and can’t wait for what’s in the future for us!! #friendgirl #girlfriend #snowmobiling #snowboarding #redrocks #hiking #locita #25 #canrentacar #denver #hashtag @tyrannosaurus_lexx (at Denver, Colorado)

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Happy Birthday Ganda 😊 Miss ko na ung Milktea mo. Gawan mko ulit 😂😂 Enjoy ur Day. Stay Maganda, true, straight forward at pagiging matulungin mo ❤️ Godbless sa atin dto 😇 @annalyn.cuyo

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Happy Birthday to Sunder!!! 🎂🎂🎂🍨🍨🍾🍾🎉🎉🎊🎊

For @biteghost
Hope you like this! Sunder’s hair was a BLAST to draw!!! Hope to draw her more soon along with other BACKLASH characters!!!
Btw, the budget comic is starting soon! I will work on it this spring break so get ready for that!!!

Happy birthday to me! 35 years old! I may be not a spring chicken any more but I’m definitely wilder than most of them! Hahaha! Never felt better!! #anetavoncyborg #rightnow #happybirthday #happybday #birthdaygirl #happybirthdaytome #35 #ontheroad #35yearsold #stolat #usatour2017 #voncyborgs #usa #feelingstrong #hahaha #modified #modifiedfamily #modifiedgirls #tonguesplit #subdermal #funny #rollingonthefloor#instagood #instafollow #pictureoftheday

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Saengil chukahamnida~ @gset_blank

Happy happy birthday!! enjoy your day 😍 always smile and be happy, take care of yourself,, unnie will always be there for you even if we’re miles apart, everything happens for a reason 😊 we’ll see each other again soon 😘😍



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Happy Birthday Mom! You are one of the most patient people i know for being able to put up with me and Alanna and you are so kind and loving. You have supported us in everything and I’m so incredibly lucky to have you for a mom. I love you so much Mom and i hope you have an amazing year. @kimderow

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