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Tell me you can look at him without feeling the urge to smile back. I dare you to!

How could you not! Look at this guy.

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What gave him the right to have such contagious happiness?

:^> :’)

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When I’m feeling down, I know to watch an interview with Ezra Miller.


Hey, my first cosplay is officially finished! It may not be the best one ever, but it’s the first one I’ve done pretty much by myself (except for my mom teaching me how to sew and helping to clean it up, thanks mom). So this is my halloween costume/cosplay for any future cons, and I am so damn proud of how it came out. 

Presenting: The Boxer from the game Transistor

Dear Diarist

High school AU where Dean finds a diary, and it just so happens to contain his name - and details of the mystery writer’s intense crush on him. But Dean’s also got a crush… it’s too much to hope for that the diarist is Castiel, right?

happy birthday to @destieldrabblesdaily!!! love you Shirley <3

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Dear Diary,

I think I’m a ghost. No one ever seems to see me at all.

Dean frowned, staring down at the first page of the book that he’d found on top of the lockers, pushed back out of sight. He’d never have found it at all, if Sam hadn’t taken his Physics textbook and hidden it up there, just to show off that he was taller than Dean now.

I don’t talk to anyone and no one talks to me. It’s not that they don’t like me, it’s that they don’t seem to see me at all. I swear I really am a ghost.

Dean stopped reading, frowning. Was this supposed to be an actual diary, or some kind of story? He checked the front cover of the book for a name, a clue to whom it might belong - but found nothing. He opened it up again.

One day, I think I’m just going to stand up and walk right out of class. And no one will even look up. I’m going to walk out of class and never come back and not one person at this school will miss me. And I won’t miss any of them, either. Except…

Dean leaned back against his locker and flipped the page, his attention caught. He wondered briefly whether he should stop reading - but then he got a glimpse of the next few words, and his curiosity escalated out of control.

… there is one boy. Dean Winchester, his name is Dean Winchester. 

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It looked better in my head but I guess this is something?

if they wore those lame couples halloween costumes…

Gaara doesn’t understand why being condiments are funny, but he’s happy to be dressing up with Naruto

@demorrtis replied to your post “you’re going to be amazing” cue tears from me again”

thanks. now i know to prepare myself when i get there


i’m keeping my blog as spoiler free as possible since my girlfriend and roommate are both about an arc behind me and because i know i recently introduced folks to it and want them to experience it fresh

so i’ll just say: around ep 46 and onwards the waterworks started up
like in a good way it’s a great story i love these characters so much and this story

but god yeah it’s gettin to me