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                   TOP16 of those memorable otp’s moments (imo)

16. Mina & Jihyo’s “we got married”

Don’t forget Momo’s “Mina is my girlfriend” on tv + vlive tho

15. Tzuyu’s answer got me weak

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14. Momo knowing all Sana’s moles. It’s sweet (1:08)

13. JeongTzu’s fake kiss

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12. Jeonghyo is dating

11. Jeongyeon lying on the floor with Mina

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10. Tzuyu’s “I thought you two were dating” to Chaemo (13:27)

9. Mimo hugging each other

8. Sana kissing, hugging, dancing  flirting with Dahyun

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7. Nayeon saying “she’s mine” while hugging Chaeyoung

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6. Minayeon’s pepero game

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5. Momo’s “I like you both ways” after Nayeon’s :

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4. Mina’s “pull Mina please” to Chaeyoung and Chaeng being shook

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3. Jeongyeon’s “you’re n°1″ to Nayeon

2. Birthday kisses (by the way, someone kiss Nayeon please, she wants it so bad)

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1. Mimo kiss i’m like TT

Signs & Wonders


She fights the adrenaline that wants to make her fingers shake, breathes into it until the world sharpens around her. She will save him.

She looks up at O’Connor, bloody and slumped against the door frame. It’s a wonder he hasn’t gone into shock yet, but with Mulder bitten and bleeding on the floor in front of her, concern for O’Connor is not exactly at the forefront of her mind.

“Call for an ambulance. Now.” Turning her attention back to her partner, she finishes unbuttoning his shirt and surveys the bite marks marring his chest and abdomen, plus the nasty one on his jaw. Jesus, there must be eight or ten, at least. His dark pants make it impossible to tell if there are more on his legs that she can’t see yet.  “Hold on, Mulder. Help is coming.”


“Gracie told me. It’s okay. She’s safe at the hospital, and we’ll catch Mackey. But right now we need to take care of you. Just try and stay calm, okay?”

His gaze wanders, eyes unfocused, and she hurries to remove his watch so it can’t cut off circulation to his hand once the wounds start to swell. She takes a minute to check his vitals; he’s slightly tachycardic already, and his breathing is becoming ragged. As she watches, tremors begin to develop in the muscles of his hands, mild for now, but they’ll get worse. He needs antivenin, and soon.

“Scully–” The pain in his hoarse whisper is evident, and her chest constricts.

“Shh, don’t try to talk, Mulder. The paramedics are on their way.”

“No… something I need to… to tell you…”

“Whatever it is, it can wait. You’re going to be okay. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

“Med… medication…”

She runs a hand through his hair, noting with concern that it’s already damp with sweat. “We’ll get you something for the pain, and I’ll make sure you get antivenin started as soon as possible. Don’t worry.”

He shakes his head, becoming more agitated, and if she can’t calm him down, he’s going to make himself worse.

“Possible c-conflict…” His eyes roll back in his head, and she mentally adds delirium to the list of symptoms she’ll have to give the EMTs when they get here. He must really be out of it if he thinks it might be a conflict of interest for her to take a role in his medical care, given how many times she’s done it before.

The knot of worry in her stomach releases only fractionally when she hears the whine of sirens in the distance. Mulder’s still conscious, but barely. She leans down and presses a quick kiss to his forehead.

“Hold on, Mulder. Please just hold on.”


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