happy wreck it ralph day

In Which Sorceress Makes a Confession | Closed AU @ sugarrushwrecker

Sorceress couldn’t have been happier. Every since she started dating Wreck-It Ralph she seemed to be happy every day. Today was no different. The two of them had been together for a little over a month now, one of the longest running romances she had ever been in.

There was just one little thing she still needed to talk to him about, and she had been waiting for the right time to tell him. Meeting his family in Sugar Rush the other day had made it clear that she couldn’t hid this from him, not forever.

Tonight they were in Fix-It Felix, Jr. sitting at they favorite spot by the duck pond. The stars were shining bright, Ralph and everything was peaceful and romantic.

It was time to tell him her secret.

“Ralph?” she began, tilting her head back to look up at him. “I have to tell you something important. You know I’ve dated a lot of other people before we got together, right?”