happy world elephant day!!!!


Happy World Elephant Day!

Every day should be World Elephant Day. These beautiful beings are being hunted and poached out of existence. Do you want a world where there are no elephants? Please foster orphan elephants, volunteer with elephant sanctuaries, don’t ride elephants, don’t visit zoos who steal these intelligent, gentle beings from their wild life and imprison them for life for 30 seconds of human gawking, and educate everyone you know about the plight of elephants. 

After all, what kind of a world would this be…without elephants?

Say NO to ivory, to elephant rides, to zoos.

We’re so lucky to have these gorgeous beings share this planet with us!

Happy World Elephant Day! Here are some fast facts about African elephants to help you celebrate these awe-inspiring creatures:

  • The African elephant is the largest living land mammal. 
  • Both male and female African elephants have ivory tusks. 
  • The average lifespan of an African elephant is 70 years! 
  • For the most part, elephants are hunted for their ivory. 

In 1930, as many as 10 million of these majestic creatures existed in Africa. But due to ivory hunters and habitat loss, that number has dwindled to about 470,000 according to the @wwf

Learn more about African elephants.

Happy World Elephant Day!

To top off today’s celebration of World Elephant Day, I drew this picture of a packy on a hill looking very happy. I hope you guys enjoy my artwork, & I hope you guys enjoy World Elephant Day today! Be sure to do what you can to help these wonderful animals. Remember that even little acts of kindness can have great impacts!

Artwork by me, done with pencil, colored pencils, & ink.

Happy World Elephant Day!

Great Plains Masai Mara North Conservancy.

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