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Donald Trump Jnr’s comments on the Westminster Attacks are disgraceful. What an odious, insensitive man. Not only did he choose to make a political statement out of an unfolding tragedy, he chose to pull up comments the Mayor of London had made a year ago about terrorist attacks (taken completely out of context) and presented them as if the Mayor had said them in response to yesterday’s attacks. If that isn’t malice, I don’t know what is. Disgusting. We (London residents) are livid with him.

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Would it be okay with you to give us a teaser of your book? I'm really intrigued by all the things you've said about it


Here’s a little snippet featuring my two favorite characters (i weep over their friendship it is so pure and based on my friendship w my bff) :

“…the magic would wring every last drop of humanity from her.             

And she had thought she would be happy to become less human- had felt fine with the prospect when she thought of Attus’s face and the Speaker’s flashing eyes and her father’s lying. Had wanted it to happen when Raston had used her human body for his pleasure. She had wanted to be anything, anything but human when she had cast him out. Had wanted to feel the magic flowing through her veins, making her invincible, powerful. Anything but small and weak and tethered to this damnable body that men did nothing but abuse.               

But now, looking down at Sylvanus— at the face that had become so dear to her, hearing the way his breath came out with a small whistling sound, how fragile he was in sleep— she wondered if being human was such a bad thing after all.”

Also @everyone  I’m looking for beta readers (people who aren’t afraid to tell me what doesn’t make sense and it helps if you have written things before/done crit of other peoples writing) and critique partners, so dm if you might want to help or trade work! 

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I completely agree that ppl shoudnt hate on this proposal bc it was beautiful despite everything else going on but wouldnt it be amazing to get 2 cs proposals? They give us so much angst they might as well give us more fluff

You’re absolutely right, nonnie, I’d never say no to more fluff, more CS, more happiness and less (forced?) angst. What bothered me about some people’s reaction was simply that they seemed to - as you put it - hate on it, like “what was this shit about” (not with those words, but you definitely got that vibe). And literally demanded that we get another proposal, because seriously, this one sucked (yes, I saw a post like that, demanding there must be a second proposal because anything else would be an offense).

And I’m just not here for that kind of negativity.

Honestly I would like if the characters from the other shows saw Oliver in this episode, or were given some idea of it. If they knew the kind of things Oliver goes through and the way he comes out the other side. Because you do hear, from time to time, the hint of judgment in the way they talk about him. If not in regards to the way he operates, then just in reference to the fact that he’s more cynical, less happy, not willing to relax and laugh with them. I think Team Arrow (and Sara) are the only ones who really have a good sense of why Oliver doesn’t laugh and joke like Barry and Kara. 

Cute stuff about stanfou: In the Italian version, when it’s almost the moment in which Lefou and Stanley starts dancing together and also meanwhile, the song says ‘’’when it looks like anything is happening anymore, it takes you away, like the sea, the happiness’’ (more or less that’s the meaning and sorry for how it sounds bad but it was hard to me to translate it in English, in Italian sounds really sweet and beautiful!! sorry also for my not so good english ahah )

Take a shower, wash off the day. Drink a glass of water. Make the room dark. Lie down and close your eyes. Notice the silence. Notice your heart. Still beating. Still fighting. You made it, after all. You made it, another day. And you can make it one more. You’re doing just fine.




My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? 


nezumi for @howljpendragons ¦ happy birthday (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

oh boy i can finally post the illustration i did for menons-la-danse

how to be a minimalist student

a lot of minimalism blogs/youtube channels are directed at older people with houses and jobs, rather than students living with their parents going to and from school; but that doesn’t mean minimalism can’t be for students/teenagers too!

I thought I would write some tips and tricks for being a student minimalist and why it’s worth a shot:

how to:

1. cook with friends rather than buying takeaways or go for walks instead of sitting inside watching films. make the most of the time you spend with friends (and spend less money while you’re at it)

2. stop scrolling and turn off notifications. I’ve switch off all notifications on my lock screen (except for essentials like text) and have muted all non-essential chats so I only have to know about them if I have chosen to go on my phone for that purpose. this is a really easy way to get rid of distractions

3. practicality > aesthetic. I agree that colourful beautiful notes are lovely but they aren’t necessarily worth your time. use your time effectively and don’t rewrite pages of notes just because you had to cross something out and now it’s ‘ruined’. 

3. trade your busy life for a full one by doing one thing at once. learn to focus on one task at a time and give it your full attention. this isn’t just about studying, but also about social events. if you’re meeting a friend, spend the time with your friend, not on your phone. devote yourself to each thing you’re doing and plan your time

4. remember: just because its on sale doesn’t mean you need to buy it. just because you have money doesn’t mean you need to spend it. 

5. say no. its easier to take back a no than it is to take back a yes. don’t feel obliged to sign up for everything and do everything for everyone. put yourself first and don’t feel guilty

6. try the hanger trick. hang all your clothes on hangers facing the same direction. twist the hanger around after you wear something. after a month, donate everything that hasn’t been twisted round to charity 

7. cleanse your social media: unfriend people you don’t know anymore. unfriend people who are negative. delete the apps you don’t use. unsubscribe from channels/newsletters that no longer interest you. declutter your online life

8. cleanse your real life relationships: stop spending time with people who put you down. end your unhealthy relationships. be honest with people you care about. put yourself first

9. record your favourite show or watch netflix. avoiding adverts frees you from the endless cycle of always wanting to have the next big thing

why it’s worth a try:

1. teaching yourself to switch off from social media and learning to spend more quality time with people face-to-face is liberating

2. everything is easier when you have a clear(er) head. having less means you have less to worry about

3. you’ll save money surprisingly easily. the money you spent on takeaways or shoes you thought you needed because everyone else had them can be put towards bigger things that will make you happier e.g. travelling or can be saved for the future

4. you can focus on your mental and physical health more when you aren’t distracted by your phone buzzing all the time and aren’t basing your happiness on keeping up with the latest trends

N.B. don’t expect to ‘get’ minimalism overnight. I definitely still haven’t cracked it. start small and slowly implement minimalism into different areas of your life. figure out what works and what doesn’t. minimalism is personal so there is no ‘right’ way of doing things.

just because minimalism can be about having less, doesn’t mean you have to throw away your beloved book collection. if it makes you happy, keep it; if it doesn’t, let it go.

listen man i love that sonic is such a happy, positive guy as much as anyone else but also at the same time he’s literally 15 and so far he has had to deal with:

  • Station Square getting destroyed by Perfect Chaos (SA)
  • Westopolis getting destroyed by the Black Arms (ShTH)
  • Prison Island getting blown up, probably with people still inside (SA2)
  • Amy being held at gunpoint by Eggman (SA2)
  • Shadow falling to his ‘death’ right in front of him (SA2)
  • Having to fight a brainwashed Tails (Colors)
  • Believing Amy and Knuckles were gone and that Tails would be brainwashed into a robot (Lost World)
  • Shahra sacrificing her own life in order to save him (Secret Rings)
  • Losing Chip (Unleashed)
  • Watching all his friends be consumed by the Time Eater on his own birthday (Generations)
  • Just having to save the world and be everyone’s rock in general
  • (there’s probably a lot more i’m missing)

like sonic……sweetheart……i know you want to watch over everyone and not make anybody worry but do you need to talk to somebody??? it’s ok if you’re not happy-go-lucky all the time??? internalizing bad feelings is bad????? REALLY THO PLEASE TALK TO SOMEBODY????