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Bts rapper line reaction to you rapping:

Anon Requested: is it alright if I request? I love your blog so far I’ve been reading it all day~ how do you think the rapper line would react to catching their s/o trying to rap along to one of their songs (alas, failing to) in their pyjamas and being really in to it ( pulling off rapper moves and all, full show)

I don’t get a lot of reviews, but my heart grows wings when I get such messages. I am so happy you are enjoying the blog, and this request is super cute I was really excited to do it, so here you go


Rap Monster:

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Okay so you are struggling with his verse in cypher part 2 but getting really worked up nevertheless, and it so happened that Namjoon walked into the room at that exact time. His feet stopped at the doorway, while his brain tried to process what exactly are you shouting about in that horrible rythem. It didn’t take him long to get the whole picture before he exploded in laughter, making you now aware of his presence. “Please go on” he will manage to say between giggles, giving you chance to now attempt rapping yoongi’s part. Swinging your hands and clutching the invisible microphone, namjoon will have a difficult time keeping a straight face.


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“you monster” he will tease you as his eyes fell upon his 3 dollar chains swinging furiously around your neck as you spit incoherent words at your phone. You would think he is mad that you are disgracing his passion with the disaster you manage to pull off cutely if he didn’t have that gummy smile practically reaching his ears. “Omg no that’s not how you say it” he eventually gave up and joined you in your silly party, occasionally teaching you how to rap with the correct word pronunciations.


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Make it a double rap session, because you won’t be making fun of yourself alone. Hobi won’t be able to take the party as seriously as you because he would burst into laughter at your painful attempts to growl fast and impossibly clear, which only results in you mumbling and tripping over words that just can’t seem to be possible to say. But for hoseok that called for desperate measures and now you have a camera shoved in your face as he dances and raps behind it.

Happy birthday @cosmiccu !

Hope you had an absolutely stunning day today, and congratulations on becoming 18! May this year be the best one you’ve had so far ♥︎

Rajigaze Dec 16

Reita: Okay, should we go right into another Dark Side? …Okay here goes

Uruha: Why did you rip the paper like that?

Reita: Oh I break the mails up so it’s easier to read.

Uruha: U know…the way u rip that paper is…Deep

(both giggle)

Reita: Okay either of these are fine so – oh? This one says “I want Uruha to read it.”

Uruha: Okay. Ring-name, “I’m beating the cold with a muscle suit.”

(sinister music starts playing)

Uruha: “Uruha-san, Reita-san, konnichiwa. My mom has been muscle training every day to avoid middle-aged spread. I can always hear her from the next room like, hhu, hhu, hhu, DA! hhhah, hhhhhah”

(Rei crackin up)

Uruha: “She’ll also come up to me and do a pose and ask me, ’‘how do I look?” It’s not like she’s entering a muscle competition or anything, so I feel a bit of a Dark Side in my mom who’s voluntarily putting herself through that every day.


And now that I’ve written this I just realized Reita’s Muscle Dark Side is probably a lot deeper. I bet he talks to his muscles.“

Reita: Wow ur good at this! Damn!

(both laugh)

Reita: The Dark Side Segment is Uruha’s thing~

Uruha: Nononono….anyway what do you think of this? You’re definitely Deeper.

Reita: Before coming today I had two hard-boiled eggs

Uruha: …..Okay but

Reita: And some bran bread.

Uruha: About this mom

Reita: Yeah – Oh the mom?

Uruha: She makes these poses and stuff right?

Reita: She makes a pose and asks, ’'so how do I look?”

Uruha: What is she doing? Muscle training – oh yoga? She’s going like, “hhhhuhhhu”

Reita: If she’s going “hhhhu” like that what would she be doing – I guess muscle training? Probably abs if she’s goin “hhuu hhuu”

Uruha: But she probably doesn’t wanna be seen being so dedicated to her muscle training.

Reita: Yeah but she’s asking how she looks

(both laugh)

Uruha: It’s just like you

Reita: But you know…maybe she just wants to be told she’s changed a lot!

Uruha: So it’s just to show off the results?

Reita (slowly getting more and more worked up): Yeah, like, if someone tells you, “wow, you look different!” you’re satisfied. But, if you say that to people who haven’t been working out, they get all weird for some reason. Like, if you genuinely compliment someone – who works out I mean – they feel good about it. But like – (keeps ranting over Uruha)

Uruha: This is too Deep this is too Deep stop

(Reita starts laughing)

Uruha: Like this is exactly you. You know, when you first started putting on muscle, I told you.

Reita: Told me what?

Uruha: Like, wow, it’s comin along good!

Reita: Yeh

Uruha: And then you got happy and it just escalated from there.

Reita: YEH


Uruha: Yeah –

Reita: So I think this mom probably just originally planned to go on a diet. But then she started being like, “Oh –! ……I can take this further! I can lift heavier things!”

Uruha: Yeah…and gradually she started showing off her process.

Reita: Mhm.

Uruha: Even though we don’t need to see that. People say they just want us to see their results, but that’s not really true…is it, Reita-kun?

Reita: Yeah, you’re right, that’s why they say people who work out are even more annoying than smokers.

Uruha: Yup.

(Reita laughing v hard)

Uruha: You will all see just how annoying they are when our world tour documentary comes out. We have some very detailed footage of that.

Reita: They should have cut out more!

Uruha: We already cut out quite a bit…

(Reita laughing v hard)

Uruha: You were muscle training everywhere we went!

Reita: No like actually, when I think about it…literally all I did was muscle training. Like in the dressing room, everyone’s busy doing something you know?

Uruha: Mhm.

Reita: And I’m not doing shit.

Uruha: Your brain is made of muscle.

(Reita bursts out laughing)

Uruha: Like, the dressing rooms and hallways and stuff are so cramped, but you just position yourself there…doing that roller thing…

Reita: Yes..yes…

Uruha: Typical.

Reita: Yes.

Uruha: And in the dressing room, you did pull-ups on the (*he said edge so I think he means door frame)

Reita: Yep

Uruha: Like, what would you do if you broke it? We would have gotten into trouble if we were overseas!

Reita: Yeah well if it was gonna break under my weight, it was probably already broken.

Uruha: (laughs) Yeah it did seem like it was gonna break. It was such an old shabby dressing room.

Reita: And even if it did break, I’d just be like “oops, sorry! I broke it!”

Uruha: That’s not enough tf!!

Reita: It’s fine, we’re foreign talent!

(both laugh)

Uruha: Then we’d get a bad reputation overseas! Like, the GazettE breaks dressing rooms. Doin pull-ups all over the place.

Reita: Well we’re starting to play at places that don’t look like they’re falling apart! – Anyway enough about me!

Uruha: But yeah…people who work out really have a Deep Dark Side…they get so devoted to it…

Reita: But I mean isn’t talking to your muscles kinda like talking to your pets?

Uruha: But pets are living???

Reita: So are muscles??????

(long pause)

(Reita snorts)

(Reita cracks up)

Uruha: Living things have emotions and consciousness.

Reita: So do muscles!!

Uruha: Okay, so what do muscles feel then?

Reita: Well, after they move around I think they’re happy, and when they get tired they strain. They send you all kinds of messages!

Uruha: But…but it’s you moving them!

(both laugh)

Uruha: So Deep……

Reita: Camaaan stop!!!!

Jun ▶️ Sho

If we’re talking about 2016′s Sakurai-san’s, it should be Rio Olympics!

Even during arena tour, I’m sure there were many things that he had to study for, things he had to remember.

Once the live ended, he had to go to Rio to report… Just thinking about it, I know it’s really tough.

Of course I didn’t actually see him study.

Moreover, I’m not him so I probably don’t know the truth.

But because he’s Sakurai-san, he definitely enjoyed doing it, I think.

Oh and also, I have received souvenir from Rio (laughs).

Thanks so much for the beach sandals.

Also, thank you for the hard work!

Jun ◀️ Sho

When Matsujun came as a guest for Sakurai Ariyoshi The Yakai, he bought a bonsai.

When I heard that he really used it as a decoration, I was happy.

Even though it was planned for the TV program, the fact that he really bought it, I as well but I think the staff too, were happy.

Then, the concerts.

Including the meetings the rest of us didn’t see, and while shooting for a drama, creating the arena tour at the same time, it must have been very tough.

I thought it was very amazing.

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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity feed 💕💕

  1. My followers 💜
  2. People who talk in the tags
  3. Jokes (Specifically dry humour) 
  4. Waking up in a panic thinking I’m late for something, then realising it’s Saturday and falling back asleep.
  5. You - reading this 

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Every time I see your art, I'm so happy. I can't even explain it. You're one of my favourite people and you deserve so much more love. I hope your day is great and that something amazing happens to you today and every day after. Much love from me.

please accept this sweet gif of Harry as a representation of this happy, peaceful feeling that I get when reading messages like that. Thank you, anon, you are wonderful and deserve even more love in return! And thanks to everyone else, you’re always so lovely to me, thank you for keeping me going!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Eisuke Ichinomiya fanfic: Dirty Dancing (part 4)

I was so excited to write the final part so here it is! Thank you so much for reading this and enjoying it! It’s my first fanfic “series” I guess you could call it. You have no idea how happy get when received such sweet messages and requests. It seriously makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :) thank you thank you thank you and I hope you enjoy the ending of Dirty Dancing :D

You and Sakiko return to your hotel room.
“Are you sure it was him?” You’re still surprised that Sakiko ran into Eisuke at the club.
“It was definitely Mr. Ichinomiya. He was asking about you and wanted to talk to you but I–”
“Wait what?!”
“Yeah he wanted to talk to you but I told him that I didn’t think the two of you should talk. ____ I suggest that you don’t get involved with him again. After all, he did break your heart.”
“That’s true. I’m sure that he’ll just apologize and say that what happened was an ‘accident’ or his pride will keep him from being sorry.”
“Exactly, he’s not worth your time.”
“I should speak to him though.” You almost whisper to yourself.
“What? ____ no don’t do it. I don’t want to see you get hurt again.” Sakiko says stepping closer to you with a concerned look.
“I just want to talk to him so I can get this off of my shoulders and get some closure. I need to do this. This will help me finally get over him.”
Sakiko was reluctant to let you do this but nothing could stop you or change your mind. You were going to clear things up with Eisuke once and for all.


The next day you had breakfast and then you headed for the site that the Tres Spades is being built. You were hoping that you could find Eisuke there.
“Hey what do you think you’re doing?” One of the workers asked, “Can’t you read?” He points up at the sign that reads ‘NO TRESPASSING’.
“I-I was just looking for Ei– Mr. Ichinomiya.”
“He ain’t here. I think he’s meeting with the contractor.”
“Where can I find him?”
“Why do you need to know?” He says thinking that you’re suspicious of doing something wrong or attempting to cause trouble.
“I work at the Tres Spades and I was supposed to meet with him today to discuss an important matter.”
“Yeah, ok.” He doesn’t seem to believe you but he tells you where Eisuke is meeting with the contractor and you head over to the business building.

You arrive to the front desk and ask to see Eisuke.
“He’s at a meeting right now. Do you have an appointment?”
“I work with the contracting company and the contractor forgot to bring one of his blueprints.” You gesture towards your purse.
“Are you Laila?”
“Yes…” You say trying to play along and sound believable. The front desk lady tells you where Eisuke is and you head upstairs.
You’re outside of the doors where Eisuke is holding the meeting. When you hear the doorknob twist, you move away from the door so no one will see you. The contractor leaves the room and as the door is closing you slip into the the room. The door closes and you quietly stand in the room. Eisuke doesn’t notice that you’ve entered because he’s packing up his things and getting ready to leave. He grabs his phone to check it and stares at the screen for a moment and then shoves it in his pocket. He throws the bag over his shoulder and turns towards the door and sees you.
“Holy sh–_____ what are you–I…umm…” This is new. You’ve never seen Eisuke so shocked that he’s been at a loss for words.
“Hi Eisuke…”
“Umm hey _____. What…err…what are you doing here?”
“I came to talk to you about what happened…that one day…”
“Oh…” He releases his bag and looks uncomfortable. He doesn’t look like his usual confident self. Both of you sit down.
“This has been bothering me for a while so I just wanted to clear this up and then I’ll be on my way.”
“_____ I promise you and that it was an accident and a hug mistake. I was drunk and everything else was a blur to be honest. I haven’t seen Victoria since that night. All I want is you ____.”
“You know I can’t forgive you that easily Eisuke.”
He slumps his head looking hopeless and then looks up at you again.
“What were you doing with Baba at that club?”
“I got a little drunk and we just danced. It was completely harmless. This shouldn’t effect you, we weren’t even together when that happened.”
“It’s hard to watch the woman you love dance like that with another man, especially someone like Baba.”
“Well now you know how it feels Eisuke. Karma’s a bitch isn’t it.” You sass back.
“Eisuke you know I may never love you the way I did and I loved you with all of my heart.” Eisuke starts to look sad. “I don’t know how I feel but all I know is that I miss you. I know I shouldn’t but I do.”
Eisuke’s face slightly softens with your words and looking at you with hopeful eyes.
“I don’t know what to do but maybe Sakiko is right, I shouldn’t get involved with you again. It’s for the best.”
“Don’t let someone else’s opinion influence your feelings. If you never want to see me again you can walk out right now. If you still love me and you’re willing to give me a second chance, my arms are open.”
You stand up and walk towards Eisuke and extend your arm to shake his hand. “Thank you for meeting with me. I feel a little better. I’ll probably see you at work.”
Looking a bit disappointed, he puts his hand in yours and the two of you share a firm handshake and the next moment you place your other hand on the back of his neck, pull him in, and kiss him. Eisuke lifts you up and sets you on the table. The two of you share hungry, passionate kisses.
“I’m so sorry…” You release Eisuke and get off of the table and head towards the door.
“____ wait!”
You turn around and look at Eisuke.
“My arms are still open for you ____.”
You run towards him and jump into his arms and wrap your legs around his waist.
“I love you _____.” Eisuke says before you kiss each other again.
“Let’s go to my hotel room and we can do some dirty dancing.” Eisuke winks. You blush in response. “I’ll be dirtier to you though so get ready. You’ll feel how much I’ve missed you.” He whispers in your ear in a deep, seductive voice. You share a kiss before leaving the room and heading to his hotel room.

Phanfic Award Nominations??!!

It has come to my attention that I have been nominated for three Phanfic Awards????

The last time I checked, I was only nominated for Best Drabble, and that was already enough for me. I was so happy someone out there thought that my writing was so good that they decided to nominate me for it.

Now, not only am I nominated for Best Drabble, I have also been nominated for the Undiscovered Gem Award, and the Comedy Award. 

I am so truly flattered that few of you really love my writing. I feel a sense of pride as well as gratefulness for those of you who thought to nominate me. I am so so so happy that you love reading my fics as much as I do writing them.

It’s such an incredible feeling to see my url on that list: I’m only a small fic blog compared to people like constipatedhowell and phangirlingforphan and insanityplaysfics and transdimensional-void. And to be put on the same pedestal as they are in these Awards makes me not only proud of myself, but proud of my followers as well.

There are less than 500 of you following this blog, but you all are so kind to me, leaving me nice messages that make my motivation skyrocket to new heights. It makes me feel validated: someone is reading my stuff, someone is anticipating the new chapter. Someone wants more. I am so so so thankful for your support and your love – anonymous or not – that renders me speechless and unable to express my gratefulness.

Words are not enough to tell you guys how happy I am when I get a message saying that they loved my fic. Words are my craft, but in those moments of answering messages, they seem light as feathers and do not carry the weight of the true emotion I feel reading them. Once again, to all those who followed and sent me wonderful messages like weh-tun​‘s amusing spazz over my fake relationship fic and the anonymous who I helped to the path of self-discovery after they read my trans!Phil fic “The Man”, thank you, thank you, thank you so so so damn much.

These fics I have written that have been nominated were truly the most ridiculous fics I have ever written – I don’t believe I’ve actually written them because my plots are the strangest things, or in the case of my Undiscovered Gem Award, way too damn ambitious for me to have written.

But I have. I have written them, and people loved them so much, and here I am other than thanking my followers to also promote these fics. I don’t mind if I don’t win, but better to try campaigning than just sitting there and wondering what could have been if I actually did campaign.

Best Drabble: Square Holes. (I remember writing this fic in bed, and I was hurrying to finish it because my dad was already threatening to turn off the lights. This was the cutest thing I have ever written, I’m very proud of it.)

Undiscovered Gem Award: Faking It/What A Fucking Mess. (I’m really proud of this fic. ‘An 18k one-shot? That’s too ambitious,’ old Charlie would say. But I wrote it, even if I used close reference to the Peterick fic that inspired this, and I feel like now I can conquer anything.)
(I am sorry to say that I would like to withdraw from this category. The rules of Phanfic Awards state that a fic over 50 notes cannot be nominated for this category. From memory, when I was informed that Square Holes was nominated, Faking It/What A Fucking Mess was already at around 100+ notes, and therefore ineligible for this category. Thank you for the consideration, though!
But I do have another fic I’d suggest to nominate in lieu of this, and it’s The Man. This fic is a biography of my best friend glossybutt and his road to realising his true self, and it has too little notes. I’d like to take this time to get people to read this fic, because I was so happy when I finished it, way happier than when I finished my other fics, because this came from something real.)

Comedy Award: Chill, Phil/Phil From Tesco. (I swear to God, I’m really proud of the humour in this fic. I was even laughing while I wrote this, and I got my brother and my best friend to read it and they were literally facepalming at this. This also has a second part that you don’t have to read called “See Me In Hindsight/Tangled Up With You All Night” which is just an angst fest because people were asking me to write a sequel. But I did love writing this fic, so I hope you found it funny too.)

Once again, thank you so so so so damn much for thinking I am good enough to go against some huge blogs and get my writing recognised. I have never ever seen so much support for me, and I so proud to be part of the phandom and writing for you guys. You all are sweet, loyal, and very kind, and I am so happy right now I can’t even express myself properly. Thank you so much.

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Can you guys talk more about artist jean? I went through the tag and I know you have a lot already but if you could maybe do more? I'm thinking about like when he first starts at USC and realizes that this maybe might be something he wants/is good at, first learning how to draw etc. Thanks!



- paint splatters on all his (shut up they’re totally not Jeremy’s) clothes

- typical messy artist


- Jean doodling in the margins of his notes without even noticing it and Jeremy or someone commenting that they’re nice

- touching his face without realizing there’s paint on his hands and getting colorful smudges all over his cheeks


- does he even use paint? no body really know not for like a year until the final showcase (turns out no??? strange…)

- literally just the contrast with that black of his previous life

- never uses blood red or black

- hates charcoal

- would be good at charcoal (think of the potential moans his teacher) but not going to touch it


- when he’s first with the Trojans they do like a team bonding thingy with splatter painting (i did this in hs shhhhhh totally not just copying) and it’s so fun and they’re all covered in paint

- but then after a bit everyone is just fucking around and he’s still painting? and it looks so rad???

- YES PERRI he does some charcoal because it’s required and is incredible but the final products are lacking that passion his art usually has

- They’re TECHNICALLY good but he’s so unhappy making them and it shows so no one pushes him to do it again


-Imagine Laila and Jean sitting and doodling all over each other’s arms and they’re both covered and she eventually starts drawing over his tattoo because they have to build trust first and it’s how they bond.

- Also Jeremy doing a speech in the locker room for everyone but Jean and Laila have heard it all before and they’re just doodling and the new freshman are like “but ours captain’s talking how can they!!” And Jeremy’s just smiling because he’s so glad Jean’s got other friends


-You know what? He probably doesn’t even realize he’s good at it at first? Like, he’s not been allowed to have other hobbies or talents outside exy for so long, he probably doesn’t even recognize when he’s good at and interested in something else?? Someone probably has to point it out to him?? And at first he probably ignores it bc not exy


-Bb Jean who absolutely LOVES crayons and had so so so many pages for crayon drawing of the sea/beach/town/cats/his family/childhood team they literally papered his walls

-Raven!Jean who only has access to black pen but still draws in the margins of his books (Riko has no reason to look that’s how kev kept the letter secret) and on his arms when he needs to be grounded

-Trojan!Jean who isn’t given access to black pens anymore so instead does all his sketchy pen work in blue and green and bright red and renee gives him a set of coloured biros so he has orange and purple and light blue and pink and yellow too

-Jean who starts to do sketches of the campus/court and the team as a way to try and familiarise himself with them

-Jean who has no idea that he’s any good because why would he but draws because it’s the easiest way for him to process his new life and make it into something he understands

-Jean who uses drawing repetitive patterns wither on the page of a notebook or on his own skin (inner arm by his elbow where it won’t be seen) as a way to calm himself down/distracted/ground himself


- Jean starts drawing on Jeremy once they’re ~best friends sometimes, like they’ll be studying and one of them will get anxious so he’ll steal Jeremy’s non-dominant hand and start drawing on his arm. And Jeremy LOVES it, because it’s Jean risking trusting him with something important, letting someone else into his space, being vulnerable, sharing stuff he likes, and!!!


- Jean who gets encouraged by Jer and Laila to take art as one of his new classes

- And who then absolutely loves it because he has access to so many new materials and basically complete liberty and he has his own space in the studio that’s just his (he’s never had that before)

- And he can go in any time cause it’s open 24/7 like the campus library and he can just check himself in and out whenever

- And so it becomes a safe space for him where none of the team can bother him unless he lets them in

- Other than Laila who also takes art but never oversteps that line when they’re there together

- Jean who becomes slightly less furtive about his art

- But at the same time more secretive about it and so Jer gets to see less and less and Jean keeps it mostly to his workbooks now and doesn’t leave them lying around like he used to with his notebooks

- And this is because he’s doing a whole watercolour series documenting on “home” and it’s basically just loads and loads of life studies of his and Jer’s dorm and Jer and Laila and occasionally Alvarez and some of the team but SO MANY SECRET LIVE STUDIES OF JER! And Jean’s becoming more and more aware of that maybe being a little odd and he’s not embarrassed but he’s mindful of not doing something that would fuck up the tentative safety he’s found here with Jer


-Hazel BUT IMAGINE Jean’s barely at the point where he’ll even like sit next to Jer on the couch but at some point idk his non-dominant arm is covered already so he reaches over and takes Jer’s and waits for Jer to get angry but he doesn’t (because he’s secretly really pleased that this is Jean Trusting Him and Asking For Things)


- His drawings probably start off as nothing but exy sketches at usc because he doesn’t know what else to draw? Then he starts getting closer to Jeremy and the team and they slowly start shifting to focus on his life with them as well

- He probably stresses about that “home” project for so long because what can he even call home? Then he’s in their dorm room and he just sees Jeremy do something completely normal like cooking or studying or just laughing and smiling and it suddenly hits him that he knows what to draw


- Just so many sketches of jer like cooking

- Or doing the washing up with his sleeves rolled up

- And a painting of their morning coffee cups across from each other on the table

- And Jer looking out the window with a pen in his mouth and a book open on his lap

- And Jer slumped over on the coach asleep still in his joggers from just after practice

- Laila playing with Alvarez’s hair while Alvarez argues with her about what film to watch

- Their room with all their stuff mixing in the mess of everyday life


- Jeremy slinging his arm over one of their team mates who scored an amazing goal in the game they just played, red faced and sweaty but smiling so brightly

- Laila and Alvarez cuddling and Alvarez frowning at Laila for putting her cold feet on Alvarez ’s lap but there’s so much love in her eyes

- A wardrobe full of sweaters in different bright colours

- A team group hug where you can only make out who’s who from the names on the back of their jerseys

- Jeremy’s smile as Jean doodles on his arms


- Painting Jeremy. Actually painting on Jeremy. (Also he does it once when they’ve been together a while and Jer takes a photo and goes and gets it tattooed because he loves Jean and Jean’s art)


-Okay so when he’s first learning he sometimes gets very frustrated with himself

- Like he’s accepted that he likes art and that it’s something he might want to do and that it’s something okay to do even though it isn’t exy

- But he still feels like he needs to try harder, and do better, and that he’s not good enough

- So he studies all the technical aspects and repeats the same sketched 10+ times trying to get that one detail just right but he can’t

- And for a while it gets really bad and jeremy notices that he’s starting to lose the relaxing/therapeutic aspect of art


- YESS! And as with every artist there’s the whole thing abut not being about to create irl the pictures you can imagine and it would piss him off so so much


- and Jeremy shows him all the studies Picasso did for Guernica and Monet’s haystack series and is like it’s okay everyone goes through this it takes practice but now even the studies and ‘mistakes’ are in museums

- and I was in a museum yesterday with an exhibit of all the cartoons for versailles murals

- the original sketches that they transfer to the walls

- and on some of them you could clearly see the outlines of all the past attempts and eraser marks and smudges and !!! Jer shows him all this stuff and helps him calm down and work through it


- And Jer would probably (not being artistic himself) reach out to Laila like WHAT DO I DOOO!!?  

- And she like whenever that happens to me I change medium to whatever is the furthest from what I was using before and start again


- and Jer even asks for some of the pieces Jean thinks are ‘bad’ because they aren’t technically 100% perfect and he keeps them and loves them and eventually shows Jean that he kept them (not right away) (way in the future)


- And he takes him on ART GALLERY DATES!


- so he’s in this one course which is what’s making him stress but Jer signs them up for like a wine + watercolor night and it’s a bunch of people and some have never even painted and they’re all just chilling and relaxed and having fun and WATERCOLOR YAY and Jean loves it!!


-And Jean is so so quietly in awe and he spends so long looking at particular pieces and Jer just gazes at Jean gazing at art like ART-CEPTION


-and he sees old masters’ art journals on display and all the little details and all the different types of art and mediums and he loves it ALL


- Do we like… Know what Jean’s favorite style/era of painting is?

- Because like with all the pastel headcanoning we already have I wouldn’t be surprised if he liked the Impressionists


- Gabry im kind of on the fence


- But also like what does he do himself?


- Help my brain has started in slightly angsty directions

- Like Jean painting over his scars when he can’t stand to look at them, but also looking at them making him feel so sick some days he can’t even look long enough to paint


- He’d love Impressionism but also Dada?? Like i think he would get such a kick out of the ridiculousness of it and at the same time its such a fuck you to the rules
- also this

- the letters at the bottom, if you read them in French, sound like “Elle a chaud au cul”= she is hot in the butt


- Plus like it’s not like he couldn’t have more than one favorite


- Okay but I totally want Jean to be a fan of like Turner because of the technical skill but the visual freedom and softness

- And like imagine Jean in a gallery room full of turners work just gazing at the pieces for HOURS


- I am pretty pro Impressionist Jean but that might be a personal bias



here is a bunch of Turner stuff for comprehension:


- Hazel told me not to make it sad

- But I have some slightly sad things to say

- Like Jean drawing scenes from his nightmares when he can’t get back to sleep at night and doesn’t know how else to process them

- But I won’t do it I won’t say sad things ….except that one


- Goya nightmare etchings yo


- Jean hiding these nightmare drawings away because he doesn’t want Jeremy to ever see them but for some reason he can’t destroy them

- He takes them out and just stares at them sometimes but he doesn’t know why because it’s not like he likes them

- The nightmare drawings are really disturbing and abstract

- And full of things like knives and water and anything else he’d ever been tortured with

- They’re the only drawings he does that have no colour


- Do we have anything about Jean teaching Maggie to draw and do art as she grows up?

- or doing the artwork for the twins’ science fair projects like backdrops or if they’re doing models he helps them paint them and make them look like super professional.

- and like before at some point I think I had talked about Jean doing seriously realistic makeup for the boys during Halloween and all of their friends are jealous because Exy star Jean Moreau made them look like real zombies.