happy weekend etc


8.4.17 (14/52 weeks of productivity)

Wow just realised that a quarter of the year has gone by already! Time is flying by 😅
I have finally finished my essay (which is due tomorrow midnight!) and am editing it. I hope it’s good 😊
Here’s my lil Einstein toy that my high school physics teacher gave me when I graduated. It’s really cute so I have it sitting on my desk giving me smart vibes 👌🏼


So I was briefly on youtube and it recommended me an Albinwonderland video on Girl Geeks and I was like “fine youtube, I know you’ve been itching for an opportunity to show me a Papa John’s Pizza ad”

I don’t try to go toooo into the issues of girl geek shaming etc. here because it’s posted about on so many other blogs and I’m not into most “geek” stuff so I’d rather let the experts handle it haha, BUT, this video was surprisingly funny (like really funny when she read the note) and a pretty good summary of the issues with treating girl gamers/geeks/cosplayers/etc like they’re “not good enough.”

Idk TLC Friday post or something

(ps inbox still closed sorry! I stare at a screen all day at work and it really hurts my eyes to go on tumblr a lot after that so I’m trying to help myself adjust and not be tempted by new messages etc)