happy vibes~~~

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so i just binge-read all of your voltron and this probably sounds weird but it's so... 80s rock ballad? like in the best possible way? like that one summer night when you're 17 and you meet that amazing person for the first time and you hit it off and dance till dawn to that one song that's probably horribly cheezy but at the moment is the best thing to be ever played? and maybe you'll never see each other again but that night will stay forever in your fondest memories? yeah,that kind of ballad.

woaHhhhHh thats like, really thoughtful?? And nice?? Like woah?? Im really happy thats the vibe that you got, cause thats the tone i looove to write in. Like the Grease first love kinda thing, where theres a million odds against you but fuck it life is short