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y’know I drew a Yuujigisa kiss a long, long while back and was just thinking to myself now why didn’t I ever color and post that stuff…and now it’s Valentine’s Day so hey it’s a timely gift! :’)

…is this the first YuujixNagisa kiss fanart out there? lol

Happy Valentine’s Day Dork (Michael Clifford Imagine)

Summary:  You have just recently gotten out of a break up, and you’re not looking forward to Valentine’s Day.  Your best friend Michael loves Valentine’s Day on the other hand, and loves love, and tries to change your mind about that “stupid” holiday.

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Warnings: cuteness overload ;)

A/N: I haven’t written a Michael Clifford imagine yet, and I had this cute idea as I was baking cookies for my friends to eat, while we celebrate Valentine’s Day single.  I hope you all have a (or had a) wonderful Valentine’s Day.  I want you to know that I love you all, and I am so thankful to have all of you who either like or reblog my posts, or follow me.  I love you so much!

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Happy Valentine’s Day Dork (Michael Clifford Imagine)

“Y/N”  You feel someone poke your nose. You crinkle your nose in response and turnover in your bed.

You hear footsteps walk around your bed to the other side, and feel someone poke your nose again, “Y/N”,

You reach your hand out and start poking, who you know identify as your best friend Michael’s face.

“What are you doing?”  Michael laughs swatting your hand away.

“Finding the snooze button.”  (Total Hannah Montana reference,lol)  You say.

“Ha ha, very funny.” He says plopping down on your bed.  “Now it’s time to get up.” He says brushing your hair out of your face.

“No, it’s too early.”  You say pulling your comforter closer to your body.

“Y/N, it’s 12 in the afternoon.”  Michael says laughing, grabbing your phone to show you.

“Yes, and what’s your point?”  You groan, pulling the comforter over your head to block from the light of your phone.  

“You’re being lazy on a great day.”  He says pulling the comforter away from your face.

You groan, and sit up, adjusting the pillows behind your back.  “Okay, one, you can’t talk to me about lazy when you were the one who said that you wanted to be a professional sleeper when you grow up.”  

“Fair point.”  Michael nods.

“And two, this isn’t a great day.”  You state.

“And why is that?”  Michael asks.

“It’s Valentine’s Day.  It’s where people in relationships are annoying as hell, and think they are better than everyone else because they are in a relationship.  It’s where everyone looks down people because they are single.  And it’s the day where guys are for one day are actually good guys, and are romantic, and the next day they are back to doing shit.”  You say crossing your arms.

Michael just looks at you with a shocked look, and finally breaks into a little laugh and says, “Well someone is pretty cynical about Valentine’s Day.”

“Yeah, well I have the right to be.” You say looking down at your hands, playing with your fingers.

“Hey, hey”  Michael says grabbing your both of your hands, and waits until you look at him, for him to finally speak, “Forget about him.  You’re a lot happier without him.  Ever since you two broke up, I’m starting to see the old Y/N again.  The happy, confident, loving, and awesome Y/N.”  

“I am pretty awesome.”  You say laughing.

“That’s the spirit.”  Michael says standing up from your bed.  “Now, Valentine’s Day is about love.  You don’t need to have a boyfriend to have a good Valentine’s Day.  You’ve got me.  And trust, I am a lot better than any of the boyfriends you’ve had.”  Michael says laughing.

“True, very true.”  You say laughing, “so what’s the plan?”  You ask.

“Well first, you’re getting get your lazy butt out of bed, and you’re going to take a shower.  Then, put on your favorite outfit, put on or don’t put on makeup, whatever you chose.”  He explains reaching his hands out for you to grab on to get up.

Once you get up, Michael playfully smacks your bum, a thing you both do to each other, and goes “go, go, go”, motioning you to hurry up to get into the shower.

“I’m going, I’m going.”  You laugh.

After you shower, you put on your favorite jeans and sweater.  You blow dry your hair out, and put it into a top bun, and put on minimal makeup.  Michael is your best friend, and he loves you the way you are, and he makes you feel amazing, so you don’t ever feel the need to dress up, or wear makeup to impress him.  

When you get out the shower, you walk out of your room into your kitchen to see that Michael is making you favorite breakfast, blueberry pancakes.  

“Now, you sit down, and eat breakfast.”  Michael says going over to the counter where there is a plate with pancakes, and orange juice and milk on the table next to container of syrup.  He pulls out a chair for you, and makes a grand gesture for you to sit down.

“You’re such a dork.” You say sitting down.  You begin to eat, and you look at Michael with a shocked look and say, “these are really good.”

“I am a food enthusiast.”  He says bowing and turns away into the kitchen, which makes you laugh.

As you continue eating, you see Michael going through all of your cupboards, pulling out various ingredients, bowls and measuring cups and places them on the counter.  Next he walks over to the oven and sets it at a certain temperature.   After you are done eating, you walk into the kitchen and place your dirty dishes in the sink.

“What’s going on here?” You ask looking around at the mess Michael has made in your kitchen.

“We are going to make cookies, triple chocolate cookies to be exact.”  He says showing you the recipe he printed out.

“Sounds good.”  You say walking over to the counter.

You are in charge of mixing all the dry ingredients together, while Michael cracks the eggs, and deals with the wet ingredients.  After you combine the wet and the dry ingredients, you add the multiple chocolate chips (milk, white, and dark).

“Now, it’s time to roll the dough into balls.”  You say.

“Ha, balls.” Michael chuckles to himself as he scoops the dough into his hands.

“You’re so immature.”  You remark, hip bumping him playfully as you help him roll the dough.

After rolling all the dough, placing them on the cookies trays and putting the in the oven you look at him and say, “So what’s next?”

“We watch either a movie or a show.  Your choice.”  Michael says walking into the living room.

“Show, and friends?”  You ask plopping down onto the couch.

“Friends it is.”  Michael says, setting up your laptop to the TV.

After watching a few episodes, the cookies finished baking, and you both took them out of the oven.  Now it was just you and Michael sitting the couch eating cookies and continuing to watch Friends. You look over at him while he is watching the show, not even realizing you’re staring.

After a few more seconds of looking at him, Michael turns to you and says, “You’re staring.”

“Sorry”  You apologize awkwardly, “I’m just thinking.”

“About what?”  Michael asks turning the volume down and the TV and turns to look at you.

“Why haven’t you had a serious girlfriend?”  You ask, to which Michael laughs.

“No, I’m serious”  You say nudging him, “it’s not like you’ve never had the opportunity to date someone, girls have liked you and asked you out.”

After breathing out a sigh, Michael finally answers you and says, “I don’t want to half ass relationships.  The girls that have liked me, I liked them back, but not truly or fully.  I am not going to date someone if I don’t fully like them back, I would lying to them, and that’s not right or fair to them.  I never want to break someone’s heart.”

“That’s fair.”  You agree.

“And also, I’ve always had my eyes set on this one girl.”  He admits looking away.

“You do? Michael, we’re best friends, you have to tell me.”  You plead.

After a good amount of silence Michael finally says, “Y/N, it’s you.  It’s pretty obvious.”  Michael admits laughing lightly.

“Really?”  You ask, grabbing his hand.

“Y/N, why do you think I put this whole day together and went all out?  I am a nice guy and all but I’m not that nice.”  Michael says laughing.

“Well, I like you too.”  You admit.

“You don’t have to say that just because I am into you.”  He says honestly.

“No, I didn’t realize until this moment that everything I was looking for was right in front of me.”  You say and smile.  

“Now, I would kiss you, but I don’t kiss on the first date.”  Michael jokes.

“Well…” You say, “we’re technically not on a date.”

“That is very true.”  Michael says lifting his hand to your face to move your hand behind your ear, and leans in and kisses you.  The kiss is not fast, or too long, it’s perfectly sweet and passionate.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Y/N.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day dork.”

A/N:   I hope you guys had or are having a great Valentine’s Day!!  I thought of this idea last night, and started it and finished it today!!  I hope you enjoy it!!  I am thinking of doing a mini series about Y/N and Michael, with imagines about little things that happen in a realtionship (first date, meeting the friends, meeting the family, moving in, etc.)  I could also do it for the other guys.  Tell me what you think!

parawh0rethings  asked:

Happy Valentine's day, you dork. I like sending people nice asks especially when they're nice people. LIKE YOU! HLhave fun on your straight date.(or bi, whatever you prefer. Just remember. He's not Bucky don't mistake him for Bucky.) Why am I like this?

I wish I could go on a date with Bucky…so badly…BUT The guy I’m hanging out with tonight is a really big Marvel, Star Wars, Bioshock, and Sherlock fan and we’re watching Avengers tonight and I’m really excited :D Although I haven’t told him about my sexuality or how I’ve dated a woman nor about my love for Bucky Barnes so he gets to come into my room and see:

(The silhouette is my Seb Stan cut out that I put my Winter Soldier themed bow on top of.)

So, this’ll be an interesting time. Hehehe I hope he kisses and cuddles me :)