happy valentine's week

“What do you do when you stop running?”

Because I love modern wessa AUs. The dweebs are probably going on a date to B&N.

1D Hiatus: Day 63

* Louis’ famous “Always In My Heart” tweet hits 2 million retweets

* Liam and Louis post pictures on Instagram

* Louis’ mum posts a picture on Facebook of Louis’ report from 2001

* Louis’ mum posts a picture on Instagram of Louis and his sisters when they were kids

* #AIMHTo2Million trends on Twitter

* Harry meets a fan in LA

* Fans post pictures with Harry from yesterday

It’s Feb 14th, 2016.

YAY HAPPY VALENTINES @alphyneweek! Day 7 Week 4.

SMOOCH HER ALREADY… I mean… Yeah. ^^ I guess Alphys would get used to being kissed by Undyne after a while. Anyway, our favourite ladies on Valentine’s day is a must-do!

So, I think that this week went better than the last one! (besides that i had less time to finish everything) It was more diverse and my artstyle has visibly improved. Until next time folks!