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Tama na Jollibee. (TT A TT)
Inspired from all Jollibee Valentines advertisement. Right in the feels.

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Love is so complex, yet so simple.  Love has many forms.
Happy Valentines Day everyone! ^_^

2p Gerita (Soulmates)

Soulmate AU where Lutz and Luciano live as humans in a modern-day era, and their soul bonds show when their soulmate is hurt.

As a child, Lutz wakes up screaming at night because there are injuries all over his body- bruises, cuts, the occasional broken bone. It’s not his pain that he’s feeling, but the marks scare him nonetheless, and Gilen oftentimes spends his nights and days watching him 24/7, fearful not only for Lutz’s mental health and physical safety but also for the safety of Lutz’s soulmate, who already seems so badly broken. He doesn’t realize just how much agony this causes Luciano, who not only believes he was born without a soulmate, but is abused ruthlessly for it.

Later on, as Lutz becomes old enough to understand what’s going on, his terror for himself turns to pure worry for his soulmate. The marks at this point have turned from simple bruises to whip marks and knife wounds- and, at one time, a burn scar that could only be caused by a branding. Lutz thinks his soulmate must be a weak, cowering, terrified victem at this point, and promises himself early on that he will do anything to protect them once he meets them.

So when they do meet, and Lutz teases a small, bitter Italian with bags under his eyes who acts like the world is his bitch for the hell of it, it’s a shock to the both of them when the ghost of the slash on Lutz’s cheek and the three deep gouges on his arm from Luci’s knife appears on Luciano’s skin. A shock for Lutz, because his soulmate is nothing like what he expected him to be, and a shock for Luci, because after years and years of being taunted and teased and abused for having no soulmate, here he is, right in front of him.

This, of course, does not end peacefully. Luciano refuses to believe it. Lutz tries his best to make Luciano understand, but it’s all too much and he’s too insistant, and Luci ends up knocking him out and running away, still high off shock and adrenaline and the pain of realizing his agony was all for naught.

It’s no mistake to either of them when they wake up the next day to find matching marks of pain on their chests, directly above their hearts, where they are both aching inside.

“I understand that the 2P personalities aren’t canon, but I’m seriously sick of the same edgy gritty 'happy murderer’ crap in every piece of fanwork with them.  If you are at least going to make them the antagonists, make their goals more reasonable rather than ‘just because’.”

Not to mention the 2P fandom gets easily gung-ho if you try and portray them as other than ‘happy murderer’, yandere, “edgy badasses”, or jerkass woobies.  Even giving them the “wrong” name can get a negative reaction.  Like frack, man, there’s barely anything set in stone with these dudes, so kindly sit down.

This is why I prefer 2P Nyotalia.

- Mod V