happy valentine's guys eat a lot of chocolate



CLIFFORD — ..the two of you are sitting on your bed, laughing at each other’s incredibly crude jokes. Michael eats the chocolate strawberries with ease as you sit back and watch him enjoy the desert you made. “You like them?” You grin, watching as he tosses the remains onto the plate. “I like a lot,” he responds before placing the plate onto the bedside table. “But I see something I like a lot more,” he states flirtatiously before taking your face in his hands and bringing his lips to yours. His lips tastes of strawberries and chocolate and you’re almost positive yours taste the same. “Happy valentines day,” he mutters into your mouth as he plays with your t-shirt, stripping you of it in record time.

HEMMINGS — ..Luke has romantic music playing from the radio he has sitting in the side of the kitchen. Dinner that he made, with the help of his mother, is set out on the table and he’s decked out in a black button down and his usual black skinny jeans. It’s until he hears you knocking on the door that his heart begins to race and his palms begin to sweat. “Happy Valentine’s day!” He greets, swinging the door open and attacking you with a massive embrace. “You too!” You laugh as he brings his head down to kiss you. “I know you said no gifts,” he begins as he drags you into the living room, “but I couldn’t help myself.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a thin black case, holding it out to you with a stretched smile. “Luke!” You squeal in surprise. Inside was a necklace in the shape of a heart, both of your names engraved onto the silver. “Happy Valentines day,” he whispers in your hair as you wrap your arms around him.

HOOD — ..you’re at a party with your boyfriend, Calum, and a few of his friends. Music is loud and the two of you are drinking some sort of alcoholic concoction the owner of the house put together. Your red cups are in the air as the two of you dance on each other and, though your sweat is mixing and there are a plethora of people around the two of you, you’re having a great time. It’s until Calum can’t take enough of your movements that he pulls you aside and places a steamy kiss to your lips. Though your Valentines night isn’t something as romantic or as memorable as you had hoped, there’s no doubt you would be getting some action later tonight.

IRWIN — ..hands are roaming sweaty bodies and moans are filling the silent room. Ashton is rocking steadily below you and you’re returning the favor. Sloppy kisses are being pressed to your lips before he decides to sink lower to your neck, a redness beginning to form on your collar bone. Your hands are on his bare shoulders and your head is tilted upwards to help Ashton find another spot on your neck to kiss. His fingers lace themselves under your lace panties and you lift upwards, brushing against Ashton as you do so. Before you know it, your clothes are on the floor and you’re both under the covers celebrating Valentines day in your own special way.