happy valentine's day 2013

Happy Valentines Day, 1D MasterList
  1. 2013 Concert He Takes You To
  2. The Celebrity Crush he takes you to meet
  3. First Dance Song At Your Wedding
  4. What You Name Your First Son
  5. What You Name Your First Daughter
  6. When You’re Cold
  7. His Nickname for You
  8. Telling Him You’re Pregnant
  9. Movie You Watch On A Lazy Day
  10. How He Cheers You Up When You’re Down
  11. I Love You More Than…
  12. TMH song He Dedicates To You
  13. What Brings The Two Of You Closer
  14. He Catches You Singing In The Shower
  15. When He Gets Overprotective
  16. What You Do That He Loves
  17. What He Does For You While He’s Away On Tour
  18. Skinny Dipping
  19. You Get Scared
  20. You’re Crying
  21. You’re Short
  22. When He Proposes
  23. He Meets Your Parents
  24. He Sneaks You In/Out Of His Room *added to list 1/8/14
  25. He Hits You
  26. Boys Walk In On Something Heated (Niall)
  27. Cuddling
  28. You Fight
  29. After A Fight
  30. Moving In Together
  31. Child Gets Jealous Because He’s Always Gone Part 1
  32. Child Gets Jealous Because He’s Always Gone Part 2
  33. He Protects You During Pregnancy
  34. Condom Run
  35. He Does Your Daughter’s Hair
  36. He Gets Protective Over Your Daughter
  37. Words He Whispers
  38. His Birthday
  39. What You Teach Him/ What He teaches You
  40. What He Does That You Love
  41. Hunger Games (His Pov)
  42. What You Love That He Does During Sex
  43. How He Describes You To Friends
  44. How He Makes You Feel Comfortable
  45. Weirdest Place You’ve Had Sex
  46. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  47. I Promise You
  48. I Told You So
  49. Do You Remember
  50. Say Something
  51. Daylight
  52. Girl On Fire
  53. One Thing
  54. Marry You
  55. He Protects/Defends You
  56. Wanted
  57. What He Does When He Misses You
  58. What He Loves About You
  59. Move A Little Closer Now
  60. I Don’t Know What’s Happening
  61. I Can’t Let You Go Without…
  62. You Adopt
  63. You Ask Another Band Member to be GodFather of Your child
  64. You Pick Name For Baby
  65. You Go Into Labor During Concert Part 1
  66. You Go Into Labor During Concert Part 2
  67. You Go Into Labor During Concert Part 3
  68. You Go Into Labor During Concert Part 4
  69. You Go Into Labor During Concert Part 5
  70. You Stay At His House
  71. Meeting The Parents
  72. Paparazzi
  73. Song You both cant stop listening to
  74. Do You Hear Me
  75. hate eachother but secrelty love eachother Zayn
  76. hate eachother but secretly love eachother Liam
  77. hate eachother but secretly love eachother Louis
  78. hate eachother but secretly love eachother Harry
  79. hate eachother but secretly love eachother Niall 
  80. You Tell Him You Want To Adopt Kids 
  81. A Fan Sneaks Into Your House Liam
  82. When You Can’t Sleep
  83. You Tell Him You Want To Learn Self Defense 
  84. You Get Sick In Middle Of The Night
  85. You Go To An Arcade
  86. You’re The Younger Sister of one of the boys and have a crush on another
  87. He Worries He Won’t Measure Up To Your Ex
  88. You Work as a Disney Princess (NIall)
  89. You work as a Disney Princess (Louis)
  90. You Work As a Disney Princess (Zayn)
  91. You Work as a Disney Princess (Harry)
  92. You Work as a Disney Princess (Liam)
  93. He’s Jealous of a Celeb You like
  94. You Get Pregnant by another member
  95. What He Does When you go out in public
  96. With Your Love..
  97. Grow Up (Song Series) 3/5
  98. On My Mind (Song Series) 
  99. he asks you to go on tour with him
  100. Nobody Compares (Song Series)
  101. He’s Your mentor on X-Factor and you’re secretly dating
  102. When You Cry
  103. He Gives You a Promise Ring
  104. He Sees You With Kids For First Time
  105. The Boys meet your baby for the first time
  106. Spring Break
  107. Your daughter asks why he leaves all the time
  108. Your Father is a celebrity
  109. Your Brother Is A Celebrity
  110. Your mother is a celebrity
  111. Your sister is a celebrity
  112. He finds out you’re a directioner
  113. Another Boy Comforts You
  114. He Takes Care Of You While You’re on Your Period
  115. You Cook Together
  116. You Lose A Loved One
  117. Child from previous relationship calls him daddy, calls you mommy
  118. Moments
  119. Clothes At The End Of Your Bed
  120. He Misses The Birth of Your First Child
  121. Let It All Out
  122. (BSM) You get pregnant by one of the boys Part 1
  123. (BSM) You get pregnant by one of the boys Part 2
  124. (BSM) You get pregnant by one of the boys Part 3
  125. baby’s first word
  126. What Makes You Beautiful To Him
  127. How He’s Different From Your Ex
  128. Windows Down
  129. Song That Cheers You Up That He Sings
  130. You Go To Live With Him In The UK
  131. Come And Get It
  132. Broken Promises
  133. Didnt Realize You had it Til It Was Gone
  134. Changing Your Stars
  135. Bromance You Ship
  136. As Long As You Love Me
  137. For Once In My Life
  138. Self Harm
  139. First Night At Home With Baby
  140. Dance
  141. Dont Let What They Say, Keep You Up All Night
  142. Camping
  143. When I Was Your Man
  144. You Meet The Boys as the 5th Member of Little Mix
  145. You’re Pregnant and Feel Useless
  146. Deep Breath
  147. You’re a dancer and he gets jealous of your dance partner
  148. Now and Forever
  149. His Kisses Are… Love Letters
  150. My Girl
  151. Rose
  152. Sunshine
  153. Chloe (You’re The One I Want) supposed to be #156
  154. Bruno Mars is Your Dad
  155. You Cut Your Hair Drastically
  156. Begging
  157. I Need Somebody
  158. He’s A Vampire
  159. One of the other boys thinks that you’re hot
  160. He Does Your Makeup
  161. He takes care of you after your wisdom teeth are removed
  162. Scavenger Hunt
  163. You’re a Fan/Friend of Taylor Swift
  164. You’re bipolar/claustrophobic
  165. Things get heated, and you get insecure
  166. You Go To A Baseball Game Together
  167. He tries to scare you and you get really scared/hurt from it
  168. Drama
  169. Get Up by Big Time Rush
  170. In A World Like This by Backstreet Boys
  171. You want your pre-baby body back
  172. Titanic Inspired
  173. He’s Your Neighbor
  174. He’s Shirtless
  175. The Advice He Gives You
  176. You Get To My Heart
  177. He Sees Your Baby For The First Time
  178. Your Best Friend In The Band
  179. Your favorite gif of him
  180. Don’t!
  181. This Is Us
  182. It’s Over
  183. Feel So Close
  184. Kiss Me Slowly
  185. Beside You
  186. Always
  187. See You Again
  188. All American Girl
  189. He Comes Home to find you asleep on the couch
  190. Morning Sickness
  191. You meet him at school as the new girl
  192. Treasure
  193. like nobody’s around
  194. just want you to know
  195. changes
  196. your boyfriend cheats on you and you get with one of the other band members
  197. He Cheats, you break up, you get with another band member
  198. I Wanna Come Home
  199. Over Again
  200. You’re Southern
  201. You’re Reaction to their character in BSE
  202. Vacation with his family
  203. Best Song Ever
  204. Happy 3rd Anniversary as One Direction
  205. Guilty 
  206. People Warned Him About You
  207. I Don’t Wanna Lose You
  208. A Concert He Takes You To
  209. Tears Of Joy
  210. They do an interview and you’re the interviewer
  211. You take a bath/shower together
  212. He Comes Home From Army
  213. Madeleine 
  214. Breathe 
  215. You’ve Been Hurt Before
  216. You and Your kids Visit Him On Tour
  217. You’re Content With Your Life
  218. After The Breakup
  219. Kids Movies
  220. He Teaches Your Child How To Ride A Bike
  221. You Go To The TCA’s With Him
  222. Your Guilty Pleasure Song
  223. College
  224. Don’t Be That Guy
  225. Your Child Says They Hate You and You Get upset so He Comforts you
  226. Cute Moments With Your Baby Girl
  227. Cute Moments With your Baby Boy
  228. You Visit Your Child’s Grave
  229. he sees your fiancee hurting/being too rough with you
  230. he hears/sees your fiancee cheating on you
  231. precious memories with the kids
  232. just like daddy 
  233. mornings
  234. you find out you’re adopted and he comforts/helps you 
  235. You’re With Him But Have Another Band Member’s Baby
  236. Part 2 
  237. They Sing At Your Wedding
  238. Wanna Know Something…
  239. You’ve Been Married Awhile and Finally Change Your Last Name To His
  240. You’re a Spy/Secret Agent Couple
  241. Wedding Hairstyle 
  242. You Get An Exotic Pet
  243. He Rams Your Parked Car And Leaves a Note
  244. Part 2
  245. Part 3
  246. You’re a Youtuber and He’s In the Video
  247. You Meet At Brother’s Wedding/ He’s Your Brother’s Friend
  248. Best Time to Wear a Sweater
  249. Brother In Law (Somewhat)
  250. What Kind of Dad He is
  251. Niall’s Birthday
  252. Applause
  253. Baby’s Ultrasound
  254. You’re With Him But Have Another Band Member’s Baby
  255. Part 1
  256. Part 2
  257. Part 3
  258. They Sing At Your Wedding
  259. You’re An Upcoming Singer and They Do a Collaboration With You
  260. You’re a Member of Their Band/Crew
  261. His Thoughts When He Sees You In Your Wedding Dress
  262. One of His Siblings Asks For Your Help
  263. Sisters
  264. Brothers
  265. He Holds Your Newborn Daughter for First Time
  266. Apple Picking
  267. Best Time To Wear A Sweater
  268. You’re Both Famous
  269. You Show Off Your Engagement Ring
  270. Bonding With Baby
  271. He Dedicates A Song To You
  272. You Catch Him Staring
  273. Baby Hands
  274. You Have an Obsession
  275. Nightly Walks on The Beach
  276. You Play A Sport
  277. Bed Hair
  278. Your Child Wants Something They Can’t Have
  279. You Can Let Go Now Daddy
  280. Your Child Wants a One Direction Doll, Just Not His
  281. Hi Daddy
  282. He Surprises You On Your Birthday
  283. You Lost What You Had
  284. Tucking Kids Into Bed
  285. Your Daughter’s Wedding
  286. Your Child Says Their First Word While He’s On Tour
  287. Moments With Your Newborn
  288. you give birth, just not at the hospital 
  289. premature baby 
  290. a thousand years 
  291. the tv show you can’t stop watching 
  292.  he falls asleep during an awards show
  293. late nights 
  294.  he paints your nails 
  295.  he tells you he loves you
  296. you’re a nerd he’s popular 
  297. you have a kid from a previous relationship, he doesn’t have a kid, so you give him one 
  298. he looks at other girls 
  299. almost christmas time 
  300. leaving 
  301. your child falls asleep on a 5SOS member 
  302. baby’s first christmas present 
  303. he sees you for first time 
  304. He Sees You With Your New Celeb Boyfriend 
  305. Photoshoot With Newborn Baby 
  306. You’re In the SOML Video - Part 2 
  307. You Make An Appearance During 1D Day 
  308. You Watch Catching Fire Together 
  309. He Wants To Adopt Your Child From a Previous Relationship 
  310. Baby Moments 
  311. Your Child Paints His Nails 
  312. Your Celebrity Best Friend 
  313. He’s Alone With The Baby 
  314. Baby’s First Christmas 
  315. Your Daughter Tells You She’s Pregnant -
  316. You Boost His Confidence Before A Show -
  317. You Wear His Clothes
  318. So Happy I Could Die 
  319. Watching Christmas Movies With The Kids
  320. The Other Boys Find Out You Two Had Sex
  321. Unplanned Pregnancy -
  322. New Baby
  323. He Sees You Naked For First Time
  324. What You Do While He Drives
  325. Young And Stupid
  326. You Were The Deciding Judge For Him On Xfactor
  327. You Find Out You’re Pregnant After Being Told You Couldn’t Have Children
  328. He Teases You About your Small Hands/Feet
  329. You Fall In Shower Another Member Helps You
  330. You Get Dared To Kiss One Of The Other Boys
  331. 1st Anniversary
  332. You Ask Him ‘If You Were A Woman For A Day’
  333. Your Baby Is Born Early
  334. Whispers To Your Baby Belly
  335. You Have One Of The Other Boys Babysit Your Child(ren)
  336. Period Cramps
  337. Movie Premieres
  338. You Two Act Like Little Kids Again
  339. Daddy Daughter Dances
  340. Hospital Beds
  341. About The Boy (Song Preference)
  342. A Fan Screams Hate At You And Him Or Someone Else Defends You
  343. Vampire Academy
  344. Winter Olympic Sport You Do With Him
  345. You Don’t Care About The Hate
  346. Forced To Date For Publicity
  347. You’re Roommates With Another Member
  348. Too Far Away