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Seasons may change, winter to spring…
But I love you until the end of time.


The Dork Captains | Kuroo & Bokuto |
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Those Two Hands

                                                            -Shikha Singh

A literary silk

those two hands weave

They speak of

what every heart feels


Simple yet deep

thoughts they reveal

Through words equipped

with the power to heal


Of beauty, of love

they sure tell a tale

Even the harsh truth

they say without fail


Into pearls, they turn

plain words a few

Beautiful and pure

like morning dew


Mere words, which use

to narrate a story

Those two hands

seek no glory

Dedicated to @ourtwohands

Happy Valentines season!


My contribution to @inuyasha-valentines!! I hope all of you had an amazing day full of happiness an love.

Summary:  Everyone in the office knew Kagome and Inuyasha were having a not-so-secret affair. They weren’t EXACTLY wrong… (Not a cheating fic)

I was inspired to write this thanks to this post. It was so INUKAG that I just had to.

Already up on FF.net and AO3   :D

Before I start let me inform my lovely friends about this @kuddle-cakes @grapefruitwannabe @keichanz @vividxdreaming @purekagome @mustardyellowsunshine @stoatsandweasels @mmhinman @ryupioupiou @vixenfoxpaws @gypsin @meido-zangetsuha @little-known-artist @inukag-4ever @sakurasubinita  (and as always I know I forgot someone here ugh)

This is my gift for all of you! The amazing people that keep this fandom alive!!

Sango saw her work-friend walking towards the building they worked in. She could have been smiling and calling her to go inside with her, but this time it was not possible. Kagome, the cute, sweet, honest and decent woman that had been her desk mate and best friend from work for the last year was now walking beside him.  

Sango’s big chocolate eyes narrowed as she stared at him. He was not the drop-dead gorgeous type. Neither had he the best character or disposition—that she knew from experience. What did Kagome see in him to betray the man she had loved for more than a decade? A man that—before she met HIM—was the center of her life, along with their two sons.

Shaking her head, Sango saw them stop just before reaching the building’s door. After he whispered something into her ear and she giggled, he pulled her to the bush line until they were hidden by the myriad of green leaves. By the look on his face and the blush on her cheeks, Sango knew what they had been doing.

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Nicholas II & Empress Alexandra Feodorovna || They were destined for each other, and their love was the load with which God had chosen to burden and to crown them, as the greatest trial and greatest gift for their hearts and souls. Years failed to blight the youthful vigour of their love, and their attachment, matured and ingrained, proved unaffected by all storms and stresses that befell them. { The Romanovs Love, Power and Tragedy }

To love and to care not when amarants fade 

On earth be bathed in sunshine or shade ! 

To love and to be loved again 

Whatever the joy, whatever the pain. 

To love and to tell it on soft summer eves 

Amid the rustling of green summer leaves,

 To feel sweet moments vanish away 

And to know there is still so much to say. 

To love as we love in the bye and bye, 

Together to live, together to die. 

One hope, one faith, both loyal and brave 

Through life heart to heart, side by side in the grave.

Poem by Alix of Hesse for Nicholas, 1894.


Remember the wardrobe meme I am still doing? I have the lineworks and since it’s Valentine’s day I decided to give a teaser (they’re actually full body pictures :v) 

Of the naked Subaru and the swimwear Ruki <3 Happy Valentine’s day!
I’m already working on a Reiji pic x: that sucked my soul into disappearing.