happy v day kids


In which our beloved monster ambassador is an oblivious senpai-*chokes*

I did this for Valentine’s day but didn’t make it in time– ah well, happy belated shingles day~

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hope all you lovelies get lucky this Valentine’s Day, and if not, call me - G

Happy V-day kids don’t accept free cellular from strangers and use protection -Lil J

These Roses are White. My Bruises, Blue.
Oh Valentine, I think I’ve fallen for you! - K

I was hoping to make Valentine’s cookies for the crew, but it’s turning out to be more of a disaster. I’m sure they won’t be able to tell if I got pre-made cookie dough, right? - J

Here’s some poetry for the singles out there:
roses are red
violets are blue
happy valentine’s day
wanna screw?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Only a few of the members could make gif for this holiday but we all wish that you have a great day today!!!