happy uh birthday

“Come on, Adrien dear. We’re done, it’s time to go!”

“Hold on, maman! I gotta do something first!”

Adrien tugs his hand away from Madame Agreste before running towards the little girl standing next to the counter. He takes out a package he’d hidden underneath his coat and hands it to her.

“For you!” he says with a grin. “I didn’t know it was your birthday a month ago so..uh…Happy Late Birthday! You can open it by the way.”

Marinette quietly takes the package and examines it before tearing the paper wrapping away and quickly tossing it on the floor. Adrien spots the sharp look her mother makes but the girl ignores it, instead gazing at the black cat beanie in her hands.

“Do you like it?” Adrien asks, twisting the end of his jacket sleeve.

The smile that quickly appears on her face is the brightest he’s seen on her since they’d met.

“Yes,” she finally answers with a loud breath. “I love it.”

With that, warmth floods Adrien’s cheeks as he grins. Before he catches himself, he leans forward to plant a kiss near her left eye. Marinette giggles at the sensation before looking back at him with bright eyes and an even-wider smile.

“So um..goodbye now,” Adrien says as he begins walking towards his mom with a wave. “See ya tomorrow?”

“Uh, yeah! Tomorrow!” Marinette waves back at him, no doubt her own face flushed with red.

The black cat beanie looks adorable on her, both the mothers think. 

OK SO. First of all, I did not expect that drabble to get THIS long omg (actually it was even longer but I manage to cut it down to make it quick and snappy). Second of all, I was hoping to color this completely but it wasn’t working so I stuck to generally monochromatic tones. Third, CHILDHOOD FRIENDS AU AGAIN. Ugh these kids <3

ChildhoodFriends!AU headcanon: The mothers arranged to have their kids visit each other to hang out and play whenever they weren’t busy.

Edit: Forgot to mention I used a reference for the posing but tweaked it a bit of course.


ILYSM!! my seaweed prince idol star…


° . ☆ Hyakuya Yuichirou | Happy Birthday!  . °

If the 2Ps were invited to their crush's birthday party
  • 2P!America: shows up with a red ribbon on his head and goes up to you like, "ayyee, look at me. im your birthday present" ;))))
  • 2P!China: leans into you and tilts your chin up to smoothly say "hey cutie, would you let me give you a birthday kiss?"
  • 2P!France: he'd have no idea how to act, like "uh, happy birthday. thanks for the invite... i guess."
  • 2P!Russia: "i didn't know what to give you so i hope you don't mind a gift card. um." coughs awkwardly
  • 2P!Italy: "you're glowing... i've never seen you look more beautiful. happy birthday, bella principessa."
  • 2P!Germany: shows up and crashes the party like "HEY FUCKTRUCK HAPPY BIRTHDAY" which works as some kind of ice breaker
  • 2P!Japan: gives you an authentic japanese gift like a tea set/ parasol/ kimono whatever based on your taste "but don't use them incorrectly. you'll be in trouble"
  • 2P!Canada: isn't sure if he wants to show up bc he gets annoyed with crowds, especially with people he doesn't know, but would eventually make himself go to the party just for you
  • 2P!Romano: legit treats you like a queen and spams your facebook/ instagram with happy birthday posts
  • 2P!Austria: hogs all your attention
  • 2P!Prussia: shows up late bc he isn't a social person but gives you a hand-made gift that took him weeks to create "it's not much but i hope you like it..."

Vex’s broom is a motorcycle and Percy is her mechanic (x)

perc’ahlia fluff for @cassiederolo. happy birthday!

When Vex gets the bike (and it is not stealing, no matter what Scanlan says; the thing was clearly sitting out on the curb, beaten up and rusted and just an unwanted piece of shit in general) the first thing she does is call Percy.

(Actually, the first thing she does is let out a shout of joy, half-pushing it down the street and around the corner as it splutters along, because she has wanted her own bike for almost as long as she can remember and here it finally is, old and shitty and hers.)

She calls Percy, and he picks up on the third ring, coughing a little, and Vex can imagine him, face grimy and fingers dark with grease stains as he answers the call.


“Percival,” Vex says. “Darling, I’ve got something for you to take a look at, if you would be so kind.”

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so Durarara has undoubtedly the unhealthiest canon relationships. I would argue Baccano for the fluffiest, and Vamp! for the most comedic, seeing how every couple has a humorous spin to it. But I think Etsusa Bridge wins for most realistic, and that’s really critical. 

There’s only two canon pairings in EB: Souji/Kelly and Yakumo/Nazuna. Not saying that any of the four of those characters is really realistic, but in terms of their chemistry, its a lot more natural than what we see in Baccano. Souji and Kelly bicker constantly and Nazuna and Yakumo are still sort of figuring things out and learning about each other. Like, as much as I love Firo/Ennis and Claire/Chane and the like, that kind of instant, consuming romance just isn’t feasible. But these two couples go through all those initial stages of “what are we” and “uhhh do you want to do something later?” and “wow i cant believe this is happening” that new relationships always go through. 

i dont know where this post is going but i guess i just appreciate these four keeping it real this valentines day. 



Happy Birthday to our fake maknae!!🎉

I wish,
You can be exo member forever
You can be a real barista
You can play soccer like before
You recieve a lot of loves from everyone
You can be a good bigbro for exo
Your carrier goes well
Your abs never left you
You can find a great woman for your life
You can meet luhan again

Huu my oppa have a party today.


ladyxgilex  asked:

Lix: hey Jack, Happy birthday. Uh, i really don't know you very well, but here are some souls of the Damned of the more deep Underwood, oh and i make a reservation for this place, ah... Freddy's Pizzeria and playground, but i just found to the After Midnight Tour, so... Do you wanna come with me or something?

Jack: ooo and they’re well seasoned and…wait, Freddy’s. nope. just nope. it’s not you it’s those animontronics. they’re EVIL! EVIL!