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The sweat was starting to pool on your lower back, you’d already burned yourself twice, and you were in the middle of basting the turkey when you saw the potatoes start to boil over.

“Niall! Need you please!”

Niall leapt up the stairs to the kitchen. His once pristine kitchen in his brand spanking new house was a disaster. Bowls everywhere, sink filled with dishes, pots and pans strewn over every surface.

“Bleeding Christ girl! What the fuck did ya do to me house?!”  He took one look at your panicked expression and lunged forward to turn the flame down under the potatoes and move the pot. After he’d wiped the floor and made sure nothing else was on the verge of exploding he turned to face you.  He had opened his mouth to take the piss out of you for destroying the kitchen.  He was completely unprepared to find you slumped down next to the oven with your head in your hands.  He knelt down in front of you, pulling your hands away from your face.  “Darlin’ what’s the matter?”  You sighed and leaned your head back against the cabinets.

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Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I hope you had a great day! What are you thankful for? 

I’m thankful for all of you who read this blog and have stuck with me through the good, the bad, and the cringe-worthy <3


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  • Emma[to Cristina]: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Cristina: Emma, I'm not American, and in my country we give thanks every day
  • Emma:
  • Julian: Oh no, you didn't

November NOMS!
Greenhouse Feast, Part 3
(Parts 1 and 2)

The grand finale to our Thanksgiving NOMstravaganza: When you start going into a food coma from your delicious feast, give your human a Look for cuddles!

We hope you are all enjoying a Thanksgiving feast just as delicious as my feast of flowers, and going into food comas with family/friends!

Preference #4

Niall calls you clingy

I’ll make the other boys one too, just figured since this is the only one I have access to I’d share it since my pre-planned imagines are on my phone which is currently broken :/ Trying to make it up to y'all.

It was only until you were supposedly sleeping on Niall’s lap when he was with the boys, but the truth was, you only were curious about what they talk about. “You’ve been mighty close with (Y/N),” Louis teased as Niall ran his fingers through your hair. Niall softly chuckled and watched the way you slept, or “slept” anyways.  “Yeah, I really love her. She’s my love you know? Keeps me grounded,” Niall explained softly.  “Okay let’s get to the good stuff,” Louis smirked. “Is the girl clingy?” Louis asked and you anticipated for the answer from Niall.   “Yeah, actually she is. A lot. But I mean, what can I do? I love her a lot but she’s getting really clingy and annoying, but I love her too much to let her go. Just hope she will soon kind of back off because I need my space to think things through,” Niall’s words shocked you. Did he really find you that annoying and clingy? Butterflies rushed through your stomach, and you were determined not to be clingy.  The next day when it was morning, Niall’s arms were wrapped tightly around you, pulling you to his warm chest with his intoxicating scent. You had to let go, if you want to keep this thing still going, you need to distance yourself, you mentally muttered to yourself. As much as you didn’t want to, you ripped yourself from his grasp and went downstairs to watch tv every morning without him. It went like that for a while.  Only soft kisses when he went to work, no cuddling, no real kisses, no falling asleep on Niall. There were a lot of things you sacrificed, though you knew it was for the better.  One afternoon, you and Niall were watching a football game. You guys always do this, so he’d immediately think something is wrong if you were to refuse. However, he was on one side of the couch and you were all the way on the other. He came in beaming while he got the snacks and blanket.  “C'mere Princess, I feel like I haven’t held you in my arms for days,” Niall grinned, as he held out his arms for you to go and sit on his lap. ‘It’s because I’ve been avoiding you for 2 weeks now,’ you thought to yourself.  “I’m good here thank you. I’m cuddling with the couch,” you smiled to reassure him that your were comfortable enough. “You should be cuddling with your boyfriend,” Niall muttered to himself but it was loud so you heard.  Niall ignored the way you rejected him, but you could tell it got to him by the way he tensed up and he would glance at you every now and then. It was not until 35 minutes into the game until he finally had enough.  “Okay (Y/N), enough with the bullshit,” he turned off the television and he faced you.  “Hey, I was watching that!” You whined. He shrugged and turned to face you.  “Tell me the truth. These few weeks have been shitty. You’re not yourself, we never look at each other, we haven’t had a proper conversation, and I always wake up to a cold bed. What’s up?” He glared at you with his blue piercing eyes.  “I just was busy these two weeks is all,” you shrugged. He shook his head with obvious sarcasm pouring from it.  “Don’t try to lie. All you have been doing is having binge-athons on Netflix and with reading and have been doing everything you have been doing. I’m going to ask you again,” Niall said in a louder tone.  “I just wanted some space alright?” You tried to sound as serious as you could but Niall saw right through it.  “Bull. Shit. I’m asking you for the last time. What is up with you?” He gritted his teeth. You knew he was serious so you decided to tell him.  “I’ve been giving you some space,” you muttered loud enough. “What?” Niall squinted one eye.  “I heard you on the phone with Louis saying that I was clingy and annoying. That you would leave me. And that I should give you some space. So there, I’m giving you your space,” you mumbled looking Niall straight in the eyes.  “Sweetie-,” Niall began but you cut him off.  “No, don’t try to make this better by saying you’re sorry and that you didn’t mean it or something like everyone else than next thing you know it’s back to normal and you’re going to leave me. If I have to be distant from you, I don’t care as long as I’m not loosing you,” You ranted but not yelled. You crossed your arms and stormed up into the bedroom.  Niall was stunned by your sudden outburst because you usually always let him apologize and things get back to normal. But this was different.  He said he loved you too much to let you go. But what if that love runs out? He will let you go.  “Open the door (Y/N)! At least give me a chance to explain myself,” Niall banged on the door but you stood your ground.    “Go watch the game Niall!” You hissed. 'Better yet…’ You thought as you gathered some pillows and your favorite brown blanket.  You opened the door and Niall was there. He was going to hug you, but you retorted “save it.” You went on the couch and made yourself cozy.  “I’m taking the couch tonight. You go ahead and go in the bedroom and watch the game,” you sassed and laid down on the couch, turning on the tv so that the game was back on.  Niall thought about it for a second, and he eventually went up to the bedroom, but not before coming up with a plan.  You watched the game quietly and didn’t even yell at the players when they missed a clear shot at the goal. “Damn it,” you thought to yourself once you realized Niall forgot to bring a soda for you because you don’t drink.  Lazily, you walked up to the kitchen to get a soda from the fridge. When you least expected it, Niall pins you down by the wrists against the wall, making you drop your soda.  “Hey!” You whined angrily. Niall looked at you with dark blue eyes filled with anger.  “You are going to listen to me (Y/N).” He hissed and you looked away. Niall let go of one of your wrists and you didn’t hesitate to take the chance to run. You sprinted toward the living room but not far since Niall was still holding one wrist tightly. Since he was taller and more buff than you, he pulled you to his chest with ease.  You began to squirm and kick and try to bite Niall’s neck but he didn’t have none of that and threw you over his shoulder. “What’s your problem!” You yelled angrily.  “You’re my problem and we have a problem that I’m trying to fix (y/n),” he side before throwing you down on the couch facing up. You began to get ready to make a break for it, but Niall quickly reacted by pinning you down with both your feet and wrists.  “You’re going to listen to me,” Niall said loudly. You again looked away and this time he took one hand to make your face look at him and the others to hold both of your wrists.  “I love you God damn it. And you should know that. I had a rough day that day, and the media were saying that you were too clingy which you obviously are not. You barely post about me on social media. In fact, I post more about you then you post about me. Anyways, that night I was trying to blame everybody for my problems and I ended up blaming you. My mistake because you’re not annoying and you’re far from clingy and thats the reason I like you when you’re sick. Because you’re so clingy and it’s adorable since you’re not always,” he sighed.  “These two weeks have been fucked without a hug or kiss good morning, no cuddling, no waking up to you and seeing your face, not even being arms length next to you on the bed because you won’t even so much as look at me for more than a few seconds. I want to be able to hold you, kiss you, hug you, tell you about my day, talk to you about everything and everything and I want you to talk to me. I want you. And most of all, I want my girlfriend back.” Niall looked me in the eyes the whole time he apologized.  “I’m sorry my love. Just give me my girlfriend back,” Niall looked genuinely sorry.  He slowly leaned in to your lips and kissed you. You were reluctant at first, but then kissed back and you felt right for the first time in two weeks. He pulled away and grinned.  “Let’s watch the game, shall we?” Niall smirked. You nodded and he let go of you. He helped you sit up properly.  “I love you Niall,” you mumbled as he sat down next to you.  He held out his arms like before and this time you gladly accepted the offer and sat on his laps. He pulled you to his chest and you inhaled the intoxicating smell you missed for so long. He wrapped his two strong arms tightly around you like he didn’t want to let go anytime soon. “I love you too. Never think that I wouldn’t love you for one second, because you are the love of my life.” For all you Niall girls, including myself.