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Guardians in a Fireteam defending the City from the Cabal. They’re separated from each other, and as the Traveler falls and their Light grows weak, they whisper their goodbyes through their comms. They ignore the sound of static, pretending that they’re simply out of range, pretending that they will not die alone.

(They take one final look at the sky and wish for rest, pretending that the rising embers are shooting stars.)

We’ve got your back. (both twins x reader)

Request: “Can I have an Imagine where y/n is their little sister and she has an abusive boyfriend and the twins find out. Can u plz also include the rest of the dolan family in a way”

Word count: 1,405

Warnings: Abuse \ language \ violence

A/N: Hii! So this is definitely much different to anything I would be used to writing. Obviously, the theme of abuse and violence is a very sensitive topic so I tried my best to write this carefully. I also just wanted to let you all know that my ask and messages are always open if any of you ever need someone to talk to about anything!!

- Im also thinking about writing a part two for this so please let me know if you want me to write one!! Requests are open too so please don’t ever be afraid to ask. X 


Being the youngest of four siblings, you were constantly surrounded by friends growing up. Those friends being your partners in crime, Cameron, Ethan and Grayson. With the small age gap of only a year and a half between you and your two brothers and a little over three years with your sister, you were all inseparable. None of you was ever left lonely. You all had each other’s backs. So, when your three older family members moved out you felt more alone than ever.

Sitting on the rough carpet in your boyfriend’s bedroom, you examine your bracelet. You had gotten it as a gift for your 16th birthday from Cameron and the twins. It was silver with three charms hanging from it, they were the letters C, E and G. You were quickly snapped out of your thoughts when a rough hand tightly grasped around the wrist where your bracelet hung from.

“Don’t ignore me?” your boyfriend said as he pulled you to your feet by the wrist which he still had a strong grip on.

“ow, go easy you’re hurting me”. The words slipped from your mouth before you could stop them.

“what did you just say to me?”

“n-nothing I’m sorry”

 This was a regular occurrence between the both of you. He was way too rough with you and he knew it. The words he would spit at you when nobody was around, the way his hands would grip onto you too tightly far too often, him forcing you into situations you weren’t comfortable with, you both knew it was wrong but neither of you stopped it. What you had was nowhere near a relationship, it was more of a convenience. You didn’t feel happy with him, but at least you weren’t lonely.

 A few hours later you sat on the corner of your boyfriend’s bed, pulling your t-shirt that had been discarded a while earlier over your shoulders. Quietly stepping into the bathroom you’re met with your reflection. Your eyes are drawn to the dark oval shaped bruises on your hips, they were two weeks old. Then your sight shifted to just above your elbow where the imprints of a large hand print that wrapped around the perimeter of your arm. That happened about a month ago. You were out with your friends and your boyfriend when a boy approached you. Twenty minutes later you were being dragged by your upper arm into your boyfriend’s car, being accused of “flirting with the dickhead”.  The marks were older and had now turned a yellowish colour.  A shaky breath escaped your mouth as your vision blurred with the tears that were now welling in your eyes. How could you let this happen to yourself?

 You re-enter the cramped stuffy bedroom and quickly begin to collect your things when you heard the springs of the bed creak.

“where do you think you’re going?”

“Home. I’m going out with my dad today remember?” you mumble with your back turned to him so that he wouldn’t see your shaken state.

“no, you’re not”

That was it. Something inside of you just snapped there and then. You couldn’t stand being controlled anymore.

“YOURE NOT IN CHARGE OF MY FUCKING LIFE I’M GOING HOME WHETHER YOU WANT ME TO OR NOT!” the sudden outburst of anger took both of you by surprise, leaving the room in dead silence for a few seconds. He stood up from the bed, now towering over you. his breathing was heavy as he stared at you while your body felt as if it was glued to the ground. Suddenly you were hit with such a blunt force you’re knocked backwards off of your feet. You felt as if the right side of your cheekbone had just burst into flames, a burning sting that was travelling across your face.

 The silent room was interrupted by your phone buzzing on the floor a few feet from you. The caller id lit up showing “dad” on the screen. You slowly take the phone into your hands and slide your thumb over the screen.

“h-hello” you tried to make your voice sound strong but it came out hoarse.

“hi honey, where are you? you said you would be back almost three hours ago. Is everything alright?” his worried tone made your heart sink as you realise how much it would hurt him if he ever knew what had just happened.

“yeah dad everything fine, I just overslept I’ll be home in a few minutes” you explained, desperately trying to sound convincing.

 You scramble to your feet, and leave without saying a word to your boyfriend who was still staring you down as you shut the door behind you.

Entering your car, you take a deep breath and start the ignition. Your mind was racing but it was also completely blank as you tried to comprehend what he just did. You pull into your garden before you realise you were even home, not remembering the car journey at all. Your body felt like it was on autopilot, your legs were taking you where you needed to go but your mind was still 20 steps behind you.

Slamming your front door behind you, you step into your home. All of a sudden, the weight of three other bodies tackled you and you found yourself lying at the bottom of a pile of siblings.



What should have been the happiest moment in months, was now diluted with the thousands of other emotions that were surging through you right now. You were speechless. You stared at the three faces in front of you as you’re pulled upwards, one hand in Ethan’s the other in Grayson’s. As they steadied you Cameron pushed through the middle of your two brothers and placed her hands on your shoulders. They knew there was something up as you literally were struggling to look them straight in the eye. Never mind speak.

“Y/N what the fuck happened to your face?”  Cameron whispered to you as she stroked her thumb over the prominent reddening mark on your cheekbone. This earned a wince from you, the pain again being revived due to the pressure of her finger.

“And how did you get these marks on you wrist Y/N?” Ethan said as he lifted up your hand. He brought it closer to his face as your fingers shook in his palm. He noticed how much you were shaking and put his other hand over yours, trying to calm you down.

 “y/n-“ Grayson said as he placed his hand on your upper arm where your bruises were hidden under your clothes. You jumped at the unexpected rush of pain, which made Grayson furrow his eyebrows. Your three siblings looked from each other to you. Grayson slowly and softly lifted up the arm of your t-shirt, almost scared at what he was about to see on his baby sisters skin. The fabric reached your shoulder and the sight of the large yellow and brown hand print was revealed to them.  A few tears fell from Grayson’s eyes as he quickly dropped the clothing. In all your life you had only ever seen either of your brothers cry once or twice, so seeing him so distraught make your stomach turn.

 “I-I just-“ “he -he” - you stuttered trying to explain where the marks had come from.  Your body wouldn’t allow you to speak at all, you felt your legs cave in under you as you fell to the floor with Cameron grabbing you under your arms to support you.

“shhh” its okay, we’ve got you now don’t worry” she whispered in your ear. You sat on the floor with her for a few seconds before you realised that the two twins were gone.

“Cam. where are E and Gray gone??” you asked her only then to hear the sound of two car doors being slammed very forcefully.

“They’re gone to take care of it” Cameron said softly as she rubbed your hair still trying to calm you.

 You didn’t notice but, as soon as they heard you say “he” they knew. They knew exactly who you were talking about and what he had done to you. They were out the door as fast as lightning, ready to take care of their baby sister. They always had your back.

never settle. work harder every day than you did the day before. leave people who are no longer positively impacting you and leave them better than you found them. treat every day like a challenge to be conquered, an obstacle to be climbed, a view to be seen. don’t be the person who stays on solid ground out of mere convenience. know what you are capable of and reach towards your capabilities. if you move mountains, they will move you.