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Through Their Eyes - One Shot

Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely readers with a Happy Birthday one shot to him that is almost exactly two weeks late! Inspiration and time are funny that way – always against you, you know? ;) Enjoy, loves. xx

Anybody would have to be blind not to see it, and his mother thinks he is and you are, too.

 Her beautiful boy has always been a bit oblivious. He’s incredibly smart, she’s proud to say, and very astute, but sometimes – only sometimes – he can’t see past the end of his own nose.

 He’s in love with you. She’s suspected it for awhile, but tonight it’s painfully plain to see. Her son, her youngest, her baby, loves you.

It’s more than a passing fancy, because he would have stopped lighting up in the same way when you walked into any room if it was as simple as that. And it’s more than the love that comes with strong friendship, because if it stopped there he wouldn’t look at you the way those thousands of adoring fans look at him – like he just wants one chance, just the one, to show you how good he’d be for you and to you.

 None of his friends see it – they’re all too far gone into the alcohol and guffawing as they have go after go at him in the name of good fun, and he just laughs along with them with crinkle-eyed, dimply humor.

 You don’t see it either. You don’t see it when he looks up at you with adoration that shines, unbridled, thanks to the liquor in his veins.

 You don’t even see it when he leans his head against the gentle curve of your hip while you stand next to him, one eye drooping just a little more than the other as he listens to whatever story is being told before giving in and letting them fall shut as you rake your fingers through his thick curls and massage his scalp. He does love a good pet, but he doesn’t reward all the people who comply by turning his head inwards and giving a little kiss to the hip that’s been his pillow.

And her boy – her birthday boy – he doesn’t see it at all.

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{PART 26} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook attempts to do the impossible; keep Yoongi under control for as long as he can in his own Manor. But, after an unsuspecting escalation - everything ends in tears…and blood.

“How sobering it is, to love something that evil can corrupt”

  • || Warning: This chapter contains violence and some scenes that readers may find upsetting ||

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 25} {Part 26} {Part 27}

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Million Dollar Man

+Request: harry smut with harry as ur boss who’s been flirting with you and you’ve been teasing him a lot but u two haven’t had sex bc u know people would talk if they found out, but then he makes a really risky move that makes u change ur mind 

 A/N: Hey guys back with another imagine. I hope you guys like it because I worked super hard on this. I would love so much if you guys would leave feed back and tell me what you guys think of it. love you all and thank you! 

This one shot I based a bit off of and even named it from the original song called Million dollar man by Lana Del Rey. Go check out the song its so good, one of my favorites by her. 

 Working with Harry wasn’t as bad as it all really seems. Yes he may be strict and yes he may yell a lot but I just know that when you have to work with people that sometimes are idiots and don’t wanna do their work it is hard not to come off as a prick. Harry was a very smart man, he knew what he was doing and how to really become successful. I’ve only been working with Harry for about 3 months, it isn’t that long for you to base your perspective off of someone you barely know. But all of that aside, I has a crush on my boss. 

 He is so tall and strong and beautiful long curly hair. I just wanna run my hands through his hair and hear him moan to how good it feels. But there are a lot of other things I wanna do to him to hear him moan. I just wanna crawl under his desk and pull down his pants and suck his cock. I wanna hear him moan out my name so loud and to place his hand on the back of my head and push me down farther. I wanna look up and stare at his face while this is going down and see him roll his eyes back in his head and plead for more. I want him to finish in my mouth and to feel his cum run down my throat. But hes my boss so it would never happen.


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while i dont think joseph and mary should have stayed together (primarily because joseph is written to be a serial cheater and using the fact that mary wont or even cant properly stand up for herself to him and also mary clearly having gotten over the idea of having children, assuming she wanted any in the first place. i personally feel like joseph was lying to you when he said ‘heeeyy me and mary are through lets fuck’ because he didn’t even hesitate or even take time to let himself recuperate), theyre most definitely staying together for the sake of the children. a divorce can really hit one kid hard, let alone four.

now had joseph and mary really decided to stay apart for a while and joseph stay on his yacht, if mary were really abusing her children do you really really really think joseph would have left them all in mary’s care? why wouldn’t he insist she go stay at a hotel or with her parents or take them to his yacht himself? why would he leave the ‘abusive mother’ in charge of four children?

probably because, again, we were manipulated in game and out of game to believe that mary was a bad parent and wife. just because she chooses not to go find crish at the bbq really doesnt mean anything. she had 3 kids prior and i feel like she would know what shes doing by now in terms of having a toddler. everyone wants to accuse her of being a bad mother for not finding her toddler when its actually extremely normal for parents with 3 children to be aware of what the youngest will end up doing because having kids is a learning experience.

now is that a correct attitude to have? not necessarily but mary seems to know her children fairly well. she knows what the twins can and cant handle (ie; she knows they love horror movies, it’s not common but there are quite a few children who find a keen adoration for horror flicks at a young age), she knows that chris isn’t very outspoken (because he’s autistic), and she knows crish can survive for more than 5 minutes without getting into serious trouble (bcause she’s had to deal with 3 other toddlers).

the only times we really see joseph with any of the kids is with christie and they’re being happy and close. chris we can’t really gauge his opinion of either of his parents, and christian just bails at any chance he can get. christie seems to love her father, most likely her mother too. the kids arent aware they have marital issues because joseph and mary keep that private. they don’t want the kids to worry about their relationship.

mary doesn’t cheat, she just flirts because she likes seeing younger men uncomfortable. it’s funny to her and when a guy seems to want to take her up on her offer, she’s fully aware that he’ll back out when she starts getting weird about it which is why she says “don’t make checks your dick cant cash” she knows hes bluffing because its mary, she’s smarter than we’re led to believe.

joseph on the other hand, we are fully aware of two accounts that he cheated. robert and mc. had it been one time, i feel like mary wouldn’t hold much malice, especially considering she becomes close with robert. but somewhere in the middle of joseph sleeping with robert and mc moving to maplebay, joseph does it a second time, possibly a third if the timeframe allows it. now i feel like joseph started pursuing a sexual relationship with robert after roberts wife died and his daughter left because he knew robert was emotionally compromised but i covered that in a different post. but joseph knowing to go for someone emotionally compromised leads me to believe robert wasnt his first offense.

mary easily becomes friends with robert and i wouldn’t doubt it if she becomes friends easier with people she can bitch about joseph with. so quite possibly, joseph slept with several people that mary is now friends with (maybe not damien, that’d be a stretch. possibly neil, though. robert and mary seem to adore neil). that’s probably why mary is so upset with him. joseph thinks his cheating his completely to himself and the people he slept with when mary is waiting for him to admit it because every person he’s slept with has come to her and told her about it with the same story of “he took me to his yacht, told me you two were through, and then fucked me.” this feels slightly more reinforced to me since if i remember correctly, when examining the bedroom of the yacht, mc mentions how the decor is older in style.

mary should most certainly stand up for herself and call joseph out on her bullshit, just letting it happen isn’t healthy for herself or her family especially since joseph is part of the cause for her drinking problem at this point. but she cant, she wants to be able to wait for her kids to be old enough to understand their reasoning. joseph knows from the outside it looks like they have marital problems so he uses it to his advantage which only causes more and more problems. when it comes to joseph? mary is a pushover because she loves him but she’s so tired of all the lies. there is no doubt in my mind that joseph loves mary too, but the way he’s using her as a ploy to get laid is absolutely inexcusable.

its deeper than just “THEY HAVE ISSUES THEY NEED TO BREAK UP RIGHT NOW (and joseph needs to date my dadsona *heavy breathing*)” because when you take into consideration how they interact with the kids, how much each of them are fucking up, how old the kids are, how much time and money and custody issues it would take especially since at least one of them are most definitely in school and probably already has issues in his classes; a divorce isn’t doable. i get it, everyone only wants the best for these fictional characters, but not every abusive relationship is just like “let me snap my fingers and just leave haha! it couldn’t negatively effect anyone!”

i get how this can seem like im in favor of one character or the other, but i actually genuinely love both mary and joseph very much. they’re two of my favorite characters in the whole game and i’m only doing what i can to understand their situation.

5 Years (pt.2)- Blacknut

As Y/N waited for Swings arrival Daewoong continued reading comments.

“lol y/n could do 500% better”

“he probably forced her into the relationship, have u listened to his old songs.”

“definitely a publicity stunt blacknut could never get with her”

       “maybe he is making a new album?”

“i wonder how much he’s paying her to be with him”

“she has so many other options and she chose him…”

“honestly thought y/n was going to date dok2, he’s head over heels for her”

     "simon dominic is in love with her too”

     "isn’t everyone in love with y/n, if u watch

      variety shows every celebrity confesses their

      love for her.”

     " she’s in every zion.t music video about love.“

"cjamm is a much better fit for her”

     "anyone other than blacknut is a better fit"

“is her eyesight okay?”

     "5 years has passed, her vision must be bad if she’s with him.“

“her expectations must’ve lowered since leaving YG”

Blacknut admitted, some of these comments are funny. He got what he expected, but it’s not like he wanted to see every comment shitting on his life. He was well aware he wasn’t the most attractive. He was well aware he wasn’t the most favored rapper. He was well aware there were a ton of people that wanted to be with her. But he was so grateful for Y/N, if they never crossed paths he’d be stuck working with his mother till debt was paid off, he would’ve never gone on SMTM, he wouldn’t be happy. It wasn’t fun, 5 years of watching his girlfriend being flirted with, being in other rappers music videos, they thought less of him. It pissed him off, not only that Y/N did so much for other artist, she bought them gifts, she praised them, she supported them, but they couldn’t repay her kindness. He knew that she didn’t want to be repaid, she knew she was being used sometimes, but she always knew she’d be above them no matter what. He looked up to her, but he didn’t want her being thrown around. He didn’t want his name to ruin her career, so he though of a ‘brilliant’ idea.

He would create a diss track.

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Some SS Japanese artists to follow on Twitter

After my post about the Japanese special SS tag, I got several asks about how to find good SS doujinshis and artworks of Japanese artists on Twitter, so here’s the list of my 7 favorite JP artists and a few descriptions of them, you can easily find their pixiv account in their profiles:

1.  ひな 森 @m_nmy01

My favorite SS artist of all time, Hina Mori. Mostly rated from K+ to T with a slightly shoujo-ish plot, her SS doujins are original and very in-character, especially the subtle Sasuke, always teasing Sakura and suddenly taking her by surprise :) She focuses mainly on Sasusaku themselves and their travel, sometimes Sasusakusara.

Her most liked doujin on Twitter (65k likes and 30k retweets, just wow!) is about Sasuke saying goodnight to Sakura after making sure she was sound asleep.

Some Hina’s arts are published in her Pixiv account only.

2. すず❀ウスラトンカツ❀@szk_sssk

Suzu, another popular artist that focuses mainly on fluffy, humorous and sometimes ecchi Sasusaku. 

One of her most liked and retweeted doujins on Twitter is about Boruto observing his sensei’s sweet marriage: Briefly, Boruto saw Sakura blushing while looking at the ring on her necklace and asked her what that thing was, Sakura told him it was “a secret” ( ヒミツ). Later when eating ramen with his sensei, he found out that Sasuke kept the same “secret” as Sakura. When his sensei’s wife joined them and asked Sasuke if he could have dinner with her after eating a bowl of ramen, Sasuke replied that as long as Sakura cooked, he could eat her food anytime. Then Boruto teased the lovebirds, something like ‘oh please get a room you two’, then Sasuke was like ‘Ok lets go’, leaving Sakura like ‘Hey Sasuke-kun (>///

3. もーこ @m0_ko

Sasuke in Mōko’s arts is devilishly handsome and muscular, you have been warned!! You can find many cute SasuSakuSara arts in her twitter art collection.

One of my favorite SSS doujins is about how SSS say good morning (おはよう ohayō) to each other in a normal morning at the new Uchiha family, after Sasuke was back home forever. Sarada noticed how her mother flushed and unconsciouly bent the ladle when seeing her messy-haired Sasuke-kun in the morning lol, the little girl also noticed the happiness in her father’s face when replying to her mother and compare the before & after of her family when her papa was back. This doujin will warm your heart :D 

4. いづき@iduki_kaetiiii

Sasusaku of Iduki is mostly funny, but she also has some sexy and R18 doujins in pixiv only. 

My favorite SS smut of Iduki is when Sakura was assigned a seduction mission, and Sasuke was angry when he knew this. They made love passionately and when Sasuke was about to propose to her (because married kunoichis didnt have to do seduction mission), Tsunade interrupted the couple. When Sakura was off to her mission, it was revealed that Tsunade canceled that seduction mission and encouraged Sasuke to propose to Sakura but in another suitable time. 

In her Twitter, Iduki loves to draw a happy SSS family and has several T-rated doujinshis in as well :D

5. とば(さけとば)@saketoba_ss

It took me awhile to track down Saketoba’s Twitter account since she doesn’t usually tag サスサク in her works. She doesn’t do many doujinshis but her arts are hella cute, especially the SS chibi style! Check her pixiv account, there are some R18 kind of stuff for ya lol! 

6. 瑠璃@TRumi810

Sweet and sexy are what I think about Ruri’s doujinshis. She’s a very popular SS artists and I’m sure you all know her style. Dominant, rough Sasuke and passive, moaning Sakura are her favorite lol, just check her pixiv for more fun stuff  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

7. 오스아@O_SEU_A

She is an exception in this list because @oseua is Korean. Her arts are unique and emotional, especially the sex scenes which can be found in her pixiv account, plus her SS animal version is super adorable. @Oseua is popular among tumblr community with her beautiful SS art blog  (can’t tag her, dont know why, i hate tumblr sometimes >”

That’s it. Please reblog if possible to encourage SS fans to follow good Japanese artists in other social network instead of reprinting or reposting their arts without permission :D 

Lastly thank you for all sweet thank-you messages in my inbox and sorry for not replying sooner (TT_TT). 

Now enjoy your SSS feel :D 

girlfriend? | maia/izzy | rated G | part of the queer!izzy verse | ““Even if I’ve heard more about how beautiful she is and how smart she is and how great she is than about any of your actual work these past few weeks, your boss might think you’re slacking,” Alec says, trying and failing miserably to sound stern, and Izzy just laughs at him.

“Well, my boss knows that I do my work on time, and perfectly, so I can talk about my girlfriend however much I want.”


(inspired by ideas/prompts from @blushyalec & @lesbianap 💛 )

Their forth date begins much like their first, with Izzy entering the Hunter’s Moon right at the end of Maia’s shift. She takes a seat at the bar just as Maia emerges from the back room, and a smile as bright as sunshine spreads across her face when she sees Izzy. Crossing the room, Maia steps into place beside Izzy, their fingers immediately intertwining at their sides. A warm hand on Izzy’s neck, a soft touch to Maia’s waist and then their lips touch, just a peck, but it leaves them both smiling bright.

“Ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Izzy says and gets up, never letting go of Maia’s hand. They’re barely two steps away from the bar when the door of the Hunter’s Moon opens. Luke lets the door close softly behind him, his expression concerned.

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MC meeting RFA parents


  • You didn´t tell him
  • but you hated meeting his dad
  • firstly, he wanted your husband to marry a woman who just wanted his money 
  • secondly, Jumin didn´t knew, he flirtet with you when Jumin wasn´t around.
  • You were afraid that Jumin wanted to break up because of this
  • and you couldn´t tell him because you don´t wanted him to be against his father because of her 
  • so you just ignored Director Han.
  • one evening you were eating with your husband and his dad 
  • but Jumin had to go to do a call 
  • but you did´t wanted him to go away 
  • you looked so sad 
  • he didn´t realized but when he went on the messenger Seven asked him 
  • ,,You left your wife with your dad alone? I thought  she was afraid of him´´
  • he immediately looked to you
  • he saw you trying to push away his dad who wanted to hug you 
  • he runs came back shouting at his dad and left him alone 
  • he also scolds you because you didn´t tell him
  • after this he never leaves you alone 
  • even his security is with you


  • Well his parents 
  • it´s not easy, you never meet them 
  • the one time before valentine day 
  • everything went wrong but Zen has still hope 
  • thanks to you ofc
  • ,,I want to marry you soon but first I need to talk to them´´
  • since he wants to marry you, he can´t lose hope
  • when you drive at his parents home they see you both 
  • his mom comes out with a lamp 
  • she does´t want to hurt you but you can´t stay here 
  • but shit happens and you were scared because of the lamp 
  • you lost gravity and ended falling down the three stairs in front of the door 
  • you are hurt and Zen get´s scared 
  • his mother is sorry and helps you 
  • after this accident you were able to talk with he and Zens dad 
  • and now you come along


  • you love his family 
  • you don´t see your family since you came to korea so you are just happy to have Yoosungs parents
  • you also love his sister 
  • she´s like an older sister 
  • she even tells you funny things about Yoosung 
  • you are very happy since his mother loves you like her own daughter 
  • even his dad likes you 
  •  you are so grateful 
  • you meet up every week 
  • ,,MC dear! How are you long time not seen my sweetheart´´
  • ,,Mom. i hope you know that I´m your son and she´s my wife and not the other way?´´
  • ,,Moo yoosung. Don´t be jealous!´´
  • ,,Well she´s mine.´´


  • Since your best friend does´t have parents you can´t see them 
  • but you alway come along to see them at the graveyard 
  • you are grateful to them
  •  you have found a best friend so it´s natural to thank them
  • since she doesn´t likes the family who raised her, you meet them only once a year 
  • she´s grateful to them but she doesn´t want them to be annoyed because of her so you don´t meet them 
  • But it´s okay since you hate them for hurting you best friend


  • he too has nobody 
  • he hates his mom for what he did to him and Searan 
  • so he does´t go to the graveyard
  • he also hates his real dad so there´s no need to meet him 
  • he did awful things 
  • but luckily you have parents and many slibings 
  • two older brothers and there younger sisters 
  • and a cat poor cat 
  • you meet them pretty often and even Searan comes along 
  • they all love Seayoung and his brother ofc they don´t know their past
  • they all laugh at Seayoungs bad jokes and they love searan 
  • like a happy little family 
  • they finally found happiness and family thanks to you

Thanks for reading I was so happy yesterday with so many likes! I´m happy that you like it! Please don´t be shy to ask for head canons! Just write ^.^

Title: Sugar, spice and everything nice

word count: 1,026

Fandom: My Hero Academia

Pairing: Kacchako

Request by anon: ohh can you write some kacchako married stuff ! like a pregnant ochaku and her husband katsuki dealing with all her mood swings kindly :) , i loved that story you had last wrote , i had never guess the reason hahah thank you so much

~Previous part~

Bakugo Katsuki did not know what to do when he came home to find out that a hurricane had been through it. Not a real one though, but one that was caused by none other than his wife.  

Their bedroom was strewn with clothes (mostly hers). There were clothes under the chairs, the bed, on top of the dressing table and even over the ceiling fan which kind of scared him a little bit. Dresses lay on the floor either ripped at the sides or torn at the back. The only unscathed piece of clothing he could find was her hero costume that lay neatly folded on top of a pile of shirts in one corner of the room.

He placed the chocolate cake Ochako had ordered on the coffee table and went inside. He could hear muffled sobs and an occasional sniff coming from the bathroom.

Bakugo sighed. He had heard seniors at his hero company complain about how their wives got really emotional when they were pregnant and that when the hormones really kicked in, there was no way out.

He had been pretty happy to hear the news of her getting pregnant and was really excited about being a dad and all, but over the past month Ochako had been on an emotional rollercoaster. One minute she was laughing with him over a funny joke and the next she was breaking down in the bathroom because she thought she wouldn’t make a good mother.  

“Ochako, are you in there?” He knocked at the door and turned the handle to see if it was open or not. From his minimal knowledge of how emotion worked, he guessed she was probably crying over the fact that her clothes didn’t fit her anymore which he didn’t exactly know how it was problem since there was always the option of maternity clothes. But then again he was kind of clueless about the whole “emotions” thing overall so he decided it must be a really deal.

The sobs stopped after awhile and Ochako opened the door of the bathroom to reveal herself. She was wearing one his shirts and her hair was tied back into ponytail.  She was five months pregnant and her baby bump was pretty visible now.

The gravity manipulator half-hid behind the door and looked at him with puffy eyes and a red nose. Katsuki tried to open the door even more but she put all her strength into keeping him from doing so.

“Go away.” She completely got behind the door and started pushing it with her back.

“Why are you crying?” Katsuki backed off and stepped away. He sighed once again.

“This is all your fault!” Ochako shouted from the behind the door.

Katsuki was taken back at this sudden burst of anger and tried going near once again but she opened up the door and started throwing pieces of clothes at him, “None of my clothes fit me anymore! I’ve got bags under my eyes, my feet hurt all the time and I’m a fucking mess.”  Uraraka picked one of her shirts that was lying on the floor and flung it towards him.

“What the actual fuck?” Katsuki took off the mint dress that had landed on his head and looked at her stupefied over what he had just heard her say.

Ochako clenched her fists and glared at him.

Katsuki gulped. He hadn’t seen her angry ever before in his life.

“Well of course you’re getting big, you’re pregnant!” Katsuki tried to clear his name oblivious of the big mistake he had just made. Ochako dropped the pair of shorts she was holding in her hand and looked at him with a shocked expression.

“Did you just call me fat?”  

Tears formed in her eyes once again and she sniffed really hard in order to keep them from falling. Her face felt dry and the lump in her throat seemed to get bigger with each passing second.

“Shit. That’s not what I meant!” Katsuki mentally kicked himself in the nuts. He approached her and wiped one of the tears that had strayed down her cheek.

“Look, I’m sorry okay! Don’t cry….”

Ochako fell into his arms and started bawling her eyes out. She nuzzled her head into his chest and Katsuki could feel his shirt getting wet with tears.

Deciding that the best course of action was to get her out there, he picked her up and carried her outside. After laying her sofa, he got up to get her a glass of water but she grabbed onto him and shook her head aggressively to keep him from going.

Katsuki sat back down and patted her on her head. He took her hands off of his shirt and held them in his, “Okay, I won’t go but please stop crying for the love of god!” He said and looked up at her.  

“Do you still think I’m pretty?” Ochako asked in a broken voice. Her question threw Katsuki off guard and he stared at her wondering what the fuck made her ask that.

“Of course I do, Idiot!”

“So, you still love me?” Ochako bobbed her head to one side and bit her lower lip.

Katsuki blinked a few times in surprise. This situation really seemed to be out of his capacity to handle.  He messed his hair up and then looked over at her again.

“You seriously want me to answer that?”

Ochako nodded her head vigorously and muttered a yes.

“Again, Of course I do, idiot.” The expression on Ochako face changed and her frown eased up.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and pulled her in for a hug, “Listen here, I know I’m not good with words and I don’t say it that much but it doesn’t matter to me if you’re fat or wrinkly or if your feet are swollen or if you hair falls off. Okay, I’ll always love you.”

Ochako mumbled something into his chest which he couldn’t hear and pulled back. She looked up at him on verge of tears and hugged him again with all her might.

“Katsuki…” she blubbered and her eyes watered once again, “I love you too!”

Thank you for all the love the previous part received! <333333

CS Ficlet - Happy Anniversary

So I don’t really know where this came from but it was bouncing around in my head and I had to write it.

Rated T to M-ish but it’s just a funny little ficlet. No actual sexy times. IDK. See for yourselves. I can’t lie, I had a good chuckle writing this, I hope you have as much fun reading it!

Happy Anniversary

Emma Swan was not very good at remembering dates. Anniversaries, birthdays, dentist appointments. Her mother would casually remind her of the date a few days prior to David, Killian and Henry’s birthdays every year, and for that she was eternally grateful.

It wasn’t that she didn’t try to remember, but she’d spent 28 years of her life training herself to forget dates, to let them pass her by without any acknowledgment. None of them were anniversaries of positive experiences, so why bother remembering them?

But a life-long habit wasn’t easy to break, and now that she wanted to remember things like birthdays, her parents’ wedding anniversary and her own anniversary with Killian…she was finding it a challenge.

Their first Christmas together, Killian had included a calendar with her gifts and it had most certainly come in useful, pinned to the wall beside their refrigerator where it would consistently catch her eye.

It didn’t help, however, that Killian would find absolutely any reason to celebrate an ‘anniversary’. They’d been together properly for a little under a year, and he’d already found twelve reasons to celebrate so-called anniversaries.

“Happy 6 month anniversary of the first time we watched the Netfix together, Swan!”

(She’d long since given up correcting his way of saying Netflix.)

“Happy 3 month anniversary of the first time I cooked you pancakes, darling!”

(Of course he’d always insist they celebrate that particular one with pancakes and she could never find it in her to argue.)

“Happy 1 year anniversary of the first time you held a knife to my throat, love!”

(She’d pointed out that it was the only time she’d held a knife to his throat but he’d brushed it off and cut her a slice of cake.)

So, when she got home from the station one unassuming Wednesday evening, greeted by balloons stuck to the front door and decidedly sensual music playing in the living room, the only light coming from candles scattered around the place, she was understandably intrigued and somewhat baffled.

She just really wished she’d returned home alone though, and didn’t have her equally confused father on her heels, eyeing the decoration warily.

But before he had time to suggest his own retreat, Killian called out to her from upstairs. She was about to warn him that she wasn’t alone, but he appeared at the top of the stairs then, still unable to see David from his position.

“Happy 1 year anniversary of the first time I saw you naked, love. Which is also the 1 year anniversary of the first orgasm I ever gave you.”

He wiggled his eyebrows at her, and she stared at him in horror. He was stood at the top of the stairs, butt naked, a box of strategically held cupcakes the only thing standing between them and a full frontal show. She could feel her cheeks burning as she flushed from head to toe, and she heard her father almost choke on his own tongue.

David cleared his throat then, and Emma almost lost it as she saw the smile immediately disappear from Killian’s face, horror to match her own initial response replacing it. He scrambled backwards, disappearing from their view with a string of curses, and Emma couldn’t hold back the laughter bubbling from her.

She turned to find her father red-faced and at a loss for words. He awkwardly gestured behind him and backed away.

“Gonna-…home…your mother-…dinner….uh yeah…bye.”

With that, David turned and practically sprinted toward his truck, and he was roaring off down the street without looking back before Emma even had a chance to wave.

“Nice to know I can still give them a few traumatic parental experiences this late in the game.”

She chuckled to herself, before closing the door and heading straight up the stairs to find her pirate. She definitely didn’t plan to let those cupcakes go to waste.

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It is funny, how they see karin as the holy mother teresa, because she matured for one chapter and wasn't obsessed over a married man with a child and a happy family. Karin had no other choice, because Sasuke never wanted her and loves Sakura Sakura was selfless for the majority of the manga but they ignore that and call her a bitch. And praise karin for such a shallow stuff.

They just found a better way to say that karin was dumped ( leaving aside that sasukarin never was a thing in the first place)

Like I’m Supposed To...

Originally posted by emmawathson

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Warning: Period pains

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom​ aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by @iamthemaskhewears​:  Yay! Can you please write a oneshot about how the reader is on her period and has serious cramps, and how Derek takes care of her?? :)

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inside the signs’ brains

aries: fire. just fire

taurus: a very homely place. vaguely smells like coffee. you look to the left. you see a cat. it meows, demanding money

gemini: two people viciously arguing over a violin. it is an empty room. all is quiet. no noise. yet, they still argue. they do not stop. you break the violin. they stare at you until you leave

cancer: a doll screaming. it is screaming so much. it is telling you to place your infinite trust in it

leo: peel the skin off your face right now 

virgo: you sit in a rocking chair facing the woods. it is dark out. completely dark. you can’t even see anything. you start to feel nervous. you hear the crack of a branch

libra: a crowded room full of people. they are all wearing masks. you are wearing a mask. a masked man takes you by the hand. you are unable to break free so u bite it off

scorpio: a child is eating dinner with her family. the father seemed to have made a funny joke. they all laugh. they are eating the mother. the child learns a valuable lesson that nothing really matters.

sagittarius: a nice day, a nice dog you see as you walk to the clinic, a nice nurse, a nice doctor. you leave because you are happy. you are happy. make sure you are happy. it won’t be long

capricorn: you desperately turn on the light. you cannot see anything. you turn it off. you see it. it is in the corner. it is waiting. be ready

aquarius: you are coloring something very pretty. you color on your skin. three snake-like figures whom you don’t recognize approach you. they ask you about what you’re coloring. you answer in a language you do not understand

pisces: drive drive drive drive!!!! into the sea!!! they are awaiting your return!!!! you hear them speak!!! they are there!!!! there is something inside you that doesn’t sleep well

Making It

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader based on the Chainsmoker song “Paris.” When I heard the song and read the lyrics, it seemed to fit a Spencer x Reader high school scenario. To me, this fits really well with two young people falling in love and forgetting the rest of the world and everyone who doubts them, so I guess that’s where I went with this. @coveofmemories


“I love him!” you screamed at your parents as you packed up the last of your things into boxes, readying them for the moving truck. Both you and Spencer had been planning this since last year, when you’d both been accepted to UCLA early at the age of 17. English program for you and science for him.

“How are you going to make it out there? You’re children! You have no idea what you’re doing and you’re so wrapped up in each other, there’s no way you’ll be able to finish college. You’re not cut out for it!” your mother screamed.

You cried as you picked up the last box, not out of sadness, but out of anger. “We’ll make it with or without you. We want more out of this life than divorce and a job we both hate, so we’re working to never be you,” you said calmly. “Goodbye, mom. I do love you, but I can’t do this anymore.”


His mother had said the same. “You’ll never make it in the real world if you’re constantly drowning yourself in a relationship! You’re so much smarter than this Spencer!”

“Exactly,” he said angrily, watching as his mother attempted to remove his clothes from a box. “I’m smarter than you. I’m going to pursue what I love and I’m going to do it with her by my side. It’s done. We’re moving. Move on and continue to have a relationship with me or lose me all together. It’s your choice.”

Picking up the last of his boxes, Spencer walked outside, placing the box in the back of the truck where Y/N was waiting to surprise him. “Baby!” she said as she jumped out and into his arms. “We’re finally out of here!” Immediately, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone to take a picture.

As she looked to the doorway, she could see Spencer’s mother looking on with disdain. She hated that Y/N documented everything with a picture and that her son had gotten together with her. But Y/N didn’t care. They loved each other. They weren’t stupid. They were determined to make it on their own. Maybe they were a bit naive, but most people are to some extent and they’d take on everything that came at them together. 

With their mutual friend Cory at the wheel of he truck, they hopped in - ready to start a new life together - with or without the support of those that claimed to love them. 


The entire way there, both Y/N and Spencer took pictures, documenting each state that they passed with a silly face or a smile. Days later, after sleeping in the truck with a sleeping bag for Cory and a blanket for them, they arrived just outside of Los Angeles, where their apartment was located. It was in a shit area - and both of them were going to have to work crap jobs to afford the place, but college had been paid for both of them, courtesy of a scholarship; they were willing to work however hard they had to in order to support themselves otherwise. That had been her mother’s biggest issue. His mother’s had been that Y/N wasn’t smart enough for him. 

“Ready?” Spencer asked, grabbing Y/N’s hand as they walked into their apartment for the first time. Both had secured minimum wage jobs before they moved, so tonight was all about reveling in the fact that they’d made it this far. 

“I’m ready,” she replied, taking out her phone for a picture. “I find myself taking more pictures just because I know it bothers our parents.”

“Go for it,” he said, pressing a sweet kiss to her pink lips. “We’re making memories. Screw everyone else.”


Four months later, their first semester finally over, the got some booze from a friend to celebrate. They were underage, but they didn’t care. Both worked hard and wanted to take a moment to celebrate. In addition to full-time morning classes, they both worked 40 hours a week to pay for their apartment and barely got to see each other. It was the first time in a long time they would be able to spend time together and they were going to take advantage of it.

Hours later, they were both taking turns vomiting into their crappy apartment toilet. “We’re so drunk,” she laughed, watching as Spencer’s stomach practically rolled around in his mouth. “Our parents would be so mad.”

“Move,” he said, releasing the alcohol from his system. “Yea, they would, but we have to learn our tolerance levels, we just suck at it right now.” 

The uncontrollable laughing was causing you both to feel sicker and for nearly an hour, they took turns being sick. “Maybe we don’t drink that much next time,” she said, cleaning her face with a paper towel. 

Spencer had already cleaned himself up, helping her off the floor as they went to bed. “Yea probably not. But we’ll learn…together.”


Over the years, they made their mistakes. Sometimes they took on too much, causing themselves to be overworked. Sometimes they’d still drink too much, but not often, just occasionally. Sometimes they’d miss work and struggle to pay the bills, but through it all, they did it together - never once wavering in their dreams for the future and their future together. 

In just three and a half years, they graduated with their bachelor’s degrees, immediately being accepted to master’s degree programs at the same school. It had been difficult, but you’d been making it - and finally, both mothers wanted to attempt to give you the benefit of the doubt.

“So you want to come out here?” Y/N asked her mother, doubtful that her mother had actually changed. She looked at Spencer, silently asking if he cared and he nodded his okay. “Fine,” she replied, “But I don’t want to hear a damn thing negative, because if I do, I will kick you out of my apartment. We’ve been making it for three and a half years. I won’t accept doubt anymore.”


Three weeks later, both of their mothers made the trek out to California, staying in separate hotels until the two young lovers had the day off. With a smile, Spencer opened up the door for his mother and Y/N’s, who were barely saying a word to each other. On the wall were collages upon collages of their time together - some sweet, some funny, some drunk. It was a wall of their experiences. Where they’d been and where they could go together. 

As Y/N made a little bit of pasta for dinner, their mothers stared at the wall of pictures, topped with their framed bachelor’s degrees. “I’m sorry,” her mother said. “I’m sorry I doubted you. I can see now that I shouldn’t have.”

“Me too,” Spencer’s mother said, turning around to her son. “You two look happy.”

“We are,” Y/N said, walking out of the kitchen and leaning into Spencer. “It’s been difficult - but we aren’t and weren’t as naive as you insisted. We’ve made it.” 

Spencer pulled her close, kissing on the top of the head. “Together.”

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When Alaska and Sharon go public, people give Sharon shit that her girlfriend wasn't even born when her major life events happened and Sharon is weirded out a little but then she hears Alaska calling her from across the room and she's happy again.

Omg I know this is off topic but like, imagine they’ve gone public and they’re spending the day out and about and they go into a little boutique and are looking at clothes and the young shop assistant is like ‘I love seeing mothers and daughters shopping together!’ and Alaska thinks it’s funny but Sharon gets weirded out and self conscious about how old she is compared to Alaska and feels bad about herself and weirdly guilty so Alaska pulls her into one of the change rooms and gets on her knees and going off the noises they’re making, the assistant quickly realised they are NOT related

The K2 Review: Episode 16

Most of the time when I finish a drama, I’m just like “okay, let’s move on to the next one” or “wtf was that, give me a better ending” (*ahem* Moon Lovers). However, I was actually really happy with how they ended this drama. They closed up major loose ends, tied everything together, and had our favorite couple have their happy ending. In my opinion, this was an action-packed drama that found the balance between comedy, action, and drama. It wasn’t without its faults, but it was worth watching and I’m sad to let it go.

Choi Yoo Jin: You know, going into this episode, I didn’t want her to die; I thought it would be a waste for such a well developed character. I figured once they got out of that mess, she’d regain control JSS and JB Group, be the First Lady and all that, but her ending was truly fitting. I’m glad that she and Anna had their talk and she admitted to what happened that night. She may not have been the one to directly kill her mother, but she didn’t attempt to save her either. Like she said, that was her tipping point. I was also really happy with the fact that Assemblyman Jang decided to stay and die with her. Their hug in their final moments was a nice touch; she died with a smile on her face at least and with someone she once loved. When I started watching this show, I was determined to hate her because she, of course, was the supposed villain. The “evil stepmother.” But the one thing the writers did well was give depth to her character; once we learned more about her, it was easy to sympathize and empathize with her. She in the end even told Je Ha to save Anna, probably to make up for the fact she didn’t save Anna’s mother. She may have deserved better, but I think her ending was fitting. Major props to Song Yoon Ah for a fantastic performance!

Assemblyman Jang: The only decent thing he did this entire show was saving Anna and staying with Yoo Jin in the end. I never gave him much thought, but his death was also fitting. He certainly wouldn’t have survived the Blue House without Yoo Jin.

Chairman Choi: The little bastard got what he deserved, it was actually really satisfying to see Chief Kim be the one to deliver the final blow. She’d never let her precious Madam go unavenged lol. Speaking of her, I thought that there would be more to her, especially with the attempts at killing K2 and Anna, but the writers seemed to have conveniently closed the door on that. I would’ve thought that it would be interesting if they had gone that route, but the time-constraints are understandable.

Kim Je Ha/Anna: MY BABIES ARE FINALLY TOGETHER AND HAPPY and I was so excited ya’ll. After everything they went through, they deserved a happy ending. The writers tied up all the loose ends regarding them well. Je Ha testified against Blackstone and cleared his name and was finally a free man while Anna released the Kumar-gate information to be done with it all. (Their scene in which she pressed the button before he was ready was absolutely adorable, I grinned so hard.) I found it interesting that Je Ha didn’t kill PKS himself and simply had him kill himself. It was a good way to keep his hands clean of unnecessary blood. And I was happy with Anna giving up on restoring her mother’s reputation. It was kinda impossible with Yoo Jin dead and she knows how her mother actually was so it was nice to see that she let the past stay in the past. Tbh, I’m just happy that they got their happy ending and are frolicking around free in Spain. <33

Mi Ran/K1/housekeeper/JSS Team: I adored K2’s bromance with the JSS Team, I thought how they have started to look out for each other was really cute and their bonding moments were some of the best funny scenes in the drama. (I’m still not over the facemask scene. Lol) Mi Ran and K1’s relationship is equally adorable and I loved that scene with how annoyed the housekeeper got with him. That was amusing.

Final Thoughts:

I honestly truly enjoyed this drama; this is one of my top pics for this year. Like I said above, it wasn’t without faults, but that was mostly due to the directing and writing. The whole Yoo Jin’s apparent “no-so-platonic” feelings for Je Ha were just weird and that could’ve been more properly done. I think the cast was perfectly chosen, everyone did an excellent job and I will sing praises for the lead three. Song Yoon Ah’s acting was amazing, I hope she gets all the accolades for this performance. Ji Chang Wook is a fantastic actor, he is made to do action dramas; I love that he does his own stunts and I hope the awards season recognizes his work. (I’m gonna miss him a lot when he leaves for his military service next year. :( ) And people may have hated on Anna, but I think that Yoona did well with the character she was given. Honorable mention to Lee Jing-Jin, he had a stellar performance as Chairman Choi. They wrapped everything up nicely so while I’ll miss this drama, it was all mostly well executed and I’m satisfied with how it ended. :)

Solangelo Childhood best friends AU. I hope you like it!

I think you’re my best friend…

Will is eight years old.

He lives with his mother, his father left when he was younger. All he remembers about him is what he has seen in a picture he keeps on his bed side table. Will thinks he looks like him. A little bit, at least. He has the same blond curls. Will’s got the blue eyes from his mother, though. He likes to fantasize about his father. Was he a scientist? Or writer? An astronaut would be cool!

He goes to school every day and doesn’t hate it nearly as much as all his friends seem to do. You see, he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Maybe his dad was a doctor.

Will is eight years old.


Will is nine years old.

A new family moved next door. They have two children: a girl with piercing brown eyes and a kind smile. And a boy Will’s age. They’re Italian. Will’s never met anyone outside of his little town.

He knows he ought to introduce himself, but he’s a little scared. The di Angelo’s are intimidating. They have a big house and they’re always dressed very nicely. Will doesn’t care about his clothes. He doesn’t even know if the colour of his shirt and pants match.

He doesn’t have to introduce himself, though; the boy does. He just walks up to Will when he’s playing on the street one day.

‘I’m Nico’, he says. ‘Can I play with you?’

Will stutters his name and nods.

Turns out Nico di Angelo doesn’t care about Will’s clothes. Or his. Because soon enough they’re rolling in the grass and their clothes have green patches everywhere.

Will isn’t scared of the di Angelo’s anymore. They invite him over for dinner one day. Nico’s father is a little stiff, but his step-mother and sister are really nice. He thinks it must be awesome to have a sister like that. Nico absolutely adores and worships her.

Will has found his new best friend. Nico di Angelo, the boy who can’t stop talking and asking questions. The boy who smiles all the times and laughs at all of Will’s jokes.

Will is nine years old and pretty sure that laughing until your stomach hurts is the definition of happiness.

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Matt and Pidge/Katie relationship headcanons. Based on myself and my siblings sorta.

  • Matt and Katie told each other everything
  • When they respectfully started coming out, it was to each other.
  • Matt first told her that he was pansexual
  • (This is my headcanon right now. Doesn’t come from anything, I just like that.)
  • Katie first told him that she was a girl
  • Whenever Katie was dealing with an asshole misgendering her or Max had a crush and had no idea what to do or so on, they would go to the other’s room and the other would drop what they were doing and listen
  • When Matt met Shiro a month before the mission, he freaked out to Katie about how he was going to deal with being in the same ship as his father and Shiro because Shiro is cute, dammit.
  • Katie’s ace ass makes fun of him for this
  • (I like the ace Pidge headcanon too)
  • The name Pidge came from her and Matt’s dog because it took her weeks to come up with Katie with Max’s help and she didn’t want to come up with another new name without him
  • Because of this experience, if any of the other Paladins need someone to talk to for advice, Pidge is the second option after Hunk
  • She may be sarcastic and point out if they are being idiots, but she really listens and can offer some pretty solid advice
  • Lance takes advantage of this the most if Hunk is busy.
  • Katie can also kick older kids’ asses at a young age, mainly because Matt was a pacifist and bullies wouldn’t leave him alone, and she’d be damned if they kept fucking with her older brother
  • When Katie worried doing masculine things would undermine her gender identity as a girl, Matt wore a skirt to school as a way to tell her that he could wear traditionally feminine clothing and it didn’t mean he wasn’t a guy, and got suspended because of it for being a “distraction”.
  • A lot of his classmates got mad at this happening and twenty of the guys wore skirts and dresses to school in protest
  • When Katie and Matt teamed up on anything, you knew you would lose
  • They work good together.
  • When Pidge hears Shiro talk about Matt, she is simultaneously missing him and mentally teasing him.
  • “He sure was your knight in shining armor, huh?”
  • When she finds Matt, the teasing will never cease once she is done hugging him
  • Matt and Commander Holt both talked about Katie a lot on the way. But while Commander Holt mainly focused on Katie’s achievements, Matt would talk about how much she would geek out over computers and robots, or how messing with her or her family might end up with your ass kicked, or how she occasionally thought being a fighter pilot would be cool, or how she rambled when anxious.
  • Shiro is surprised at first when Pidge revealed that Commander Holt was her dad, but he quickly realizes how right Matt was and how he should have realized it sooner
  • Pidge will occasionally make Shiro laugh by telling funny stories about Matt, though she never tells him the really embarrassing stories
  • Before Matt and Shiro were separated, Matt would talk about how he wished he could see Katie and his mother one last time, to tell them both how much he loved them, or tell happy stories to the other prisoners to try and make them feel better.
  • Thinking Shiro was killed after Matt was taken away for his injury, Matt mourned him for a long time until he heard from another injured former Gladiator that Shiro escaped and hopefully was back on Earth.
  • Commander Holt felt guilty that he wasn’t as there for Katie ask Matt was, but Matt would assure him that Katie loved him and appreciated him way more than he knew.

I’m gonna get some sleep.

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Since you want a babyfic, the rush to the hospital for the birth of their baby!😍

One babyfic coming right up!

*though I didn’t have her go to the hospital because she’s an alien and all that…*

Title: Labour Of Love (corny title but ah well)

Pairings: Karamel

Since she was far into her third trimester, Kara lay on her sofa at home while her sister, J’onn, Mon-El and M’gann were out saving the planet from an army of aliens that had chosen today of all days to invade. She felt grumpy not just because she couldn’t fight alongside them but because she was stuck in her house with only Winn for company should she suddenly go into labour. She really, seriously hoped that did not happen because as much as she loved Winn, Kara hardly wanted him to be the one to have to deliver her baby.  

Winn looked about as excited to be there as Kara but he had been picked out of everyone since he was the one other person that wouldn’t be involved in the fighting. He had his trusty computer at Kara’s house to help keep in touch with and assist the others while even James was out protecting the city as Guardian. They were all on comms so Kara could hear everything that they were talking about. It made her even more annoyed since she felt helpless and worried for her family.

“Mon-El’s been hit”, J’onn said gravely and his voice echoed through to Winn’s computer. He looked up at Kara as soon as the Martian said that and saw her struggling to sit up with a hand over her large bump protectively. Damn, Winn had been hoping that she’d fallen to sleep by now and had missed that. He did not want her to accidentally go into labour from stress. He could not deliver a baby, he had only seen one season of call the midwife!

Kara looked over at the computer technician with annoyance written all over her face. “Is he okay?” Winn repeated the question to J’onn who only confirmed that from where he was standing it seemed that Mon-El was alive and breathing. “Seriously?” Winn huffed, hoping that he’d actually be able to tell them more than that but the fighting started up again before he could pursue his line of questioning.

“Ouch”, Kara blurted out suddenly, grabbing her stomach in pain. Winn immediately looked over at her, his face going ashen.

“Kara, crap, are you alright? Are you going into labour? Should I get some hot water?!”

“Winn, calm down. I’m fine”, she snapped and forced herself to relax. It was only practice contractions, she’d been having plenty of them for the past few weeks. It was nothing to worry about. Besides it wasn’t as if her water had broken…

Like she was some kind of jinx, she felt her pants getting wet. Kara looked down and sure enough, her water had broken. “Oh no, oh no, no, no, no, no”, she exclaimed with horror.

Winn looked at her with wide eyed shock.

“Did you just pee yourself?”

“Nope, I think my water just broke”.

“Aargh!” Winn yelled. “We need to get you to the hospital!”

“Winn, I can’t go to the hospital. Alien remember?” Kara huffed out as the pain in her stomach suddenly increased in strength. There went her secret hopes that childbirth wouldn’t hurt a Kryptonian woman.

“What do we do?! What do we do? I can’t deliver a baby!” her best friend declared as he freaked out. “The others are too busy fighting in war of the worlds to help! And Mon-El is stuck out there too!”

“Call my mother”, Kara said calmly, forcing the pained filled haze out of her head long enough for her to focus on getting assistance. “Eliza will know what to do”.

“Eliza, yes, Eliza, obviously, why didn’t I think of that?”

She rolled her eyes as Winn grabbed his cell phone and dialled her adoptive mother.

“Winn, hello, are you there?” came the voice of Alex from his computer. Kara quickly waddled over to where he’d been sitting and answered for him.

“He’s calling Eliza. The baby is coming now”.

“What?!” she exclaimed. “Hold on, we’re coming back right now. Don’t worry the aliens have been dealt with and Mon-El is fine!”

“He is? Thank goodness. Tell him to get his butt here right now”, Kara demanded as another contraction hit her and she let out a pained cry.

“Kara, what’s wrong?” her partner’s voice came over the comms and she felt a rush of relief for the first time since the alien invasion had started.

“The baby is coming right now”.

“Mon-El, wait!” Alex yelled and a second later the door to their home blew open as Mon-El sped in. Winn let out a startled yelp as he rushed past him to Kara who was doubled over in pain in an arm chair.

“Thank goodness you’re here!” she gasped out as he knelt beside her, the panic on his face matching Winn’s. If she wasn’t in so much pain, Kara would have laughed and teased him about it.

“We need to get her to the bedroom right now”, Alex commanded, the only one clearheaded enough to realise that Kara should be at least lying down right now. “Mom sent me a text. She’ll be here as soon as she can but for now we should lie her down somewhere comfortable”.

With the ease of someone with super strength, Mon-El carefully scooped Kara into his arms and carried her up to their bedroom. Alex joined them as he placed her gently onto the bed as she winced in pain.

“Wait a minute! You were hurt! What happened?” Kara exclaimed, coming back to herself long enough to recall hearing J’onn declare that her husband had been hurt.

Mon-El blinked in surprise and frowned at her as he moved the pillows behind her so she was sat upright in a comfortable position. “I’m fine, Kara. You’re the one who is currently in pain”.

“What happened to him?” Kara turned to her sister since she was getting no answers from him.

“He got cut with a lead knife but we got him stabilised quickly and he healed”.

Kara looked at him in alarm. “You were cut with lead? You could have died! J’onn should get you to the DEO to be checked over”.

“That’s what I said”, her sister huffed, looking at the Daxamite with frustration.

He stared back with an irritated look. “I’m fine and I’d rather be here with Kara to see our child enter the world then being pointlessly prodded at the DEO by some random Doctor who doesn’t know anything about my biology”.

Alex opened her mouth to argue with him when the doorbell rang.

“Go get it, Alex. It might be Eliza”, Kara got out with a huff as she suffered through another contraction. Her sister left them alone as she went to get the door while Mon-El got a cold cloth and gently wiped over his wife’s forehead.

“Hey, I’m sorry that I scared you but I really wanted to be here and I feel fine, honestly”.

“I know, I just don’t want to take any chances”, Kara answered him weakly, her eyes filling with tears both from emotion and from pain. “I don’t think I could do this without you”.

“You’d be just fine without me but you don’t have to do anything without me because I’m right here”.

Kara smiled at him shakily and squeezed his hand tightly. Thankfully due to his strength and healing he was able to take it and didn’t wince when she held it tightly as another wave of pain hit her. A few moments later, the bedroom door opened and Alex appeared with Eliza.

“Oh sweetheart, how are you feeling?”

“It hurts to be honest”.

“Well I guess Kryptonians don’t differ too much from human women in that regard”.

Alex sat at Kara’s other side but instead of holding her hand (she wasn’t made to have her hand crushed by a Kryptonian), she took over wiping down her forehead with the cloth.

Eliza knelt down at the foot of the bed and took over the delivery process. Even though she was a scientist, as soon as Kara had found out she was pregnant and couldn’t go to an actual hospital, she had studied up on midwifery and deliveries as well as what to do if things went wrong which was unlikely due to Kara’s strong physical body and perfect Kryptonian health.

Five hours after Kara’s water had broken, a loud wail filled the room as Eliza caught the new born son of the two aliens. “He’s so beautiful”, Kara gushed as Eliza placed him in her arms with a watery smile of her own.

“I’m an Aunt!” Alex squealed.

“Look at him, he looks just like his dad”, Kara beamed and passed the baby to a frozen Mon-El as Eliza cut the cord and helped deliver the rest of the placenta. The new parents were oblivious to this, and Mon-El had still yet to say anything as he stared down at his son. He never thought that he would live to see this day…he never thought he’d find someone that he would actually want to have this with…until Kara.

“He’s…he’s amazing just like you”, he said at last as he tried in vain to hold his own tears at bay. He did not want to burst into tears like a woman in front of his mother in-law and sister-in-law despite the fact they themselves were also crying.

Alex smiled through her tears at her sister and new born nephew “Do you have a name for him yet?”

“His name is Cohen Jeremiah Danvers”.

“Oh dad will be so happy to hear that!”

“Well if it wasn’t for him then we wouldn’t be here”, Mon-El pointed out.

“And where did Cohen come from?”

“It means brave and I thought it was fitting”, Kara shrugged.

A while later, Eliza and Alex left to give the new parents some alone time with their new son. Kara watched Mon-El hold their son as she rested and thought to herself that it was funny how their people hated each other yet here they were parents to a physical representation of their union. Kara smiled as she thought of her parents. Even though they had negative feelings about the Daxamite people, she knew that deep in their hearts they would be thrilled to see her so happy. She knew that because now she was a mother that was exactly the way she felt too.