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Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 3)

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Summary: You finally work up the courage to tell Bobby about Dean, with a little help from Jody. Later, Dean helps you find a new car and the two of you talk about your relationship.

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: Language, confrontation, fight with family member, mentions of a car accident

Check out the series masterlist for previous parts

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Stiles’ vet treatment






April 1st: Hello. I’m creating a new post because the last one got a bit big and I don’t want to spam your dashboard. Like I said in the last update, the vet asked us to stop by a week after the last appointment for a new x-ray, which was yesterday. He told us Stiles is getting better and he looked much better too. I was SO happy to hear it. He didn’t loose any weight in a week which is good. His breathing is getting better and we are hoping for the best from now on. Stiles will always need his inhalers but our goal is to reduce the meds over the next three weeks and go back and hopefully get more good news, because like I mentioned before, taking a lot of these meds could lead to Stiles getting diabetes. We are giving him ¼ of a pill twice a day but in two weeks we are only giving him once a day but we have to keep the inhalers, like I said. But I am just SO glad we are finally getting somewhere.

This is our last bill (the vet only charged for the x-ray - again). Unfortunately we still haven’t covered the last two so if you wish to help us, my paypal e-mail is gabrielasantosmmoreira@gmail.com. I mean it when I say: 1€ is more than enough.

I say it all the time but I will keep saying it because I have no words to describe how grateful I am to all of you and I will probably never find those words because you are the reason why Stiles is getting the treatment he deserves. So thank you, for everything. Thank you.

Time for a story - A little more love

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After a short glance out of the window Felicity turned around to the kids and told them, “I think daddy’s back home.”

Immediately Emmy and Tommy got up from their chairs and ran towards the door to welcome their father back home. Felicity dropped the towel to the kitchen counter and lifted Millie from her high chair. The little girl immediately grabbed a curl of her mother’s hair and started sucking at the strand of hair while Felicity was carrying her daughter out of the kitchen to follow Emmy and Tommy.

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By society’s standards My Best is not always very good–but I will continue to do My Best and hope that it will make the world a little bit of a better place.

here’s a better plot for S6

Season 6A: it starts with Allison. Lydia is having dinner at Scott’s and happens to mention Allison to Melissa, who stares in confusion asking who the girl is. Lydia freezes. Melissa has the sweet, understanding look in her eyes as she apologizes for not remembering. Lydia rushes to Scott, tells him what happened and asks if everything is alright with Melissa; what she hears breaks her heart: ‘who’s…Allison?’.
Kira is next. Except she doesn’t just disappear from everyone’s minds, she goes missing. No one remembers her, not even her parents. Only Lydia does. She talks to Scott and Malia about it and even though they listen to her, they think she is suffering from some kind of ptsd after what happened at Eichen House. Stiles believes her though but then…it happens to him too. Fearing he might go missing like Kira, she asks doctor Deaton and Marin for help. Together they learn a new enemy has risen with one single purpose: to tear down the McCall pack once and for all.
With their help and her new powers,Lydia manages to fight back and bring her friends back to safety but there’s one thing she had to sacrifice in order to do so: her life.

Season 6B: Lydia is dead. She knows she is, that was the price to pay for the ritual to bring Kira, Stiles and the memory of Allison back. So why is she somewhat…alive? Is this where everyone goes when they die? because if it is, it’s dreading; everything is dark, the air is thick, taunting; whispers echo in the air and Lydia could almost swear she just got sent into the middle of a horror thriller. She looks around and all she sees are trees. A forest. Fear starts creeping under her skin as she notices blurred shadows moving in the distance and a presence near her. She stays still, ready to fight if any sudden move is made. Until she hears a familiar voice. ‘Hey stranger’ , they say. It can’t be…except that it is.


Meanwhile, the pack isn’t dealing very well with the loss of yet another one of his friends and are doing everything they can to bring her back.

Back in the realm of the dead, Allison isn’t the only dead person Lydia can see. She finds Erica,Boyd,Aiden…and her grandmother who gives her some very helpful advice: banshees don’t just predict death…they can bring back the dead.

77. “I lost our child."  HAPPY

I’d been cramping on and off for about 2 months now.

I figured it was from Happy and I being too rough in bed and my period being wonky because in all honesty it was unpredictable at times.

I decided to cure my curiosity and go out to by a pregnancy test while Hap was at work.

I didn’t think I’d run into Gemma at the pharmacy though.

"Hey Baby.” She said, looking over my shoulder.

I jumped, ready to throw a punch but she backed away.

“Christ Gemma!” I put a hand to my heart.

Nodding her head at my hand, she asked, “What do you have there?”

I put it behind my back, “Uh, nothin’.”

“Uh hu. Does Happy know?”

I rolled my eyes, bring the test back around to read the box, “No he doesn’t, and you best not tell him either!”

She folded her hands in front of her and leaned forward, “Your secrets safe with me.”

“Uhg, Gem! It’s not a secret! I just want to know for sure before anything is said.”

We said our goodbyes after talking a little more.
I peed on the stick and was waiting for the results.

+ - pregnant

I did a little dance, feeling better now knowing what was the cause of the slight cramping.
I sat on the steps in the foyer, waiting for Happy to come through the door.

Not 5 minutes later, he walked in, holding a bag of take out.

One look at me and I could tell he was bracing himself.

“What’s wrong?”

I stood and handed him the test, “I’m pregnant, Hap.”

Putting the bag down, he looked pissed, but that quickly changed as he swooped me into his arms, crushing me to his chest.
Our doctor’s appointment was the following week and we were excited.

Happy wasn’t a fan of me laying on the exam table, my legs spread eagle.

“At least it’s a woman.” I said to him as we waited.

Hap made sure my knees were touching and I was covered.

“Don’t care.” He bit out.

I sighed, motioning him to come closer to me.

I grabbed his chin, laying a kiss on his full lips. He put his hand on my tummy as he returned the kiss. We pulled apart just in time as the doctor came in.

Upon examining me, we got terrible news.

I was pregnant, but it was an ectopic pregnancy.

It’s where the baby was growing in my Fallopian Tubes and not the uterus.

I was scheduled for surgery the next day to have it removed.
Laying in the bed, I felt numb. Happy sat next to me as we watched cartoons.

Hap was starting to doze off, so he turned down the tv.

“I lost our child.” I whispered.

His head whipped around to face me, “No, you didn’t.”

Tears pooling in my eyes, I felt myself finally begin to break, “I’m sorry, Happy.”

Shaking his head to control his crying, he stood and got into bed with me.

“Girl, I don’t blame you and never will. Well try again soon and if you want ten babies, I’ll give you ten.” He said, kissing my temple.

I felt better hearing Happy say that he didn’t blame me. I knew it wasn’t our faults, just some weird, freak thing of nature that happens sometimes, but just that little bit of reassurance was enough to help us begin to heal.

the concert aaron is singing at this weekend is for stephen schwartz’s work, and in addition to being known for wicked, pippin, and godspell, he also did music for pocahontas, the hunchback of notre dame, prince of egypt, and enchanted. so like… if this weekend happens and aaron tveit does not sing that ending note in bells of notre dame, i am going to fly to australia and make them do this concert again

Wonwoo's voice on Vapp

Seriously, Wonwoo’s voice when they called him on Vapp was so adorable! He didn’t try to make it deep this time and I love his natural voice! He kills it when rapping, but when he’s just talking, he’s like a fluffy little kitty! I can just imagine him wrapped up in a blanket about to go to sleep! And Mingyu smiling the entire time during the phone conversation. Ayyyyee we know you miss him as much as we do mingyu-ah. I felt happy to hear his voice and him getting better. Even if he isn’t in the performances, they still had an empty spot for him! I hope he recovers soon!~ #wonwoogetbetter

VIXX reaction when you tell him that you feel better whenever you hear his voice.

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N. He will love the idea of those simple acts makes you feel better, because he wants your happiness over his. Now he won’t stop talking whenever he sees you down or sad, he will just telling you something that comes into his mind.

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Leo. Deep inside he will definitely love hearing that from you because it means that he can make you feel better and it’s all he wants, sometimes we will start singing out of nowhere or surprise you during the day with a simply visit.

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Ken. He will totally love hearing it from you with a silly smile in his face because he does something that makes you happy; prepare yourself for some random musical rehearsal in the middle of the living room.

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Ravi. Internally he will melt at your words but in the outside he will try to cool it down, but from now on your phone will be filled up with his voice notes telling you how much he misses you or some rapping that comes into his head. [Ignore the subs]

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Hongbin. He will get very shy because he didn’t expected to have some kind of power over you, now wait for some calls instead of texts so you can hear his voice even though you are far away from each other.

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Hyuk. He will smile widely as soon as he hears that from you, he will try to do some funny voices to make you laugh but at the same time he will be very happy when he sees you feeling better just from hearing his voice.

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Probably my favorite part of the show was during Aquaman. Obviously everyone was singing along and Nick looked around the room and then looked down at the front row and shook his head at us a little, like he was in awe and couldn’t believe what was happening. And then when everybody started singing really loud he took out his earplugs they wear on stage so he could hear us better and he just looked so happy I wanted to hug him and cry. It was too precious.

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Skylar looked up at the ceiling of his bed room. He had been in the same place for over a day now and hated that his mom wanted him to stay here for a week. The surgery had gone well, but now he was off his knee for 6-8 weeks, and that wasn’t even counting the physical therapy afterwards

The only plus side to this all was Julian. He would come visit everyday after school. Seeing his best friend made everything a little better. He was even happy to hear that they had temporarily placed him on the council, while moving another member to head warbler. He was happy for him really, he had always wanted to be a member of the council, and now he got the chance. 

 He had been watching Netflix for hours, and even his favorite shows had started to bore him. His parents had both gone back to work two days after his surgery, and his brother never got the chance to make it home. The hours felt like forever until the door opened and he saw the boy he had been thinking of. His smile grew as Julian walked in. “Hey.” Skylar leaned himself up against the head board of his bed as he spoke. “I am so thankful you’re here. I’m about to lose my mind.”

*Has a bad exam and is very stressed*

*Is mildly less stressed on starting to listen to WTNV*

*Hears Cecil’s voice*


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Hi can you write a blurb or a ones hot whichever you like obv about being in the opening band for 5sos and you being friends/mutual crushes with Luke? Thank you

Word Count:  3,232
Rating: T

Big ups to hemmocrat for the beta :)

The first time you ever met Luke it was in LA. You and your band lived there and regularly performed gigs in the local clubs, but he and the boys were in town working on their latest album.

Calum and Michael had shown up at one of your gigs, nodding along to your songs and you and your band couldn’t believe what you were seeing, half of 5sos actually enjoying your original music. And, as if things couldn’t get any more surreal, after the show they came backstage to ask you and your band if you wanted to jam sometime.

You and the three other girls in your group met up with them outside of their house in LA, and they welcomed you in happily. Michael practically knocked you over when he pulled you into a tight hug, “(Y/N)!!! Girls! You made it!” He laughed as he set you back on the ground and gave your band the same greeting. He lead you into the house where Calum and Ashton were sitting in the kitchen, Calum on the counter eating cereal out of a bowl and Ashton standing opposite him, eating an apple.

“Hey! Look who made it!” Calum shouted, wiping milk off of his chin as he smiled at you all. Ashton smiled as well, but more out of politeness than anything else. “Ash,” Calum turned to look at him, “these are the girls Mike and I were telling you about the other night.”

“Oh, right,” Ashton recalled, “the rockin’ girl band. It’s nice to meet you guys. Well, girls.”

You all returned his greeting when Luke came into the kitchen, a towel around his shoulders and black basketball shorts slung low around his hips. “Hey, guys, have any of you seen my—“ He froze mid-sentence when he noticed there were far more people in the room than he’d been expecting. “Shit, sorry, I didn’t—“ His face grew red as he tried to think of something to say. “You’re early,” was all he could manage and everyone in the room had a laugh at his expense as he rolled his eyes.

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Fic: Poem Without Words (22/?)(M)

Author’s note: Queuing this up for morning posting so it doesn’t get buried. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Boston, hopefully any creative license will be forgiven. Enjoy!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter 22

Emma rolled onto her side, trying to find a comfortable position. She’d slept in this bed for years. She’d been traveling all day; she was exhausted. Her body, however, refused to cooperate.

Killian was hopefully having better luck in the fold out couch. The first truly awkward moment of their visit occurred at bedtime with Ingrid not so subtly indicating that Emma would be sleeping in her room. Killian had accepted the unspoken edict with good grace, chastely kissing Emma good night before helping Ingrid with the couch. Emma went to bed reluctantly, mildly annoyed at her mom. Emma was an adult; she could spend the night with her boyfriend in the same bed. What did Ingrid think they were doing, playing checkers?

Really though, Emma just missed him. She missed the solid feel of him behind her, snuggling close. She never expected to enjoy sharing her bed with someone so much, but Killian was the best bedmate she could hope for. And he was only about fifty feet away, sleeping in a strange place.

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My boyfriend got his first real look at my selfharm scars yesterday. I stopped about a month or so back, but had started awhile after we got involved in a relationship—it was always on my thighs. We were joking around, being silly, and my dress rode up so he could see. He kissed the worst set of scars and went right back to being silly. I'm getting better and both he and I know it. I just wanted to share that happy moment with you. Recovery is indeed beautiful.

Ohmygoshh, that is like the sweetest thing ever. He sounds like a great guy the way he handled that.

I am SO happy to hear you’re getting better and feeling well right now, you deserve to :)