happy to be fat

What are you, fifteen??

Couldn’t resist, got myself black lipstick and eyeliner with a star stamp. It’s my birthday next week and I’m only about twice the age I last wore such things so why not.

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Hey Chris I have a stupid question. So I just got my period back after a little over 2 years, and instead of being happy, I felt incredibly fat and ugly and stupid. I know that i shouldn't be feeling like this, but I did and then I started restricting again :(. It's just that periods are awful and I wanted to lose it again and be skinny again but I know I shouldn't. Do you have any advice on this topic?

Periods are awful? Babe…periods are in our BIOLOGICAL make-up!!! Periods and being able to reproduce and menstruate is what makes us WOMEN. I really, really think you should speak to someone if you are struggling with something such as this because to think this way is to negatively look at womanhood and you need to realize that having your period is something that every woman experiences and it is normal, healthy, and the way our bodies work!

shout out to fat boys though…fat cis boys. fat trans boys. fat boys that are just a little chubby. really thicc boys. fat trans boys that dont pass because of big breasts and wide hips. fat boys with big thighs and big arms and thicc waists. fat boys covered in stretch marks. fat boys with round faces and double chins.. you guys are all so perfect. just shout out to you guys. you are all so beautiful and handsome and you deserve love and validation like everybody else.


How long have we known each other?”

It’s been 12 years. When I was getting bullied by the neighborhood kids because my brother was so good looking, you still played with me.”

And when I got bullied as a half even without a mom, you played with me too.”

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