happy to be a brunette again

What do I do? (CHAPTER ONE)

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Daniel is literally a cultist. Depression and minor self harm! Suicidal thoughts, and a very salty Max!

David leaned against the wall of his cabin, his eyes red and puffy. He had been crying for… What, around an hour now? He had lost his antidepressants, and he couldn’t find them anywhere. Was this what he really needed to be happy..? Was a tiny pill all that was keeping him at bay? The counselor looked at the ceiling and sniffed, wiping the tears from his cheeks. Just… One more time. He needed to feel the razor. Maybe it would remind him of his scraped knees he had as a child, when he’d run through the woods too fast and trip. Child hood… Yes, the thing that made David who he was today. Specifically camp! It used to be so amazing to tie knots and tell campfire stories! He just couldn’t tell why none of the campers didn’t like it anymore. Was he doing something wrong? The thoughts came back again. ‘You’re worthless, a disgrace to this camp. You know it.’ And, ‘Just give up! Like Max said, no one cares!’ “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” David screamed, banging his fists against the floor.

Knock knock… There were a few loud knocks on the front door. Why could it possibly be? Gwen? David stood up and tried to calm down, slapping on a happy face like usual and opening the door. “Hello there kid-” The brunette paused at what he saw. A platinum blonde man stood at the front of the door, his white clothes caked with dust and dirt. The face was all to familiar. His cold blue eyes were too icy to not be recognized. “Daniel!” He slightly gasped, taking a step back. “Wow, I thought you were still in the hospital because of that bad Kool Aid!” 

“David…” Daniel croaked out, looking down at the camp counselor with a dead expression. His face suddenly contorted to one of slight sadness. “As much as I hate to bother you, I need your help.” The blonde had already ruined his innocent act to the campers by revealing his true colors, though he knew David was too sweet and ignorant to take a hint. “There are bad people trying to find me!” He created a false sense of urgency, talking to his counterpart as if he were a child. “Could you help me hide so they don’t take me away?” He locked eyes with the slightly shorter man, a smile on his face. “You don’t have to tell a soul about any of this.”

David felt his cheeks slightly heat up when he looked into Daniel’s piercing eyes. “W-Well, of course, Daniel! You’re… Still part of the staff, which makes you family!” He chirped out, yet it was obvious that he was crying earlier. “I don’t know who those meanies are searching for you, but they’ll never find you here!” His usual tuft of teased hair had went slightly flat, since David couldn’t be bothered to fix it. He had absolutely no motivation whatsoever.

Daniel grabbed David by the shoulders and pulled him close to his body, a smile on his pale face. “Shh, don’t talk. Just say yes.” The brunette was delightfully surprised by the embrace, laying his head into the crook of the blonde’s neck. “I can sense your negative energy. Tell me what’s wrong?” He mused, using one of his hands to playfully fluff the camp counselor’s soft hair.

“I don’t know where my antidepressants are…” David admitted, almost feeling ashamed to say that he had to take them. Such a happy man shouldn’t need them, yet the campers didn’t know that they WERE the reason he was constantly happy and bubbly. “And I’m not me without them… I’m just a shell.” Daniel’s face fell, his eyes darkening. 

‘He’s upset.’ Daniel thought to himself. ‘He needs them.’ “Well, friend, it’s a good thing that I arrived!” The blonde boomed out, trying to cheer up David. He wanted to see the other smile for some odd reason, even though he didn’t know why. He reached into his shirt, pulling out a bottle of orange pills. “Tada!” The other man looked absolutely shocked. “I decided to take them since I expected my old plan to rid of all of the sadness and make everyone feel safe!” He slightly twitched at his cult-like thoughts. “But since it didn’t work, you should have them back!”

David was silent while he examined the pill bottle. He looked back up at David before tightly wrapping his arms around him. “Thank you so much!” He cried out, immediately popping the bottle open and swallowing a few big pills. He couldn’t help but notice how warm the other co-camp counselor felt during the embrace. “I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you back! Can we just forget what happened? Especially that whole musical number where we insulted each other?”

“That was the greatest idea I’ve heard from you yet, David!”


Joker Imagine - Singer Shot

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Your P.O.V.

The club was packed with people, once again. I was happy that Joker’s club was so successful. It was Saturday and we were here after a heist gone well. He was wearing his golden jewelry, a white button up and a fancy red jacket. I was in a body hugging short black dress with red lace on it. Things were pretty great.

J’s hand was on my thigh and I smiled because I enjoyed his touch. ‘’The music is bullshit’’ He growled suddenly. I hadn’t even listened to the live singer. I decided to listen and I realized he was right. Some brunette woman stood on the scene in a white glittery dress. Her pink lips were moving and letting out sound that hurt my ears. 

‘‘You’re right J’‘ I muttered and looked at the woman, sneering. J chuckled and looked at me closely. ‘‘You should go there’‘ He told me. At first I thought he was joking, since he was the Joker. But the look he gave me let me know he was serious. ‘‘Oh Puddin ya know I can’t sing’‘ I laughed nervously. He clenched his jaw and let go of me. Then he whistled and pointed at the singer, telling her to go. The music stopped and she ran off, embarrassed or scared, perhaps both.

‘‘Go on kitten’‘ He purred to me. I couldn’t just sit here, so I did as told. All eyes were on me as I nervously walked to the stage. The lights shone on J so I decided to focus on him. I grabbed the microphone and looked at the man who played the karaokes. ‘‘W-what do you want to sing?’’ He stuttered, obviously afraid of the queen of madness and Gotham. It gave me a little confidence.

‘‘Mad Hatter’‘ I said and looked at my boyfriend. He was looking at me very intensely while holding his purple cane. ‘‘By Melanie Martinez’‘ I added and then took a deep breath. The music started playing and I got ready to sing. 

‘‘My friends don’t walk they run..’‘ I started to sing. My muscles were tense and I was really nervous but I kept going. Somehow it wasn’t as bad as I thought. J grinned, flashing me his beautiful smile. I sang more and then forgot the audience, almost entirely. I focused just on J, no one else.

‘‘Where is my prescription? Doctor doctor please listen..’‘ I sang more confidently by now. Everything was fine. Damn, I even had fun. ‘’So what if I’m crazy, the be-’‘ I got to the higher parts. I shut my eyes and tried to sing, but it was cut short. I tried to make a noise, but I couldn’t breathe. The music had been so loud but now everything was dead silent. I opened my eyes and that’s when I felt a stinging pain in my abdomen.

I inhaled sharply and then looked down, seeing blood. A lot of blood. It was running down my legs but most of it squirted out of my abdomen. My trembling hands touched the wound and I felt the warmth of the blood. I was so shocked. Everything happened so fast and I wasn’t even sure what happened. Then I collapsed on the stage,  spasming in pain.

The silence disappeared in gunshots. I heard multiple gunshots and people screaming. I tried to move my head weakly so I could see, but the pain had made me too weak. I could barely keep my eyes open. I was scared. What if I’d die?

I wasn’t sure how much time passed but suddenly J was by my side. He pressed his shirt against my abdomen and he looked quite mad. He had blood splatters on his pale skin, but God knows whose. His mouth was moving but I couldn’t make any sense of his words. I was in so much pain that it was impossible to focus on anything else. All I knew was that I was shot and J tried to tell me something.

‘‘Y/N!’‘ He yelled my name. For some reason, his voice got clearer. I tried to breathe, but it was hard. I had no idea what to do. ‘‘Breathe, goddamnit’‘ J growled at me.Oh, if he knew that I was trying. ‘‘Boss’‘ Another deep voice said. J didn’t even budge. He looked like he could kill, yet he was trying to keep me alive.

The thought of dying now and never seeing him again made me sad. I was crying, of course but now I noticed it. I tried to move my hand on his but it took a lot of strength. ‘’I..l-love you’’ I muttered, not sure if he heard me. Luckily, he did. He stared at me in disbelief. ‘’Don’t you fucking dare to die Y/N’’ J told me so angrily it almost scared me.

I finally found his hand and I held onto it. Then I coughed up blood. It hurt to cough because I had to use my stomach muscles. It made me dizzy. ‘’Y/N! No, you’re not going to die!’’ J yelled loudly. I wish I could have kept my eyes open but they got heavier every second. Soon, I was only seeing dark. I heard J’s muffled voice and my own heart beat. It started beating slower and the pain almost faded.

Everything faded.

/PART 2 *click me*

Author’s Note: This was requested. I’m not sure if there will be a part 2 which would give the answer to the ending. Do you die or stay alive? Who shot you? Why?

Party (Ethan)


It was Cameron’s 19th birthday and the beach house was booming with chaos as everyone rushed around setting up party decorations and various appetizers and desserts. You had been up since 6 A.M. ensuring everything was going according to your plan and that your clumsy boyfriend, Ethan, wasn’t going to ruin the surprise like he usually did.

“You know your position right?” You turned to Ethan as you stood in the kitchen, co-ordinating where everyone would be when Cameron walked in. Grayson had taken her out shopping for the day and she had no idea you had a surprise planned for her. She thought it was just going to be an ordinary vacation not realizing you had invited all of her closest friends to join you — even the cute guy she had been crushing on for the past year. Cameron was your best friend. You’d do anything for her and honestly you had her to thank for introducing you to your goofy, dorky boyfriend. It was weird at first, dating your best friends brother, but you had become a member of the family and Cameron was happy to see her little brother with someone she already adored. You were a match made in heaven, she couldn’t deny that.

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Young!FP Jones/Riverdale imagines - Small towns Part 2

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AN: I was meant to post this yesterday but got a bit day drunk and couldn’t edit it to be ready for yesterday so I apologise about that! Here it is anyways…

Overall Summary: Being the new girl is hard when all the attention seems to be drawing back to you even when you’re determined to stay under the radar. 

Pairing: FP Jones x reader, Alice x FP, Alice x Hal, Fred x Hermione, Fred x Mary, Hermione x Hiram, basically a lot goes on in this fic

Word count: 1,383

Warnings: None

“Hey, can I help?” You asked, taking the pen from your hair. 

“Yes, you can.” The boy smirked. “You’re the new girl, right?”

You felt your cheeks flush slightly but you tried to play it off cool. 

“Yeah, moved here yesterday, now what can I get ya?” You asked, flipping open your notebook to the first blank page. 

“How about your name?” He asked. You lazily pointed at your name badge and he smiled. 

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Doll (B.Barnes)


Bucky Barnes

Warnings: angst(?), swearing, Bucky being an idiot, jealous Bucky possibly

A filler until I publish my next smut, enjoy xo

At first, everybody thought it was a fluke. It had to be, that’s the only way this thing made sense. It was a simple slip of the mind, nothing uncommon for Bucky.

But when Bucky didn’t make a move to correct himself.. that’s when things got confusing. 

Nat thought he mustn’t have noticed when he called the pretty brunette at the bar ‘Doll’. Wanda thought he was a little tipsy, despite knowing very well that was an impossible thing. But Y/N, well.. Y/N knew it was no mistake, no slip of the tongue. 

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Yay for this new blog! Wishing y'all the best! ahh 😍 Can I pls request Jackson Wang jealous smut? Thank you lovelies xx

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Jacksonsnoona435- Did you see Jackson and ___ together? They were so cute ^^
Got7ornever- Woah can they go out already? I bet Jaebum is mad Jackson got to ___ First keke
Cookielover804- I hope ___ realizes how lucky she is. Our Jackson is such a sweetheart

“Wow I can’t believe they actually think we’re a couple” You chuckled as your body laid across the living room couch in got7’s new dorm. Scrolling through the comments underneath the new picture Jackson had posted of the two of you wearing matching black hoodies and army pants while sharing a large banana spilt dessert, you were surprised how many fans thought you and the idol were dating.

“I told you to change before we went out. But ‘no, this outfit made my butt look good Jackson’ so now look where that got us.” Jackson’s voice came from below as he sat crossed legged on the floor as his back rested against the leg of the sofa. Looking up at you with his adorable smile, he wasted no time in taking the phone away from your hands and looked at the comments. “Jackson oppa is so cool…No wonder ___ is in love with him’. Well I can’t argue with that I am pretty awesome.” His once cheeky grin turned cocky as he winked up at you only to earn a pillow thrown in his face.

“Oh please, clearly you’re the one in love with me. I mean…look at these abs” You playfully lifted up your shirt to reveal no abs what so ever, just a soft stomach which was slightly fuller due to the meal you two had not too long ago.

“Oh yes…very sexy indeed.” The brunette rolled his eyes before the sudden vibration of your phone in his hands made him turn his attention to it.

{New Message: Alex]: I can’t wait to see you tonight ;-)

[New Message: Alex]: You looked so pretty yesterday in class. Ah I couldn’t concentrate

“So you’re going out with Alex again huh? What is this? The fifth date?” Jackson questioned while getting up from the floor. Handing out the phone to you, you couldn’t contain the blush rising to your cheeks as you typed out a quick reply to Alex.

“Yeah, I think he might ask to finally be my boyfriend. I’m really nervous for tonight. I hope everything goes well.” You called out from the couch as you could hear the idol moving around the kitchen most likely getting something to drink. Once you saw him walk back into the room with two bottles of water, you took one from his hand with a thankful smile and sat up straight.

“Are you sure you even like the guy? I mean it’s only the fifth date anything can happen. Plus I heard he’s a huge flirt around campus.” Jackson spoke out as he made himself comfortable on the couch beside you. Making you move on the cushions so he could rest his head in your lap, you were quick to push him away to hear a small groan leave his mouth. “Oh come on, I’m only telling you the truth!”

“Whatever Jackson. I’m not going to sit here and listen to you talk crap about a guy, who I happen to like very much by the way, and you hardly even know. So you know what. I’ll just leave early and get ready for my date. I’ll see you later.” You replied while getting up from the couch to grab your things.

You could hear the brunette calling out your name from behind but his words prior had turned your mood. Closing the door harder than expected, the idol was now left by himself.

[Later that night]

[New Message to: Jackson <3] You were right….

[Text]: He already had a girlfriend. She showed up at the restaurant!

[Text]: I’m so embarrassed right now…I’m coming over. I just need someone to talk to.


“The little piece of shi-“

“Jackson, please. I just want to forget the whole thing happened. He wasn’t worth it anyways.” You mumbled as your stared down at your bare feet tapping against the rug in Jackson’s room. The moment you walked into the restaurant and saw Alex with his girlfriend should have been your signal to leave. But you were too foolish and walked up to the two. Alex knew he was caught red handed but his girlfriend was oblivious to the fact of you and him have been seeing each other for a few weeks.

Not one to cause drama in a public setting, you sat down with the two for a few minutes, using the excuse of dropping off notes to the boy so he wouldn’t have to explain to his girlfriend why he was meeting up with another girl at such a late hour. The act you put on was so good, his girl even gave you her phone number. Now, Shannon, has a permanent place in your contact list.

“I can’t believe you actually stayed that long. I swear, Y/N, you’re too nice sometimes.” Jackson caught off your train of thoughts as he wrapped an arm around you. Pulling you into his warm chest as he made you two lay down on his bed. The simple act alone wasn’t anything sexual. You and Jackson had been known to be two people who loved physical contact. Even with your friends from middle school, they gave you the nickname Koala because you always gave the best hugs.

Wrapping your arms around him, your head buried into the crook of his neck as you allowed two small tears to spill down your face. “I just feel so stupid. Why do I always end up with these types of guys. There must be something wrong with me.”

“No. Don’t say that. You’re perfect just the way you are. Sure, the guys you date are shitty. But that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It’s them that has the issue.” Jackson’s breath danced against your shoulder as you felt his fingers tenderly running through your curled hair.

“You’re only saying that because you’re my best friend.” Your voice came out a soft whisper as you focused on the other’s gentle touches. Hearing something that sounded like an annoyed grunt coming from Jackson, you pulled back a little to look up and see his eyebrows pulled together as he seemed to be staring down at you in deep thought. “Jackson?”

“Do you think I only say these things because you’re my best friend? Really ____. Do you honestly think that’s the only reason?” He questioned as the hand stroking the ends of your hair traveled higher to the back of your neck as his index finger brushed against your skin.

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You lied. You both knew it was a lie by the way your voice cracked the moment you felt his palm press down lightly as he gripped your neck to make you stare into his eyes.

“You know…” Jackson’s voice turned low and husky as his eyes stayed yours as he pulled you closer to his body. Using his free hand to hold onto your waist, a small smile was given as he watched your leg move to lay against his side. “I always get so jealous when I see you going out with these guys. How lucky they are to be in your presence and they don’t even know it.” He confessed as both of you began to breath harder and nothing but a simple change it position had happened.

“So… you’re jealous?” You bit down on your lower lip to conceal your grin. Everyone knew you had a crush on Jackson the moment you met him three years ago. Working for your father’s gym and training young adults over the summer. You would have never suspected Jackson Wang who was a rookie idol at the time to walk into the gym. One thing lead to another and the two of you ended up meeting once a month for workouts. Those workouts soon turned into hang outs with turned into you constantly staying at Got7’s dorm whenever the group wasn’t promoting. The two of you created a bond that was stronger than any friendship you’ve ever had.

A low chuckle left the young man’s lips as his tongue slipped out to tease you. “Me? Jealous?!…Of course, I was jealous. It should have been me taking you out of dates and treat you like the queen you are.  But with work, I knew it wasn’t right for me to confess and have you waiting here all the time while I’m overseas. I just couldn’t picture us being in a relationship where I’m never home to see you. You don’t deserve that. You should be with someone who has the time to spoil you and be there 24/7.” Jackson finally let the secret he’s been holding in for nearly two years spill as his grip around your waist tightened as though he was scared you were going to leave him. “I just want to see you happy. Even if that means it’s not with me.”

Watching as the brunette closed his eyes; waiting to hear your rejection. He inhaled deeply and let out a shaky breath as he felt you small hand cup his cheek.

“Jackson…Look at me.” You said his name softly and smiled when you saw his brown orbs again. Allowing your thumb to stroke over the rough stubble against his cheek. You loved seeing his bare face when he went without shaving for a few days. He may call them flaws but to you, it made him even more handsome. “Do you really think I wouldn’t be happy with you? I don’t care you have to travel all the time. Your job is very important and you’re doing what you love. As long as you’re happy that’s all I care about. So if that means I’ll only be seeing you a couple times a month once you guys start promoting again, I’m completely fine with that. I’ve liked you since they first day we meant, stupid.” You playfully flicked the idol’s forehead only to have him grab your wrist and flip the two of you over as he laid on top of you.

“So you like me too huh?” The confident smirk he had earlier that day made its appearance once again as you could feel Jackson’s heart beating. Wasting no time to claim your lips for a heated kiss. The desperation the two of you felt for those two and a half years had finally been released.

The night everything happened so fast. Clothes were thrown places neither of you cared about as your soft whimpers and his deep grunts filled the room. Exchanging meaningful ‘I love yous’ and ‘Let’s just stay like this a little longer.’ You were surprised none of the guys had walked in to see what was happening between the two of you.

“I love you so much,” Jackson whispered against your lips as his hips worked to hit deep within your walls. Making your legs wrap tightly around his waist, the sweat began to roll down the side of his face as he felt his release building up. Rough kisses were given to your mouth down to your collar bones as the brunette made sure to leave his mark in several places along your chest. You were his now and the scratch lines you left on his back proved he was yours.

“Come for me baby. I want you to come first.” He grunted as his pace quickened. Leaning back to reach his hand down to play with your clit. The teasing of his thumb brushing against the sensitive bud made your toes curl in ecstasy.


“You’re almost there….Come for me”

“Fuck!” You hissed as your essence dripped down your thighs. Weak arms moving to wrap around the other’s shoulders. You held on tightly to him as your sensitive walls squeezed around his dick. Encouraging him to finish as well.

Hearing your love give his last grunt as you felt him suddenly pull out to coat your thighs with his own release. Both of you then collapsed on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.  Everything had changed now. Now longer were you two best friends. Instead, you were lovers. Or were you that already? The question was one both of you knew the moment Jackson turned on the bed too wipe away the sweat on your cheek and smiled

“So I guess this means we’re together now?”

“I guess so.”

“See, and you said my fans were crazy.” The brunette chuckled and held you close to his chest, only to receive a soft slap on the arm.

“Yeah, whatever…just don’t get cocky.”

“Um…it’s a little too late for that don’t you think, baby~”  

Manspreading (Epilogue)

Word Count: 4k

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The air was filled with the fragrance of a thousand flowers, just like it always was inside of your delivery truck, in your house, and most of all in your flower shop. They say the more frequently you smell something, you grow habituated to it and you stop registering it, and maybe that’s true but in the seven years you’ve been a florist, you have yet to take the sweet, cleansing smell for granted.

It has been a long time since you drove around delivering the bouquets yourself. You had stopped doing it ever since your small business grew a little and people started seeking you out personally for the unique designs you poured your soul into creating, and you had to hire a driver to do the delivering for you so your creative process wouldn’t get frequently interrupted.

You started this business out of passion. It was something you chose for yourself, entirely on your own, and so the sheer amount of effort that went into it never felt tiresome to you. You never made two bouquets alike, and you incorporated even the very hard to come by flowers if it meant getting your vision translated into reality just right, and so what little extra money you made -you were adamant on not overpricing your bouquets no matter how successful you got- immediately got spent on improving the little green house you bought and cared for, but that never bothered you. You weren’t in this for the money.

Even though your shop and the green house felt like your little slices of heaven, the chance to deliver some bouquets today, as suggested by Namjoon, was a lovely change of pace. You had forgotten how excited this part was, getting to see the jovial expressions on your clients faces after handing them the final product, and witnessing first-hand the happiness such a simple thing can bring to a person’s life, if even for a moment.

There was only one bouquet left to deliver, and it was the best one yet. A class of second year kindergarteners were graduating to elementary school soon and they wanted to surprise their beloved teacher with a little farewell present. That was the most precious thing you’ve ever heard and you couldn’t wait to see the surprise and happiness on the teacher’s face as the little ones proudly presented the flowers to him.

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Skipping Classes

Hannah Baker x Fem!Reader

Request: Hi could I request an imagine about Hannah x fem reader skipping school and having a really cute lazy day together!:)

A/N: Hi! This is purely fluff because Hannah deserves better! I hope you guys like it.  Also, any advice or suggestions is very much appreciated. Thank you for requesting guys!💕

y/n/n is Hannah’s nickname for you.

y/f/c is your fave color.

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Monday mornings were always unpleasant, it is the time when your sluggishness is at its peak. Getting started was always the hardest part after all. Today was your birthday and as much as you want to be vibrant, you just couldn’t with your sleep deprived state, which was thanks to your whimsical teacher. You had pulled an all-nighter the night before all because the teacher thought it was a clever idea to email in an assignment at the eleventh hour.

The bell rang indicating the end of the third period. Groggily, you walked the halls and thanked the people who greeted you. Reaching your locker, you heedlessly placed your books and got the ones that you’ll need for your afternoon class when suddenly soft hands covered your sight. It didn’t take you long to figure out who it was, so, you took the hands with yours and spun around to face your favorite brunette.

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Request: Can I request an IMAGINE where the reader is expecting a second child with Bucky, and their having a barbecue with the rest of the avengers and Bucky is hanging with the guys and their watching the girls play with the kid and the guys are like ‘you got a great life now. Everything you’ve wanted’ and Bucky is staring at the reader and his child like 'yeah. I got more than I could ever want.’ If that makes sense? And if your requests are still open💗❤️

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just fluff my friends

A/N: You guys are sososososo nice, thank you so much with the feedback and comments you guys give me. I love when you guys tell me how you feel about my stories and what part you liked, it really makes me feel good so thank you :)     (p.s. if there’s any mistakes, I’ll fix it when I wake up. K bye. Update: LMAOOO I FORGOT THE FUCKING TITLE I’M SCREAMING BUUUTTTTT I FIXED IT O K A Y ByE)

All the hype had died down and the Avengers were now settling down, getting married and having children - At least Bucky was.

It was a Friday afternoon and everyone was gathered at Steve’s house for a barbeque. They didn’t have any missions to go on or any work related things to attend to so why not wind down with friends and have a nice day.

Naturally, the men stayed around the grill, talking it up with one another about the most random things while the women were out in the grass, playing with the children.

Laura was there with her kids Cooper, Lila and Nathaniel who had just turned six years old. Wanda and Natasha were there, although neither of them were married or had kids. Sharon was obviously there, no kids yet but happily married to Cap. And then there was you with a two year old daughter and another on the way, happy and married to Bucky.

“So..” Steve grabs the guys’ attention as he flips a patty. “Sharon and I were thinking about having a baby.”

“Oh god.” Tony muttered.

“Be prepared for some long nights, my friend.” Clint pats the soldier on his shoulder.

Steve rolls his eyes and continues to cook.

“I think that’s a great idea. You’ll both be great parents.” Sam spoke and Bucky hums as he takes a drink of his beer.

“For once I agree with Sam.”

The men laugh and Bucky’s eyes trail over to his daughter and his pregnant wife. You were engaged in conversation with Laura and Sharon while Wanda and Nat played with the kids, your hand resting on your 8 month baby bump. Bucky smiled.

He turns back to the guys, talking about how things were when his daughter was a newborn baby, confirming Clint’s talk about long nights. From behind him, Bucky could hear giggles and knew exactly who they belonged to. He turned around, spotting his 2 year old daughter running towards him with Nat right behind her. Upon reaching Bucky, she lifts her hands up in the air, making grabbing motions.

“Daddy up.”

Bucky puts his beer down and picks his daughter up, plating a big kiss on her cheek. “What’s up, pumpkin?”

She makes a noise and points to Nat who was now standing in front of them.

“What did Aunt Nat do baby?” he cooed, cuddling his daughter to him. “She’s chasing you?”

“Chase you.” she repeated, laying her head on his shoulder.

“That’s mean, Aunt Nat, huh Ella.” he spoke softly, looking at Natasha who was playfully rolling her eyes.


“Say no.”

“No.” little Ella scolds.

“Say, don’t be mean!”

“Don’t be mean!” her voice rises and Natasha laughs.

“Alright, alright, I won’t be mean.” she smiled. Nat put her hands out, gesturing for the two year old to go to her. Ella smiled and kissed Bucky’s cheek before leaning in towards Nat.

“Bye daddy!” Ella waved at her father while Nat walked back to you and the others.

“She’s a gem, buddy.” Steve spoke, causing Bucky to turn around.

The brunette smiled. “She’s my whole world.”

“Awe look at the assassin getting all soft.” Tony teased.

Ex assassin.” Bucky corrected.

“Yeah yeah, same thing.” he takes a swig of his beer.

“But seriously, Ella’s beautiful, Bucky.” Clint says.

Sam chuckled. “She gets that from her mom.”

They all laugh.

“I won’t argue with that.” Bucky nods.

There’s a second of silence before Tony speaks again.

“Now that we’re on that topic, how’s everything going for you? I mean, for the longest time you thought you’d never experience happiness or a normal life and now here you are.” he gestured over to you and Ella. Bucky looks.

“My life will never be normal, I’ve come to terms with that. I never thought I would be able to love someone but Y/N walked into my life and everything changed. I don’t know what I’d do without her, not to mention that she brought my daughter into this world and I love her even more for that.” Bucky smiles at Ella who was hiding from Nat behind your legs. “When I get home from a mission or I think back to my time with Hydra, about how many lives I took and how much evil is out there in the world, all I do is look at Ella and all those bad thoughts and feelings go away. She’s a ray of sunshine, so innocent and pure,” Bucky turns back to the guys. “I’d give her the moon and the stars if I could.”

“Bucky Barnes, a family man. Who would’ve thought?” Sam scoffed, receiving a punch from Bucky. “I’m being serious! Man, when I first met you, you were this grumpy dude, always frowning. But Y/N comes into the picture and now you’re smiling and laughing - I never thought I’d see the day.”

“We’ve got to thank Y/N for that.” Clint says, Tony, Sam and Steve agreeing.

Steve looks at Ella and smiles. “You’ve got a great life now, Buck. Everything you’ve wanted.”

Bucky turns and watches as Ella tugs on your shirt, wanting you to pick her up. You were about to when Nat scares her, a mixture of a laugh and a scream escapes her lips before she runs to the other side of the yard, Nat right behind her.

Bucky watches with love and adoration as you laugh at the two and he breaks out in a grin. “Yeah, I got more than I could ever want.”

A/N: I hope this was good enough! I stayed up till 2 writing this, tell me what ya think :) ima go to sleep now lol.


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infinity x infinity

I should be studying but then this song gave me a great idea for a drarry fic (featuring neville’s wedding) so I thought, why not.

inspired by; sun by sleeping at last

word count; 1.6k+

summary; Perhaps, he thinks, this is what time does. Perhaps it takes violent things, angry things and makes them kind.

- - 

All together again, for the best of reasons, the five of them stand together, under the lit up trees of the reception. The sixth member of their group, stands hand in hand with his new wife, Neville and Hannah Longbottom, glowing in love, thank their friends and family for coming to their wedding ceremony.

“Oh isn’t this lovely,” sighs Ginny, her head falling to Harry’s shoulder, and her hand tightly bound in Lunas. Her and Harry had stayed good friends through and after the break up and they often played Quidditch together on weekends and holidays.

Ron smiles down at Hermione, “I wonder if we look that in love.”

Hermione smiles back and swats at his arm, “Oh don’t be stupid Ronald.”

“You do, you know,” Harry interjects.

“I know,” Ron smiles again, draping his arm around Hermione’s waist and pulling her into his side.

Harry finishes his glass of champagne and bids farewell to the gang as he makes his way to congratulate the two newlyweds. As he crosses the courtyard however he spots a familiar blond head, sitting by himself at a table.

Draco Malfoy looks exquisite in the shadows thrown off by the fairy lights around the glen. A perfect mix of light and dark, his face turned toward the dance floor as he watches the couples dance, laughter floating to him between the trees. He doesn’t spot Harry until he’s at the table, staring down at him quizzically yet with a handsome smile on his very handsome face.

“Draco, hey.” He says.

Draco looks up, “Oh, Harry. Hello. Pleasant surprise,” he laughs lightly and shakes his head, “Oh who am I kidding, I knew you’d be here.”

The sound of his laugh is delicious in Harry’s ears, warm and melting, and he wants to hear it again and again and again, like a song on repeat. “Can I uh,” he gestures to the table.

Draco smiles at him, another rarity, “Who would I be to say no to the saviour of the wizarding world? Take a seat Harry.”

Harry, taking the blonde by surprise takes the seat next to him. “You know,” he starts, “I’m not the only saviour, if that’s even the right word.”

“I know that you prat.” Draco laughs again, much to Harry’s delight. “May I ask what I’ve done to be graced with your presence this evening?”

“You can’t sit alone at a wedding. It’s bad luck you know.”

“Is it really?” The blonde raises his eyebrows in revelation.

Harry laughs and Draco’s heartbeat fastens at the sound, “I haven’t the faintest clue.”

Draco laughs too and they stare at each other a moment longer than necessary. Draco at the brunette’s constellations of freckles dotting his cheeks, Harry at the laugh lines around the blonde’s eyes, something that must be a new development, as Draco had never laughed at Hogwarts. He wonders what or whom it is that have caused those line, and he wants, so strongly, to be the reason for some more of them.

Harrys curiosity overwhelms him and he asks quickly, “Where’ve you been all these years Malfoy?”

“Harry, it’s been three years, hardly that long,” his voice is light and teasing, such a contrast to the dark misguided boy he had been during the time they spent together at school, “But if you must know, I’ve been at St Mungos.”

“St Mungos?” Harry asks, his eyebrows shooting half way up his forehead, settling somewhere around his scar, “What’ve you been doing there?”

“Trading illegal goods,” at the look on Harrys face, Draco bursts into laughter, this time less light, more genuine, “Healing people you git.”

Trying to recover Harry lowers his eyebrows, “I never did take you for the healer type.” He rests his head on his hand, “Though you were always quite the potions master, so I suppose it makes sense.”

“And you were always quite the bloody hero, makes sense you’re an Auror.”

Harry looks up at him, in awe, “How’d you know I’m an Auror.”

“Oh, I know all kinds of things Harry.” Harry wonders if some of these things are bad, like weights that cause Draco’s insides to sink and he thinks back to their sixth year, but the smile gracing his face tells him not to worry, that this is a different Draco to the one who he knew in school.

Seeing him smile like that, it completes parts of him. This carefree nature, the openness in his eyes shocks Harry, it makes everything around him seem so much more alive. There’s so much life in the man in front of him, an entire universe of it.

Little does he realize that Draco is stealing glances at him too in the comfortable silence that has fallen between them. The light in Harry’s eyes mesmerizes him, just like it always has, the reflection of the golden strings of light above them making him dizzy with adoration and lust. The line shines similarly off Draco’s hair, blinding Harry with a similar feeling though both of them are much too scared to admit what this might mean.

Harry watches as Draco’s eyes drift back to the dancers. “We could join them you know,” As Draco’s eyes meet his in confusion he continues on, “If you want to, that is.”


“I’m asking you to dance I think.” Harry looks down, running a hand through his unruly hair, “again, only if you want to.”

Draco smiles and stands abruptly, offering his hand to Harry, who seems just as confused as he was moments earlier.

“For the boy who defeated Voldemort twice, you sure are thick. I’m accepting your offer. To dance.”

“Oh!” Harry exclaims, shooting out of his seat and taking Draco’s outstretched hand.

Draco then proceeds to practically skip to the clearing of the glade, where soft music weaves between the couples dancing, like a thick fog, embracing them. He’s over flowing with excitement as he places his arms around Harry’s shoulders, pulling him close. Harry’s breath hitches with the sudden proximity and he can feel Draco’s heartbeat keeping time with his beneath his dress shirt.

“Is this okay?” Draco asks tentatively, quietly beside Harry’s ear.

Harry breathes out an unsteady yes as his hands find their way to Draco’s waist.

Those around them do not stop and stare at the sight, they simply smile to themselves, Harry’s friends quietly triumphant, this was bound to happen. Two boys too afraid to love and be loved in return. Two boys too afraid of the part of themselves they saw in the other finally accepting that, and showcasing those parts to the world.

Draco smiles up at Harry as they settle into the rhythm of the slow song coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once and the kindness he sees reflected in those grey orbs of light is as infinite as the universe of life within this boy, this man. A universe that has been tearing at well stitched seams for years, trying desperately to get out, finally bubbling over, finally out in the world. And for Harry Potter, the world is now a better place because of it.

Perhaps, he thinks, this is what time does. Perhaps it takes violent things, angry things and makes them kind.

Harry smiles down at Draco before the blonde places his head on his shoulder and studies his face as they continue to sway, their heartbeats slowing as they relax into each other’s touch. He continues to trace the constellations of freckles with his eyes, they seem like stars, thrown with no care across the skin of his nose and his cheeks, like a small, infinite universe for him to call his own. Even after all these years, Draco still claimed full possession of the freckles on Harry’s tan skin, though the brunette didn’t know it.

As they continued to dance in their warm, tender embrace, they thought of all they could be. Not just two boys, but two universes, of light and love.

Infinity times infinity.

The song slowly comes to an end, though they don’t move from their position, Draco simply lifts his head, his eyes happy and bright, his limbs tired and hazy in a happy way, everything about the boy’s glows.

“Merlin,” Draco sighs gleefully, “I haven’t done that since the Yule Ball. Since I was young.”

“Then perhaps,” Harry begins, meeting Draco’s expectant eyes, “You’d like to do it again sometime.”

“Are you asking me out, Potter?” Draco raises an eyebrow is skepticism, though a playful smile remains glued to his face.

“And what if I was?”

“Well,” Draco feigns being deep in thought, staring off into the distance before gradually focusing in on Harry once more, “I believe I would say yes.”

“Excellent.” Harry responds, catching sight of Neville and Hannah over Draco’s shoulder, “I hate to be rude but before I was so rudely distracted, I was set to go congratulate the new couple.”

“Well then I shall join you, to apologize for so rudely distracting you.”

“Very well then,” Harry spoke as he takes hold of Draco’s hand in his own and they walk with purpose toward the bride and groom.

“Neville! Hannah! I just wanted to congratulate you, that was the most beautiful ceremony.” Harry hugs them both before taking Draco’s hand again, rubbing lazy circles with his thumb.

“Yes, congratulations, and thank you,” Draco glances quickly at Harry and then back at the newlyweds, “for inviting me.”

“To think,” Neville laughs, “Our wedding brought you two together, of all the things.”

The two thank them again and make their way back toward the clearing to dance and socialize.

As the night wears on, Harry realizes that perhaps he had felt more than hatred for Malfoy all those years ago and Draco realizes he had never fallen out of love with the boy who lived.

Admit it- you’re in love with me!

This is the first fanfiction I write for Tumblr. Gif does not belong to me.

Pairing:Jason Todd x Reader Warnings:slight mention of sex and small insecurities. Not nsfw . A bit angst.

After many years of fighting alongside to Batman and his sidekicks you, of course, had to fall for Jason Todd. With his aggressive and angry manners, his attitude, the fire of goodness that burnt deep in his heart and his good looks. That jet black hair with the white strand hovering above his forehead all the time, whether he was angry, happy, sad or sweaty it complemented him perfectly. Even the color accent of his eyes spoke to you; that color between blue and gray and a glass of whiskey hit by the sunshine lights would warm up your heart everytime you looked at him.
Naturally, you hadn’t (and wouldn’t) confess your love to him. You were convinced he was going to reject you because you knew one too many things about him like: the last person he’d been with was Talia Al Ghoul who was way older than him, while you were two- almost three-year years younger than him.
You also knew his body standards in girls, or at least you assumed, because every girls he’d been with had the same common feature. It wasn’t hair like Dick’s was, it was boobs. He was such a boob man that it made you really really angry…. that you had to live a life with a pair of B-cups and push up bras.
Of course, you were against plastic surgery since forever -watching the Kardashians really made you angry sometimes- but you had tried ways to make your boobs grow bigger. Nevertheless, when Dick’s girlfriend, Tay, noticed she gave you a lecture along with Dick and Bruce and you had to admit your feelings for Jason aloud for the first time. Tay assured you that no man should have a certain standard on women, looking directly at Dick, and that if Jason did not appreciate what you had to give to him the he was, well, an asshole. Dick also added that Jason wasn’t such a shallow man, nor that immature and that you should not change your looks or personality for anybody. He reminded you that even if he had a thing for redheads, his girlfriend was a brunette and she was prettier than any redhead he had ever met. He told you every man expected a different woman to sweep him off his feet.
And it somehow made you happy.

And that led you here, now, in the batcave that was very silent at this point of day, training with Tay, talking once again about Jason.
“(Y/N) come on! What do you have to lose?” She asked and threw a world shattering kick to her punching dummy. “ I was afraid too, you know, that Dick would reject me because my hair wasn’t all curly and orange, but I had reached a point that telling him was my only option. I had to get it off my chest!”
You chuckled, punching your dummy. “Have you talked to Jason?” You questioned.
“Yes, honey. He says, you haven’t talked to him in like forever.”
You growled at her words; of course you had been avoiding Jason as lately he was talking about a certain girl. “ How come this family’s consistency is of supermodels?”
Tay laughed at your outburst and you growled again, remembering she was a supermodel too. Suddenly she hugged her dummy to calm it, sweat dripping from her forehead, and she breathed steady in and out before she spoke.
“ Look, Dick and I are going on a date. Nothing fancy, Jason keeps complaining you’re avoiding him and you haven’t left the manor except for going to college. I think coming with us would be good for both of you!” She said and there a towel to your side.
Luckily you caught it mid air; you’d never wipe your face with a towel that had fell on the Batcaves’s floor.
You nodded to her and she rushed upstairs, followed by you.
Once it was 8 o'clock Dick came knocking on your door. You silently prayed that Jason wouldn’t have agreed to come, the thought of you having to be with him for the whole night was intolerant.
You opened the door and faced a stunned Dick. After a small chuckle he said “ I see that Tay has perfected her way in straightening everyone’s hair!” You laughed, a little more than you thought you should have but Dick laughed too and it was nice. Laughing with someone that has served as your brother for so many years. He was the one who had convince Bruce to keep you in the manor after that freak accident that killed your sister, the only family you ever met.
At the door now, and you met with Jason and Tay would must have been talking about Dick because she had blushed and telling him to stop.
The four of you ended up eating burgers at a place called ‘fat belly’ that Dick and Tay insisted was great. And over all you didn’t disagree. If the lighting in that place was more decent, in a way it didn’t make you want to have sex with a country song on a table, you’d might as well be going there more often. But you understood why the gorgeous couple kept on coming here. It would be ridiculously silly not to listen the groans and the sound of skin on skin under the table, or to realise both of them were flushed and eating with one hand, before they excused themselves to the toilet.
Once they left, you got up from next to Jason and carefully sat where Dick and Tay were and he laughed because you thought liquids would be everywhere.
“Sit down (y/n) they weren’t having angry sex on the seat.” He said smirking and you laughed hard, once again harder than you thought you should. And he laughed too, pleased with himself for making you laugh. You sat down, a smile plastered on both your faces, before he went back to serious to begin speaking.
“ Why have you been avoiding me?”
You blinked once, twice. Then you spoke.
“I haven’t” you smiled again as you filled your mouth with the delicious beacon burger.

‘Man, someone has to teach me manners’

You though as you smiled again, this time with your mouth filled.
“ Yes, you have” he complained. “Whenever I come to the manor, you greet me and excuse yourself to go read, or have a bath, or go to sleep because you have to go to school early the next morning, even though it’s still noon.”
By the time he had finished, all the food had been swallowed up. You swallowed again, some spit this time as your mouth was dry; it’s not that you never thought he’d notice, but it was too soon.
“Do you have a boyfriend or something? Doesn’t he let you interact with other male beings? ”
“No!” You blurt
“Whooph! Cause then, the fact that you interact with Dick and Bruce and Tim and Damian, oh- and Alfred, would have led you to a very abusive relationship.”
You looked at him again.
“That isn’t the case, right (y/n)? Please don’t tell me it is and you’re afraid I’m going to burst this guy’s brains out!” He got up, causing some odd looks on you two.
“No Jay, sit down. I’ll tell you!” You grabbed his arm and he slowly sat down, feeling a little stupid for jumping at conclusions so fast.
“It is about a certain someone. But I’m not in a relationship. Plus, I would never allow myself to get involved into an abusive one.”
“That’s what the all say” Jason said and this time, his mouth was filled.
“Okay… is it someone from Gotham?” He said, still chewing his food.
You thought about it a bit. It was this game, you knew you’d either end up lying to him or confessing and at the point you didn’t know what to do.
“No” you hung your head, almost guessing the next questions.
“Work? Wait.. you don’t work anywhere” you opened your mouth to speak but you decided to keep it shut until he reached his destination. Until he found his answer.
“I cant get over the fact you’ve been ignoring me for a guy (y/n)! We’re friends!!”
You smiled nervously and thought about it for a second, even if Jason did not feel the same way you did, even if he rejected you, a weight would have been lifted of you chest. You’d breath again. You’d be sad, and it could be hard to but eventually you would get over him.
“Do we know him? Like does Grayson know him, or me, or Bruce?”
You nodded.
“tell me you dont like Tim”
“Whaaaaat?” You raised your eyebrows and Jason seemed to sink into his thoughts once again as you shifted on your seat. Where were Dick and Tay? How could they leave you alone with Jason when they kne-
You looked over to the bathroom door only to see their heads poking out and you cursed them inside you. You swore you’d kick their asses once you returned home but for now you had to focus on Jason and what he could say next.
“I can’t help… I can’t help but think you are in love with…” he never finished his sentence as Dick and Tay came interrupting him.
“Guys we’re…uhm… sorry…” the brunette said.
“Ad long as you finished what I walked into some hours ago it’s all fine!” Jason spit. Why was he so bad around Dick you could understand anymore.
The rest of the night was agonising for you. You had your hand clutched onto Tay’s until you begged to go home; you had to attend morning classes.
And now you stiffed in your bed, as you swore you heard a very intense and loud moan. You couldn’t sleep, not without acknowledging you almost confessed to Jason.
“You know… you never told me who the guy was”
You screamed as you felt the breath on your neck and the voice ringing in your ears.
And as if it wasn’t enough, you also fell miraculously off your comfy bed.
“Jeez (y/n) I wasn’t trying to sneak up on you” you noticed Jason, as you silently growled in pain, rubbing your forehead.
“You know very well who sneaks up on people. I just wanted to know…”
“Why?” You yelled. You were mad at him. For making you fall for him, for being so perfect, for sneaking up on you, for asking you all these questions.
“Why? Because simply it’s been eating you. Can’t you see what that stupid crush does to you?”
You stood up anger plastered on your face and you pointed at him with your finger before you said “Don’t you dare call it a stupid crush. You don’t know for how many months or even years I’ve been keeping it in me Jason. Do you think it’s easy? Watching you being with whoever you want? How hard is it to not compare myself to all these perfect ass girls you’re fucking from time to time?”
Jason stood stunt, there, barely putting any weight on your bed, wondering how could he have been blind all this time.
“I..” he started but you were determined to take it all out. Tonight was enough. It was the edge of the cliff and you chose between falling or escaping.
“ No! You will listen to me Jason Peter Todd. I don’t care whether you don’t like that I have small breasts or that I’m into the vigilante life. Know that i, I’m in love with you for such a long time period that I don’t care anymore! please reject me now, so I can move on. So I can have a proper relations-” you were cut off by him. As he stood up and hovered above you, for the first time in your life you acknowledged his height. How small you looked before him and how he didn’t care when his lips crushed yours, cutting you off everything else you had to say, almost chocking you as went out of breath.
While kissing you he pushed you, trying to find the closest wall to pin you to. And once he did his lips finally unlocked yours. “Why are you doing this Jay?” You said and tried to push him away, your pride not letting you admit what had just happened between you two.
He grabbed your chin and forced you to look at him with his eyes half lid.
“For the same reason you just confessed to me”
He pecked your lips. Then again, then again and again.
And had you pinned there until you realised he meant what he said. In as many ways possible.

Note: If you want a second part just ask!

Happiest with you

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Ask Anything: {Here}

Request: {Here}

“So Niall this question is from (Random Twitter) asked ‘when did you realize that you loved (Y/N)”The interviewer host placed the deck of cards full of questions genuinely curious on what the answer was. “As you know I’m not very open when it comes to my relationships but since (Y/N) and I have been going out about a year and a half I’ll go ahead and tell you” Niall explained

“It starts after I came back from the press tour–”

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Caught: Part 2

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: scott x reader
word count: 950

authors note: yes another fucking repost. you know what? i’m not even gonna apologise anymore lmao there’s still so many fUCK. 

part 1 // part 2 // part 3

summary/request: caught is so sad :’( can you do part 2?

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me gustas you! (ft. kang daniel)

requested kangdanik scenario!
I know nothing about rugby but also, I had to omit the part about making out for two reasons.

1 is that it didn’t really fit the story and also because we wrote in the rules we’re trying to make things GA. so make out scenes can’t be in detail. sorry :c also I think my scenario wasn’t what you had in mind.

hope you still like it tho.

bullet point scenario because I was in a rush u n u

  • soooo
  • you’ve always loved sports, too bad sports never felt the same way with you
  • volleyball? you got knocked out a few times for a few games that the PE teacher actually decided to let you do a written final test instead of the actual game
  • basketball? well, let’s just say that you almost got a fracture
  • and soft ball? people prefer not to talk about it….
  • lets just say you could have died
  • but still, despite all that happened, your love for sports never stopped but you and playing sports did
  • didn’t really take much convincing for you to give it up
  • tbh all your family and friends were thankful
  • anyway
  • as you reached college, university life had been busy specially being an engineering student
  • so when Seongri called you up, inviting you to watch their rugby game with another school, you said yes almost immediately
  • things had been a little stressful so yelling for support (more like yelling in general) was good enough as stress reliever
  • Seongri had been one of your close friends along with Sunghyuk
  • both bulky little males but sports enthusiasts
  • and as feminine as you looked, one reason why they became incredibly close with you had been because of of your same love for sports
  • almost like one of the boys
  • except that during highschool, they tend to get over protective like older brothers despite being in the same batch
  • you all went to the same school but running around in different majors making you have less time to hang out with them
  • you had one of the best seats
  • lets be honest, players for best friends had lots of perks
  • and one of them was having the pleasure to meet the other cute members of the university rugby team
  • there was this lanky boy but apparently really strong one called byun hyunmin
  • there was this one you thought had been the only girl in the group but turns out this member they called ‘rugby teas girlfriend’ was named jang moonbok and he was pretty cool too
  • there had been a lot others but so far aside from your two friends, those other two had been the ones that stuck out at most to you
  • being back by the locker room, you notice the other university’s group slowly flooding in their respective room
  • you’d been taking to sanghyuk about random stuff happening in your college life when one of the other MMO university rugby members came to greet him.
  • He was cute, he quickly introduced himself as Jinwoo and you couldn’t help but smile
  • and just when you thought he was cute, the other three players came around sanghyuk greeting him
  • you stood there rather awkwardly as your friend has been slowly whisked away by the supposed “enemy” for tonight’s game
  • but perhaps that was one other thing you liked about sports, friendships built despite one team winning and the other not.
  • “so you’re sanghyuk’s girlfriend” an unfamiliar male suddenly speaks from your side, taking sanghyuk’s place by the wall from earlier
  • looking up, you smiled a little over at the male. he seemed to be a freshman too
  • you answer with no and admittedly told him that you were close friends with two of the freshman players
  • surprisingly he knows both your friends
  • and even more surprising is that this browned hair guy with that cute lil bunny smile had went up against your highschool team too
  • “oh… I’ve been to every game but I have never seen you”
  • “ah well, it was only recently that I got into rugby but I used to be in the basketball team”
  • okay so maybe not that surprising.
  • “so I’ll see you around” he says as their coach calls for them
  • sanghyuk gives you a look, his eyebrow raised and a smirk on his lips as he just stares teasingly without saying anything
  • “whAt-”
  • going on with the game
  • it was intense
  • there were some times where you thought some players were about to hit each other
  • intense shouting from the audience but there had been more intense shouting moments from the field
  • you thought sanghyuk was even going to get a foul when some players started to push each other
  • the game went on and on
  • for a moment you went, I was supposed to destress but why do I feel even more stressed
  • but all the worry soon fades and replaced with an inhuman screech coming out of your mouth when the buzzer hits and your university wins
  • ofcourse you were incredibly happy your team won but even happier due the fact that your heart swelled with pride knowing two close friends are part of the team
  • “W0OooOoOooooOOh. those are my boys!!!!!”
  • After the game ends, you make your way back to the locker room at the back to wait and congratulate Seongri and Sanghyuk
  • As you were waiting by their locker room door
  • and the team obviously still celebrating their victory
  • because you could hear their hollers even from the entrance
  • the brunette mail from earlier had approached you again giving you a tap on your back
  • “Daniel” you muttered with a smile
  • his hair was still wet, which meant he just came out from the shower
  • a smile mirroring your own as he seems to be shy 
  • he says a hey along with your name
  • “so there’s this small party later on… are you coming?” he asks leaning against the wall again
  • “uh yeah, Seongri had mentioned that to me. are you going?” the words coming out naturally although you felt like your tongue was being held back, feeling lke you were eating your words.
  • You felt stupid though, when you asked if he was going since he was also a player and he had more right to go than you tbh–
  • but instead his smile grew wider and nodded his head like a little kid.
  • “Yeah I will be. I just wanted to make sure you were going, atleast I’d have a reason to stay at the party”
  • “what?” your eyebrows raising in confusion as you looked at him
  • his smile turned into a small smirk “it would be boring without you”
  • you almost rolled your eyes over his words
  • “I didn’t think you’d be /that/ type” you muttered, a small hint of disappointment in your voice
  • “you think I’m a playboy?”he gives you a small pout
  • “well…”
  • “okay what about let’s go to the party and I’ll show you I’m not and give you all my attention or…”
  • “or?”
  • “want to ditch the party and go on a coffee date with me tomorrow?”
  • “daniel… we don’t even know each other. we just met”
  • “that’s why I want to get to know you even better”

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Of Ferrets, Brunettes and Music

—The first time Draco had a piano lesson was when he was 5

—He had seen his mother play the piano in his father’s study before and was utterly fascinated

—So when he requested to learn the piano, his father didn’t show it but he was over-joyed that his son showed a liking to music

—The mentor they paid for was young, pretty and most importantly, extremely talented.

—Draco, being the absolute charmer he was, immediately made his teacher fall in love with him in the first lesson

—Who could blame her? Draco had been abnormally obedient and polite, and he showed real talent.

—At the end of the lesson, Draco asked Ms Fawley where she would be going next, and she informed him she was going home to teach her brother the drums.

The drums?

He really didn’t understand why Narcissa looked so horrified when he asked her about them

—That was until she explained that drums were “muggle-instruments”

—Throughout the years, he only learned piano, eventually besting Ms Fawley when he reached his third year at Hogwarts

—However, his mentor had to leave when he became a fifth year and his home started swarming with Death Eaters

—Draco wasn’t thick, he knew what was going to happen to him soon

—He was constantly on the verge of breakdown.

—And surprisingly, joining the Inquisitorial Squad didn’t help

—Capturing Potter and his gang worsened his mood

—He was in denial of the reason: the look Granger threw at him was full of disappointment and sorrow, and somehow something broke inside him

—The brunette had captured his attention since first year, and he had poured some of that emotion into his piano practising 

—Not that he would admit it

—And after that look, he needed his piano more than ever

—During classes he didn’t need to pay attention to, he was always composing. During the holidays, he could spend hours and hours shut away in his room strumming away on his piano, drenching every bit of depression and hollowness in his soul

—When he was forced to bear the dreadful mark, the piano just wasn’t enough anymore

—He needed something more carefree, something that broke through usual sequences 

—He had read about the exact thing he required when he was a young boy, before the monsters caught up to him

—Turns out the Room Of Requirement wasn’t used to offering muggle objects

—The set of drums in there was close to garbage, with extremely low quality

—It wasn’t even complete for Salazar’s sake!

—And even if it was complete and qualified, Draco didn’t have the time to learn it

—He was too busy worrying about his and his family’s life every day

—He almost vomitted and started sobbing right then and there when he overheard that the Dark Lord commanded his Death Eaters to kill Granger immediately when they invade Hogwarts to get to Potter

—Why did the bitch have to target Granger of all people? Why not Weasel-bee?

—He was sure he had gone bollocks when he walked into his room and destroyed his piano with his bare hands

—While he was punching away on the instrument, all he could think of was that Voldemort had learned his feelings for Granger every time he played said instrument, therefore targeting the brunette as a punishment to Draco

—He was suffocating, he needed to destroy. So he did, both the piano and himself

—His mother found him unconscious next to shards of wood, knuckles red with dried blood

—She hugged her son to her chest and sobbed hysterically

—Draco didn’t want to, but he found himself sitting with his fellow Slytherins in the great hall for the start of his eighth year after the war

—Everyone felt distant, throwing disapproving glances every time he walked passed them

—But what really drove him insane was Hermione Granger’s eyes

—They were full of sympathy, and he felt nauseous every time he saw them.

—No matter what, he was still a Malfoy, pity from a Gryffindor and a Muggle-born was unacceptable no matter what

—Though he had to admit that both of the facts no longer bothered him that much

—However, he destroyed his only connection to sanity two years ago, so if it weren’t for his cold mask, he would’ve broken down whenever the gossipers pointed at him and whispered ,”death eater”, “murderer”, “unworthy”, “why is Malfoy still here?”, “he should be rotting in Azkaban”

—There was one time he heard something pleasant from said gossipers though

—”I heard that the McGonagall bought in a set of drums to the Gryffindor common room.” “Yeah! I also heard that it’s best brand in the muggle world,” “Gryffindors and their priorities…”

—Draco found a way to learn a Gryffindor first year’s secret and threatened him to give the common room password with it

—He sneaked into the red and gold common room at three o’clock in the morning, finding a shiny new set of the percussion tucked in the corner

—He cast a Muffliato and started to play it, investigating the right way to strum it along the way

—He continued this action for two weeks, and to his frustration, he couldn’t seem to get it right

—”Mate,” Blaise said to him one day, “why are you always going to the library nowadays?” Draco rolled his eyes and spat,”what would I be doing? Planning murder? Knew you’d eventually think of me like that,” he stormed away, ignoring Blaise’s calls. 

—Truth is, he wasn’t really frustrated. He just couldn’t think of an excuse for reading muggle books on how to play the drums properly. His defense mechanism was being cold, and it worked again.

—The investigation made him oblivious to the change in Granger’s look towards him

—”What the hell are you doing?” Draco froze that fateful night Granger caught him in the common room.

—She was standing in front of the fireplace, the flames giving the right side of her face beaming light. Her hair was a nest, but he guessed it was only because she just woke up. Her curls started to change from frizzy to wavy during third year, and he had to admit he had fantasized running his fingers through them before…

—”I asked you a question Malfoy!”

Defense Mechanism! “It’s none of your business,” he snarled

—Fuck it all! Why is she walking towards him?

—”Of course it’s my business, Draco,” why in Merlin’s name isn’t she in Slytherin? She had basically found his weak spot and poked right into it! “Just in case you haven’t noticed, this is the common room of my house. Besides, you’re playing it wrong.”

—What happened next baffled Draco so badly his jaw almost dropped open when Hermione Granger pushed past him and started playing the drums. Her eyes were concentrated, her hands holding the drumsticks and strumming in all the right places at the right time, like it was as easy as performing magic with her wand. It looked as if drum-playing was her second nature.

—He really had no idea why he had ended up sneaking into the Gryffindor common room the following days at 3am not to discover the ways to play the drums on his own, but going to Hermione’s lessons

—He didn’t know when they started to address each other by their first names, probably after the awkward morning when he blushed as red as Weasel’s hair when he apologized for all the mean things he had done to her.

—”Does it still hurt Hermione?” Draco asked 2 months after they started their lessons, “the scar?”

—She bit her lower lip and lowered her head, causing him to lower his head too to see her expression

—”Yes,” she breathed,”yes it does.” Draco felt his insides churn with guilt. “I’m sorry that I just stood there,” he turned his head to look at the fireplace, not daring to meet the brunette’s eyes, for he was sure he would grow speechless once he saw those pools of chocolate, “I don’t deserve any of this.”

—Slowly, Hermione took his hand in her own and slid up his sleeve, Draco felt his breath hitch, now even more afraid to look at those pretty eyes.

—Hermione Granger never failed to surprise. Once the ugly mark—His Mark, the Dark Mark—entered her sight, she bent her head and kissed it.

—Tears tumbled down his face as Hermione shushed him and wiped the droplets. She was the only one who understood him in the whole world. She was an amazing observer, and Draco knew if he didn’t hide anything in his eyes, she’ll know what message he wanted to deliver to her.

—”I play piano too you know,” of course he knows, he had observed her fingers for two months now. “If you learn the drums, we could start a little band of our own!” She broke into a smile, adjusting her body to face him. “We could travel around the world, bringing light to all the damaged souls…”

—His lips crashed into hers, pouring every bit of his passion into the action. How can someone be so perfect? Fuck, even her lips were perfect. Soft, plump…

—Hermione pulled away to gasp for air, and Draco would’ve apologized for his recklessness if the brunette didn’t grasp onto his blond hair and kissed him again.

—If Heaven existed, he was sure that it would be Hermione kissing him all day long. 

—Blaise was utterly puzzled when Draco was almost sprinting the day after.

—He didn’t know what happened to Draco, but as long his friend was happy, he didn’t mind totally minded

—He was a Slytherin, wasn’t determination one of the traits?

—He found out why in a broom cupboard, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets when he witnessed Draco Malfoy snogging the daylights out of HERMIONE BLOODY GRANGER.

—”Fuckity fuck Blaise, what the hell are you doing here?”

—”What the fuck did I just see???”

—Unfortunately for our dear Blaise Zabini, it wouldn’t be the first time he witnessed Draco and Hermione crashing lips

—However, he couldn’t be happier for his friend when Draco, clad in his black suit, kissed Hermione Malfoy in front of Potter and Weasel, their fuming faces ignored by the round of applause that came afterwards

—True to her word, Hermione did start a little band after her wedding, which wasn’t little at all after three months of its formation

—The Malfoys’ band was called “Of Ferrets, Brunettes and Music”


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The King’s Princess

Narry Version || Female POV

“Daddy, can we get ice cream on our way home?” The soft voice of Niall’s almost five-year-old daughter was quiet but completely audible to his trained ear. He glances over at her, trying to not smile at her eyes doing the best puppy dog pout.

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Idk if you're still doing these but, B 30/66 combo?? (PS your writing is fantastic)

ahh shucks dude! Hope you enjoy this sad little one-shot

Bechloe - ‘Death’/‘Broken’

Beca jumped out of the Uber and dashed down the path to the large house that belonged to the Beale family. She had no idea what she was going to say. What she was going to do.

But when your best friend’s mother calls you telling you that her daughter is in pieces and that nobody can get her to talk or eat or come out of her bedroom – well you take the two flights and two Uber’s straight over.

And that’s exactly what Beca had done the moment she’d ended the call with Mrs Beale a few hours ago. Because she loved Chloe. She’d never told Chloe she loved her. But she did. She was very much in love with her. And it killed her that the woman she loved was hurting.

Mrs Beale had the front door open before Beca even had a chance to knock on it and the older woman looked at the twenty five year old with a tired, worried, yet grateful expression. Behind her stood Chloe’s four older brothers, with grave expressions on their faces. Their father had been involved in a horrific car accident three days ago. Beca had known nothing about it until Mrs Beale’s phone call to her earlier that day.

“Thank you so much for coming” Mrs Beale croaked, sounding as though she had been crying nonstop these past couple of days and Beca didn’t doubt for a moment that the woman had. Beca stepped into the entrance hall of the house, The Beale’s moving to the side to make space for her. She hadn’t thought to pack anything. She’d just come here straight from the meeting she’d dashed out of, telling her boss there’d been a family tragedy and she needed to leave early.

“I’m sorry for your loss” Beca said in a quiet voice, hating how hollow the words sounded. There was no way of saying anything at this moment without it sounding forced. Because what could be said at a time like this? The Beale’s all gave her a sad smile. They must have understood how difficult this atmosphere must feel, particularly for a women they knew to be so often socially awkward.

“She’s upstairs,” Mrs Beale said, placing a gently hand on Beca’s back, “in her bedroom.”

“Is it unlocked?” Beca found herself asking quietly, wanting to respect the hush around the house.

“Yeah we’ve all tried talking to her but she’s not responding.” One brother said.

“She won’t even let us hug her.” Another brother said, and this was a warning sign to Beca. She could tell this was also probably the reason why Chloe’s mother had called her. If there was anyone who Chloe would open up to it would be her best friend. The woman Beca had heard rumours Chloe loved. But those rumours had come from Fat Amy so there was no telling if it was true.

“Has she had water?” The brunette asked and Mrs Beale nodded.

“I encouraged her to have a few sips this morning but that’s been it.”

Beca took a deep breath and walked to the bottom step, she looked over her shoulder at Chloe’s mother and brothers, all of whom had tired, hopeful looks on their faces, “Bring up a banana and hot chocolate and leave them outside her door. I’ll get her to eat it when she’s ready.” But as Beca slowly ascended the stairs she couldn’t trust that her words were the truth, because she had no idea what state she’d find her best friend in.

Her feet carried her softly to the closed door of Chloe’s bedroom. Beca brought her left palm to the cool wood and held it there, holding her breath, listening out for any sounds coming from the room beyond the door. But there was nothing. So with another deep breath Beca push herself into the room.

Her heart began to race as her eyes peered around at the pristine bedroom. Everything in its own place just as Chloe always had it. Beca’s deep blue eyes fell upon the foot of the double bed to her left, and in it the figure of her best friend, curled up in the foetal position. Her heart ached as she saw how pale Chloe’s face looked, her eyes looking a far brighter blue than they ever had before thanks to how bloodshot the whites of her eyes were. Her long red hair was bedraggled over her pillow, and she appeared to be breathing steadily. She stared at the wall opposite her but didn’t appear to be seeing it. Rather it was as though she was staring right through it.

Beca said nothing, she just closed the door gently behind her, tugged her converse off, and shrugged her coat off, letting it fall to a heap on the floor beside her footwear. Then with a gentle sigh the brunette made her way over to Chloe’s bed. She didn’t wait for a reaction, which was good because Chloe didn’t move a muscle. It was as though she was frozen. Beca crawled onto the bed, laying face-to-face with her best friend who didn’t even blink at her arrival.

Beca swallowed loudly, then wrapped her arms around Chloe’s body and pulled her into a tight hug. She placed a long firm kiss on Chloe’s forehead then closed her eyes as she felt her best friend’s body tremble within her embrace and she heard Chloe begin to sob heavily into her chest. And there they laid for God knows how long. Chloe cried for a very long time and Beca stroked her back and hair, giving her the occasional firm kiss on the head. And as time went on Chloe’s crying subsided. Beca even wondered whether at one point the redhead had fallen asleep, exhausted from crying so much.

“Thank you” Chloe croaked, and Beca kissed the top of her head again then loosened her hold on her best friend as Chloe pulled her head away from the brunette’s chest to look up at her. Beca’s heart lurched at the sight of how vulnerable Chloe looked. She continued to stroke her fingertips up and down her back in the hope that it was providing comfort. She saw Chloe looking quickly from one eye to the other and back again over and over as though trying to read Beca’s thoughts, but Beca’s mind was blank. They’d never laid like this before, and Beca’s heart skipped a beat as she saw Chloe look down at her mouth.

Very slowly Chloe tilted her head and her soft lips pressed against Beca’s. The kiss was tender and Beca lay motionless, ensuring to kiss Chloe back but with the redhead in charge of pressure and length of the kiss. Because this would absolutely hands-down be deemed ‘taking advantage’ if she tried to deepen this kiss, no matter how desperately she wanted to. Then Chloe broke the kiss slowly with a heavy sigh, holding her nose against Beca’s cheek and Beca’s nose against her cheek as they relished the intimacy. Neither smiled, both feeling too sad to smile despite the smidge of happiness they felt having done something they had so desperately wanted to do for so long.

Chloe curled herself back down into Beca’s embrace, and the brunette kissed her head again. They both let out heavy sighs. Chloe was broken, the heartache of her father’s sudden death consuming her whole world right now. But Beca wasn’t going anywhere, and both women knew that as they lay together silently on Chloe’s bed.

“Will you drink some water for me?” Beca mumbled quietly against Chloe’s head, worried how dehydrated her best friend was from all the crying she’d done. To her relief she felt Chloe nod against her chest. So Beca peeled her arms from around Chloe’s body and reached over to the glass of water that stood on the cabinet beside Chloe’s bed. Chloe sniffed as she sat up weakly, accepting the glass and taking small sips of water, gasping after each swallow.

Beca brought a hand up and curled a lock of her red hair behind her ear and Chloe looked down at her with a small sad smile. “I’m so sorry Chlo,” Beca began in a soft voice, “if I could trade places with your Dad I would.”

Tears began to form in Chloe’s eyes again and Beca started to panic a little, but the answer to those tears fell out of the redhead’s mouth quite quickly, “It wouldn’t change my reaction Beca. I’d be just as heart broken if you’d been in that crash instead of him.” Chloe croaked quietly, and Beca swallowed as she realised the reality of just how much she meant to Chloe. So the brunette simply nodded slowly, as a way of showing she understood, then took the glass from Chloe’s hand, returning it to the cabinet beside the bed.

“Will you eat something?” Beca dared to ask softly, “Please?”

She felt a wave of relief as Chloe gently nodded. Beca swung her legs to the edge of the bed and stood up with the intention of getting the banana and hot chocolate from outside the bedroom door. To her surprise though, Chloe gently stood up beside her and took her hand. Together they slowly made their way out of the bedroom, stepped over the banana and drink that had been left on a tray outside the door, and made their way downstairs.

Beca squeezed Chloe’s hand in reassurance as they entered the kitchen. Chloe’s mother and brothers all turned to look at the two women, all taking deep breaths. To their relief Chloe briefly revealed a sad smile, and they noticed that Beca held her hand.

Beca remained in the doorway as Chloe stepped further into the kitchen and allowed her family to envelope her in a huge group hug. Sobs and cries were heard from all six of The Beale’s as they mourned together. The older Beale’s would be forever grateful to Beca, because getting the youngest Beale out of her bedroom was the first step towards her very long healing process. Something that may not have happened had Beca not been there.

Baby Danvers/Lena Luthor Fic Part One

Hey guys, so this is going to be as the title says a Baby Danvers (you) and Lena Luthor fic/imagine. I didn’t come up with the headcanon of Baby Danvers so creds to the person who came up with it. This plot just kinda came to me and now I’m running with it. Let’s pretend National City is close to New York City. Lena won’t be in this one a lot but she will be in the next chapter. I hope you guys enjoy. xox

- Admin Cam

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Baby Danvers/Lena Luthor Fic

Part One: Lecturers and Dinners

Word Count: 676

“I am very excited to introduce you all to today’s guest lecturer. She is a brilliant scientist and CEO who’s groundbreaking research has helped many people around the world. Everybody please welcome the one and only Lena Luthor.” Your professor says and a gorgeous brunette takes her place at the podium. Your jaw hits the floor. The Lena Luthor is standing in front of your class.

Throughout her lecture, you hang on to every word she says hoping that the class will never end. When the lecture finally does end, you go up to the brunette.

“Hi, Ms. Luthor, I’m (Y/N) and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the quantum mechanics you were describing in your lecture?” You ask hoping she can’t tell how nervous you are.

“I’m glad someone was listening,” She says with a wink, “I wish I could give you an answer right now, but I have a meeting I have to get to. So, how about we have lunch tomorrow at the cafe across the street at noon?”

“That sounds great. I can’t wait!”

“Then I will see you tomorrow.” You and Lena leave the lecture hall together and part ways once you’re outside.

You check your phone to see a message from your older sister.

Kara:Hey are you still coming over for dinner tonight?!

You laugh at the amount of emojis she put in such a simple text and send her a text back.

You: Yes leaving campus now

You rush to the subway and get to Kara’s apartment in twenty minutes. You knock on the door and hear the smoke alarm start to go off inside. A few seconds later, Kara opens the door.

“(Y/N)!” She exclaims giving you a hug.

“Hey, Kara. You know you just saw me two weeks ago right?” You ask chuckling.

“But it’s been so long!” She says finally letting you go, and the two of you walk inside where Alex is trying to get the smoke alarm to stop going off.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Alex huffs.

“Don’t mind her, Baby Danvers. She’s just upset because she failed at cooking… again,” Alex’s girlfriend, Maggie, teases from her spot on the couch. “So, how’s your junior year going in the Big Apple?”

“It’s going good! We had an amazing lecturer today in one of my physics classes.” You say thinking about the intelligent and beautiful brunette from earlier.

“I’m happy you’re doing good, kid.” Maggie says patting you on the shoulder.

“I ordered pizza!” Alex announces as her and Kara come over and join you and Maggie.

“Hey, you can never go wrong with pizza.” Kara says trying to make Alex feel a little bit better.

After dinner, as Alex and Maggie are about to leave Kara asks you if you’d like to stay with her tonight since it’s getting late.

“Thanks, sis, but I have a thing tomorrow and I need to get some work done on a project before then.” You say hugging her.

“A thing? What kind of thing?” Alex asks raising an eyebrow.

“Nothing. It’s just a lunch thing…”

“Like a date?” Kara asks excitedly.

“No, no, no. It’s not a date. It’s just a meeting.” You say shuffling your feet.

“You’re either going on a date or you’re meeting someone and you wish it was a date. So, which one is it, Baby Danvers?” Maggie asks smirking.

“It’s just a meeting.”

“Why are you blushing if it’s just a meeting?” Alex asks smirking like her girlfriend.

“Because you’re embarrassing me!” You exclaim hiding your face behind Kara.

“Fine we’ll leave you alone, but just know Kara, Maggie, and I could totally use our resources to figure out who this mystery person is.” Alex says and you groan.

“Goodbye, I’m leaving. You guys are too much.” You say putting on your coat.

“Bye, (Y/N)!” The three call as you leave.

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Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Write a short scene of Dianakko's first kiss. ... Please? XD You don't have to

A.N : Not sure if I can make that short, but at least I’ll try to make it good !

“Wow ! Look, Diana ! This weird plant’s flowers are all different colours ! It looks like a rainbow !

- Indeed. It’s a magical plant which originates from the fairies’ realm. They have a lot of useful properties, especially in medicine. One of my ancestor discovered that, when used with a mandragore’s leaf, these flowers can cure the plague. Because of that, this species almost disappeared during the black plague in the 14th century. Luckily, the Cavendish family cultivated them and, after a few years, the species was saved.

- Woah ! That’s incredible ! But why is one of these plants here, in Chum Lee’s shop ?

- Well, now that magic is less efficient than science in the medical area, those plants are mostly used as decorations. Their intense colours make them some of the most beautiful flowers you can find in this world.

- Indeed, they’re really pretty !”

Akko straightened her back and looked around the shop. Despite being there multiple times, she always found new things to get excited about. At least, it had the advantage of taking her thoughts away from the main reason for her presence here with Diana, which allowed her to relax. Because today, she didn’t come in town to fool around : she came here on a date with the most beautiful, wonderful girl she ever met.

It took her long enough, but she finally came to terms with her feelings for Diana and accepted that she liked the blonde witch more than a friend should. So the previous day, she confessed her feelings to the girl and managed to ask her out on a date. Diana clearly felt just as embarassed as Akko, so she just nodded and stuttered a few words to propose a time and place where they could meet up. And that’s how the two witches ended up in Chum Lee’s shop, talking about plants to avoid a more embarassing question : what do people do on dates ?

Akko had no idea what she should do now. She wanted to do couple-y things with Diana, maybe even hold her hand, but she was too embarassed to ask. She had to find an alternative, something to say before this date became a total failure ! That’s when she was struck with an idea :

“Diana ! How about we go get ice cream ?

- Huh ? Well, it is hot today, so why not ?

- Yay !”

The two girls made their way out of the shop and went to the ice cream truck. Akko chose a weird combination of flavours, as usual, while Diana took a simple vanilla and strawberry ice cream. They decided to sit on a bench in a secluded and presently empty part of the square.

After a minute or two, Akko noticed that Diana was lost in thought. Deciding that she should make her move now, the brunette leaned towards the other girl and asked :

“Do you wanna try mine ?”

Diana looked surprised and a bit flustered when she noticed how close Akko had gotten. Shyly, she nodded her head and leaned towards the ice cream, taking a little bite of the scoop of mint.

“It’s good, isn’t it ?

- Yes, Diana answered with a little smile, it’s very good.”

Happy, Akko started to eat again. But Diana soon interrupted her, saying :

“Akko, you have a bit of ice cream on your cheek.

- Huh ? Where ? asked the brunette while sweeping her arm over her face.”

The blonde’s hand on hers stopped her and Akko turned towards the other girl, a questionning look on her face.

“I’ll… take care of it for you, explained Diana while staring at the bench.”

The blonde’s cheeks were pink when she said that and they only darkened as she looked at Akko. The brunette heard her gulp, but didn’t have time to question Diana on her strange behaviour as the blonde leaned forward and kissed Akko’s cheek, an inch away from her lips. The Japanese girl couldn’t help but squeal when she felt Diana’s tongue caressing the spot. The prodigy quickly retreated, face as red as Akko’s eyes and gaze focused on anything but Akko’s form next to her. She immediately apologized :

“So-Sorry, it was… too much… wasn’t it ?

- No-No, it’s… it’s fine ! I was just… surprised, is all…

- I-I see…”

They stayed silent for a while, eating their ice creams and blushing whenever their eyes made contact. A few minutes passed like this, allowing the girls to finish their ice creams before Akko decided to say something. It was now or never !

Taking a deep breath to calm herself down a bit -it totally failed-, Akko looked at Diana : the girl was still blushing and avoiding eye contact. Taking her courage in both hands, Akko managed to say :

“Dia-Diana, you-you have some ice cream… on your face…

- Oh, is-is that so ? Could you… tell me where it is ?

- Don’t-Don’t bother ! I’ll get it for you…”

Bracing herself, Akko leaned forward quickly while being careful of not hurting Diana in the process. The heiress’ eyes widened as she felt the brunette’s lips on hers. But it ended as soon as it started, Akko pulling back as fast as she could in case Diana didn’t like it. After a few seconds of shocked -and embarassed- silence, Akko said :

“He-Here, I think I got it all.

-O-Oh, yes, thank you… But…”

Akko curled up on herself, ready to get a scolding for her bold move. She was surprised to feel Diana’s hand under her chin, making her tilt her head up, before the girl said :

“I think you still has some of it… on you…”

And then Diana kissed her. It was hesitant at first, little brushes of lips. They barely even touched each other. But then they grew more confidant, their kisses became firmer, passionnate even. Akko encircled Diana’s waist with her arms and licked the blonde’s bottom lip before sucking on it lightly. Looping her arms around Akko’s back and shoulders, Diana let out a little moan as she kissed back with just as much fervor.

After a minute or two, the girls were forced to pull away to breath. Panting, they looked at each other and said, in perfect synchronisation :

“I love you.”

Smiling, they started kissing again.

A.N : Ooookay… Sooo… It’s the first time I write this kind of scene and I don’t know if I did it right, but I hope you’ll like it anyway !

P.S : As I thought, couldn’t really make it short, huh ? Welp.