happy to b back

happy holidays \o/

this was apart of the @christmas-shou exchange for @lilpea !

On Altea we wear this colour to honour our fallen warriors.



First of all thank you for being yourself which makes you amazing! and thank you for being so supportive to everyone and such a great and kind person. You are great amazing sweet kind and talented (which I’d call amazingly great at drawing). I hope and wish you have an amazing day with your friends/family and a happy birthday! ^-^

I know this is one of the worst drawings there is for such an great person like you but I still wanted to try do something since I can’t do much with my simple art ;w;

happy b-day @paintingit

anonymous asked:

Gary why wpuld ypu freal put over being transparent. Its not possibke if ypu do t have a reason

Shortaki Week Day 8: Complete

The whole family :’)

I suppose this takes place after Arnold’s business trip from this I made a while ago. The plane got delayed because of weather so he made it home much later than he hoped to (I decided to change his hair style tho). Vicente and Haley really wanted to stay up to see him get home and Helga’s kind of weak to the both of them so she allowed them to try. Try being the keyword b/c they didn’t quite make it lol Even Helga ended up dozing off a bit near the end there. So Arnold comes home expecting the kids to be tucked into their own beds only to see them with Helga and he knows exactly what happened and he’s really touched and just so happy to be back to them b/c he loves them so much. His complete little family. 

And that completes shortaki week, woo!