happy time. fun

Sorry if everyone might be confused on who is who right now, but we are all just having a fun positive game with masks!! It is a fun happy little mystery! i͟ ̷̧͜d̵̢́͏o̧̡n͜͠t̸̢͟ ̧̛̀͜k̶҉̛ņ̵̢͟͡ơ̴̷͢w̴̕ ̛́̕͢ẁ̶̢҉h̷̸̶̨ó̢ ̴̨̧͢i̡ ̡͡a̡҉m͢͠ ̸́́͝͠a͏̧̀̕͝n̛̕y̸͜m̸͝o͜͏ŕ̡̕͜͡e͟͏ At least we all look the same.

It’s all happy fun time here!!

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I'm seeing comments about C wanting to keep T private. That still doesn't explain their actions on red carpet at GG. It was announced they were engaged. Even if you don't want to show any PDA at least be in the same zip code! It should be a happy fun time and she was anything but that. Again, at this point it has nothing to do with Sam if this is all true. I have known people who are private and are not on social media that much and when they have had engagements/babies they put it on I/G.

Same zip code would be a good start LOL As you say if it’s true she took it to the extreme (the privacy shit), has not known how to manage and handle it ending up looking ridiculous. As someone else mentioned there’s a difference between privacy (which many celebs out there know how to pull) and this absurd secrecy/mistery surrounding the Maestro. 


I don’t know how but this AU got heavily inspired by what Shimizu san said before-
Yuuri being earth and Victor being the moon who keeps drifting toward him.
I find these words so beautiful.

anyone else have that one villager that lived in your very first animal crossing town and you just love them unconditionally


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know