You will be happy again, you will be more yourself than ever, you will understand your heart better when you heal, you will be whole, you will be okay.

Beautiful things to look forward to:
  • People you haven’t met yet who will come to love you
  • New flavors of ice cream
  • Summer 2016 memories 
  • Your favorite bands releasing new music 
  • Finding a book that speaks to you 
  • Thrift store finds that make you feel beautiful
  • Noticing that you are drifting down the path you want to go in life
  • Finding the courage to be who you are no matter who is with you

Sometimes you need to be selfish and make yourself and your happiness a priority. This may require you to cut out some things in your life, but be strong because your happiness is worth it.

Don’t give up. You can do this. You are so strong and you’ve held on for this long. Hang on for another day, another week. Pretty soon its another month, another year, and you got through it. You can make it to those better days, and I want you to be there to see them. Hold on please.

Just some cute little thoughts

• mari wearing little bows in her hair
• nino and alya holding hands
• adrien hugging mama agreste
• rose braiding juleka’s hair
• nathanaël using water colours for the first time
• sabine and tom teaching little mari to make cupcakes