happy the clown

Gamzee Week: Dec. 11-17

Sunday: pre-game/childhood
gamzee had an interesting childhood and that no doubt had an impact on how he turned out, so we’re kicking off gamzee week with a day to focus on everything that happened to him before sgrub!

Monday: happy gamzee!
lets face it, we didnt get to see enough of this clown being happy, so heres a whole day dedicated to happy gamz!

Tuesday: clown
this day is focusing on the clown element of his personality, wanna draw him on a unicycle? with a red nose? in a traditional clown outfit? go for it!

Wednesday: au!
wanna draw bloodswap? humanstuck? gamzee as a piece of toast? heres a day to do whatever you want!

Thursday: quadrants
gamzee had several quadrantmates throughout the comic, so this is the day to explore those, or even any noncanon quadrants!

Friday: holiday
tis the season to draw some holiday gamzee! in the snow, in a santa hat, playing with a dreidel, whatever seasonal activity you desire!

Saturday: post-game/redemption arc
so, real talk, no one is happy with gamzees ending, so heres your chance to give him the ending he deserved!

ask me any questions you have and sigmal boost this post to get the word around! i look forward to gamzee week!

edit: art by @makarel!

“There’s a familiar smell in the air, and a certain birdy has just done something weird in his pants. Heh, kids these days…And since I can hear a squeak, and a screech, and a crack, and a grind, coming from the road near by, there’s one thing for sure… It’s time for me to dash, and run, and hide and go. Christmas is almost in town! Toodles, damsels and lads! Before the Ghost of Gotham’s Past arrives, this Clown has so many things to blow!”