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i’m gonna make this clear. nu'est has been giving us so much. from the cfs to vlives, the boys have been doing so much n i’ve never seen them so happy. they’re dropping 2017 versions of songs now (lil promo: they dropped ‘hello 2017 ver.); pls check it out!! it’s amazing n will make u cry. also they’re gonna drop a 2017 ver. of ‘look (a starlight night)’ at 11pm kst so make sure to check that out also. as always also check out their old music 👼). it truly makes me believe that going onto produce 101, despite all the tears n struggles, was a opportunity that turned into an amazing reality for them. when they make their comeback, i want the world to be in awe. i want them to be getting more opportunities. i don’t want them to be stressed out anymore n worrying, about what’s going to happen tomorrow n the next day n so on. i want them to finally be recognized for their hard work that they’ve been putting out for the past 5/6 years. i remember mingi said in his vlive that him n the members are always thinking about us n they truly are. also the fact that they changed their name just to wait for minhyun n finally be all together, makes me tear up. they’ve been through so much n they really do deserve the world..they really do.

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           Those listed here, now that I am awake, I just wanted to tag you guys for leaving me a kind and encouraging comment last night.  It’s such a small gesture but the positive impact is phenomenal.  I want you guys to  know that tevery single one is highly appreciated and taken to heart. Thank you so so much!! I love you guys to bits and pieces and having you all on my dash, no matter the  amount of time you were on hiatuses,  again is a gift in and of itself.  I’m beyond lucky to have you guys as my mutuals, friends,  and writing partners. i wish you guys nothing  but the best in life and if life drags you down, let me know so i can freeze it for you


No. REAL FANS are not in the category of just not shipping Larry. A real fan is someone that, no matter what shit they read, or see, no matter what’s brought up, or denied, they STILL support the boys as people first. You can be a Larrie, an anti, anything and still not let that get in the way of putting the boys first. But you cannot be an ass to them, and do nothing to support them, but still be considered a real fan just cuz you’re not a Larrie. That should have nothing to do with it. 😒 So act right and just support the hard work they’ve been doing.

I literally dont know how i can make this any more clear. Asexual and aromantic people belong in the LGBT community as much as the rest of us. And before your dumbass pipes up “but not cishet aces”, first of all fuck you. Secondly, they are NOT HETERO. They are Asexual. Which literally negates the idea of them possibly being heterosexual. They are not heteromantic. They are Aromantic. Which literally negates the idea of them possibly being heteromantic.
Support aces and aros this pride season.

sisters that go through traumatizing shit together stay together

hello confirmation that cyrus turning around was intentionally to show that he likes jonah!! can i just point out that they are clapping and cheering! i have never been this happy, i mean, look at them. look at josh. look at asher. listen to peyton. listen to everyone in the room. they support it. they are just as excited about this as we are. this is happening people & i couldn’t be happier!!


— Your smile can brighten even the darkest night. ☆ 

Happy birthday to my precious source of happiness, inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Sehun for everything. ♡
Never stop smiling. ~ ☆ 

I love how it shows that Jin really can be a big mood booster for Namjoon.

Namjoon really thinks a lot about things, because he’s so smart, but some times he can spiral into seeing something good as a flaw.

Something that really moved me was this part when they were talking about their struggles at the beginning and how would it be if they had to go through it all over again and Namjoon was kind of frustrated and said “Why do we always talk so much about this!!”

And Jin calmly said “Because it’s not gonna happen”

I felt like in that moment, Namjoon saw things from other perspective instead of getting worried/frustrated about it.

Namjin make a great team because I think Jin is a simple minded person that says “It’s going to be okay” and he trusts as he works. Namjoon on the other hand, worries as he works.

Together they get the mood and the maturity to think and overcome.