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happy bday Joshua Hong™️ ♡♡♡♡♡
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“The overflow of greenery meant the place always felt cluttered, but the way the sunlight of the late afternoon filtered in through the windows, catching on the leaves and casting the flowers in hundreds of beautiful shades of light and dark, you didn’t mind being surrounded by them at all.”

- Anticipate the Moss Rose by @stormae

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i was supposed to take the day off but it is just TOO dang nice out and i’m so jazzed up after applying to my friggn’ dream job earlier (that i never even knew was a thing so i didn’t know it was my dream job but IT IS). so after we took minnah for a long walk i was itching to run. and it just so happened we were out of her treats and had to go to the store so i decided to run there. and about a mile in i realized i was going the opposite direction of the store - just sort of zoned, i never run that way unless i’m going to the store because it’s where the busiest streets are. sooo i figured, “i’ll end up there eventually” and made a big loop lol. happy sunday run day after all 

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Soulmate au where the law, like, heavily pressures you to marry your soulmate, and they meet when one of them is coming home from a rally wearing an anti-soulmate laws shirt? Soulmate-recognizing method up to you. <3

a/n: thanks for the prompt! you didn’t specify a couple so I went with my go-to, which is bellarke, but if you had another pairing in mind just send me a new one :) the soulmate-recognizing method is ‘the first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your body and vise versa’; thanks to @kay-emm-gee for looking this over for me ♥

send me soulmate sunday/magic monday prompts! 


As a general rule, Bellamy despised crowds. They were loud, stifling and he hated being surrounded by sweaty bodies with no immediate exit. It irked him and made his skin itch, his senses sharpened nearly to the point of being raw, like a screeching sound that he could hear but couldn’t turn off no matter what.

And the rally – despite it being over – well, it was making everything ten times worse.

If it was up to Bellamy, he wouldn’t even be here; it was just that he had pulled a double shift following an all-nighter, and at this point all he wanted was to slip into his bed, close his eyes and blissfully welcome the sleep. But Octavia has insisted on at least witnessing the final march and Bellamy didn’t have it in him to refuse her, not when they both supported the clause vehemently, having personally suffered from the twisted up illusion Soulmate Act IV imposed upon the citizens of Arkadia.

Sometimes staying with your soulmate was way worse than living without them, but divorcing your soulmate, let alone leaving them, was seen as a sin worse than murder, and many people suffered, trapped in relationships they didn’t truly want.

And with the increase of domestic violence and murder recently, following the latest update on the Soulmate Act, Bellamy was happy to see the people come together and stand against the government and the Act.

He sighed heavily and let Octavia tug him closer to the moving crowd, falling into step and smiling tiredly at his sister when she waved her little flag in support, grinning widely up at him. He focused on her and ignored the crowd, mentally calculating the time until he was back home.

“Cheer up, big brother. We’re making history.” Octavia bumped his shoulder with hers and he mussed her hair in retaliation.

“Yeah, yeah, and our grandkids will praise our bravery and wit.”

She rolled her eyes and was about to answer back when she was interrupted by another girl.

“With that frown on your face it definitely won’t be your looks that they’ll be swooning over.”

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OB Crack: Art Attacks! (6/?) (Previous comics here)

“Sarah I-don’t-even-know-how-to-look-at-art Manning”

LC, obcrack, cheeky-geek-m0nkey –> Flabbergasties

Henry’s Adventure

This lovely manip was made by the talented and amazing @starscythe. To see the high res version, go here

This was a mistake.

His heart beats in his chest, he can hear his pulse in his ears.

He’d learned about this in school. Fight or flight, Grandma had called it. Fight or flight, and he doesn’t know which one to pick yet, a million things racing through his head, and dang it, maybe he should have listened to Mom.

He’d wanted to go with them, despite what Mom had wanted (mothers had wanted). Ma couldn’t really say what she’d wanted before they left; she’d conked out, tucked into one of those fancier beds at Camelot.

It’s the Darkness that’s making her so tired, he can feel it, can see it. He may just be a kid, but he’s not 10 years old anymore. He sees things now. Notices them when his family thinks he doesn’t.

But he knew in his heart, he was supposed to go with them.

But right now, with the fear in Mom’s eyes, and the horror on Robin’s face, he wonders if he did the right thing by pushing to come with them.

Oh man. This was a really bad idea.

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Do you have a picture of Lauren's post that was "problematic" ? Cause I went on her Instagram and there's just a post where she's apologizing

She posted a politics-related video with hashtags & a caption such as “ignorance is bliss”, “go ahead and stay distracted” “happy super bowl Sunday” “lol” (her post is still on her Twitter, but the ig post has been deleted)

And people were offended.