happy stingray

anonymous asked:

Where did you get your rays? And about how difficult is it to take care of them and keep them happy and healthy? I'm interested in keeping freshwater stingrays in the future - any tips?

I purchased two of my rays from local exotic fish stores and the other was bought from another ray keeper. It is pretty difficult to keep them happy and healthy! Stingrays require a lot of space, food (high metabolisms), and lots of maintenance to keep them in top shape. If you’re seriously interested in stingray keeping I suggest heading over to Monster Fish Keepers  and reading as much as possible! 

I just wanted to let you guys know I am en route travelling the world, so my photos may be a bit more spaced out than usual. Don’t worry, I will not stop uploading awesome sea creatures for you.

Meanwhile, since you all love stingrays so much, here is another happy stingray!