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Fight for Love (Sheamus x Reader)

A/N: Since it’s Saint Patrick Day, I decided to write a Sheamus imagine. He is another cute wrestler that I love. So here you go! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone :) MASTERLIST

Word Count: 449

Warnings: None

Gif Imagine: [x]

Y/R/N: Your Ring Name

“Y/R/N!” You walked down the ramp, head up, shoulders back and a wicked look in your eyes. A smirk completed your look. The crowd roared your name and cheered. You looked in the ring and saw Sheamus who had his hands on his waist and a smile. You and Sheamus had a match but it felt wrong because you had a thing for him and you weren’t sure if he does but you kept everything in the friend zone. You got in the ring and smiled. “Someone looks happy.” I said. “That’s because I’m with you.” 

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“Flirt.” You gently punched his shoulders and moved opposite. Since you joined the WWE, there was some acting involved but the way you two acted certainly wasn’t acting. You took your place in the corner of the ring and waited for Sheamus to get ready. He removed his shirt and threw it at the crowd. The crowd screamed as they saw his shirt flying around the stadium. You removed your leather jacket. His red cheeks were visible. The referee rang the bell and the fight began. You threw your leg and it hit his face, sending his straight to the ring floor. Your leg numbed for a moment. You both continued fighting when Kane’s song came on. You both looked at the ramp where he usually entered but he didn’t appear. You felt someone grabbing you by your neck and pulling you towards him. You saw Sheamus punching the man, who was Kane. The cold chains were cutting your oxygen supply. You held on to the chains, tried pulling them away but you failed. Your vision was getting blurrier by the second. Kane seemed indestructible. You dropped to the floor. King Barrett, Rusev and Alberto del Rio came to fight Kane while Sheamus ran next to you, his face had panic written all over it. “Y/N, stay with me! Please!” You laid there staring at him but your vision got darker by the second. He picked your fragile body up bridal style and took you to his room.


You opened your eyes and saw Sheamus staring at you. “Thank God you’re alright.” You smiled at him as he took your hand. “Y/N, would you like to go on a date…sometime?” You felt your cheeks getting hot. Wade who was in the background began flexing his muscles. You pursed your lips and looked back to Sheamus. “I’d love to.” Sheamus smiled and placed a soft kiss on your forehead. “Better sleep princess.”

“What about Kane?”

“We’ll deal with Kane ourselves.” He assured you. He covered you up with his ‘Celtic Warrior’ blanket and gently caressed your head until you fell into your slumber.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Wishing everyone all the happiness in the world! May we all one day meet on the beautiful shores of the Emerald Isle!!! I have been so lucky to find a little piece of Internet with like-minded Ireland lovers and it makes me smile every day!

I hope you get out and enjoy this day and think of Ireland 🇮🇪 Erin go Bragh!!!

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Happy St Patricks day to everyone’s favourite Irish Man 🍀💚


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