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Lutteo → dancing (part vii)

Es Luna. Todo lo que decís se parece a ella y lo que sentís también. Vamos, ¿me vas a decir que no te das cuenta?

“Pigs” in a Blanket 

This was one of my favorite meals as a kid!   Except I used to eat them with buttery crescent rolls, real hot dogs, and american cheese slices.  This is how I made them this time:

The crescent rolls were vegan (by chance), and I bought soy (vegan) hot dogs to put in them. I also bought actual cheese after checking that the farm had good cow treatment. :) They’re super easy to make, you just put half of a hot dog and some cheese (or none for full vegan) on the crescent roll and roll it up.  Bake it until they get nice and golden brown.  My favorite is dipping them in ketchup and mustard :)


The beginning of a legend (x)

Shadow of Israphel is one of the Yogscast most popular series’ (if not, the most) and most fans have accepted it will never be completed. I for one, am not sure whether they will ever will, but I gotta say I don’t care either. I love SoI, but they were getting bored toward the end and you could tell. I want the boys to have fun, and considering how much they’ve both changed since this beginning, I doubt we’re getting any more episodes. At least in the overt way some fans seem to want. What I always loved about SoI was Simon and Lewis and we’re still getting them (wishing Simon all the love in the world for his recovery), just in a different form. So if they don’t wanna do anymore SoI, I do not give a flying shit, and neither should any of you.

Anyway, ignore me. I’m feeling all gooey and emotional cause I’m rewatching old yog vids, deal with it yo.


etsyfindoftheday | pre-halloween finds | 10.10.16

pumpkin harvest soy candle by brooklyncandlestudio

pumpkin and spices like cinnamon, clove, and ginger combine into a perfect autumn scent. this glass candle is made from recycled amber glass … also a nice fall-y touch.

used to be
            telling me
            you were proud of me.

used to be
            getting something
                from you.

used to be
            a puppy
            happy to see me,

used to be
            like this phrase;
            like a reading lesson:
                lad, glad, had, mad,
                toy, joy, soy, coy.

        took a weekend off.
Happy stayed away
        a bit too long.

        became a distant memory,
            something I could describe
            but couldn’t really feel.

        texted,         once in a while,
        somehow always let me know
                it existed,
            but it wasn’t quiet there enough
                    to “be there.”

Happy might’ve forgotten me,
        I might have been the one.

            became my happy.

Happy became a bottle of gin
                    making me laugh
                        and talk
                        and cry.

Happy became staying out late
                    because night was so beautiful
                        and so was not caring
                            I was in the dark.

Happy became not caring
            not caring, forgetting,
                forgetting, happy.

Then happy decided to come back.

And when you told me you were proud of me,
        I knew that still,
                nothing would be quite enough.

And when you got me something new,
        I knew that it
                was just making up for unspent time.

And when I held a puppy in my arms,
        I cried for it
                thankful I was always enough for it,
                thankful it always had time.

        wasn’t simple anymore,
        stays simple anymore,

        but forgetting
                    was so simple.

So forget you.
                    You aren’t my happy

—  Mizpah Grace Castro (”Not Your Little Girl Anymore”)

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 11.26.15

theme thursday: happy happy thanksgiving!

autumn-y jar candle scents by pommesfrites

ignite a little turkey day ambience with some fall-perfect soy jar candles from pommesfrites! whether you love the warm toasty cinnamon-apple scent or the nutmeg-y resonance of spiced pumpkin, you’re truly in for an olfactory treat.