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I was completely amazed by the amount of ElfEver in last night episode. It made the episode even better than I had expected (and I have really high expectations)

Dedicated to raiijinshuu and eversama

sending everyone good vibes today! hope you all have a kick ass day :)


Floppy: But what if-….

Scootaloo: No “what if”. Your sister is not here. Now get out before i call the security.


I agree with Scootaloo. Cause even if she was in Rainbow Factory, she is long gone.

OMG. HOW DID I MISS IT. Another one of my senpais is following me! D: Gah, i cant belive it. Thank you so much! Eeeeek! To everyone who doesnt know, Factory Scootaloo is an awsome blog, with dark tone and gripping story. Totally go follow it!