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Champagne André et Michel Drappier Brut Nature Zero Dosage Blanc de Noirs

Speeding out of this crap 2016 (except for the Cubs!) with this 100% Pinot Noir champagne! Quite a nice way to transition to 2017! Almond croissant, almost burnt croissant flakes, brown butter, and lemon on the nose. Tart on the palate with tart lemon (remember, no dosage/sweetness), brown pear, tarte tatin, almond croissant, some red currants even, and a dry marzipan finish. Happy New Year, everybody!

4/5 bones


Pinot Noir

12% abv

Champagne, FRANCE

Nice  ! !  !     !!

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I saw a piece of writing tagged for me to see by @eswritingoffical that I thought was super sweet of them to mention me in! If you’d like to see the lovely headcanons they wrote based on McCree, Genji, and Angela’s reactions to Hanzo joining the newly recovered Overwatch, please click here! The only reason I’m not reblogging the post is because the praise I want to say about it is rather long (and I needed to add in a happy shibe gif). Sorry deary, I hope you don’t mind ;v;)//

I’m so flattered that you think my writing style is good enough to try out yourself! I’ve expressed more of my liking under the read more— and of course it’s long because I’m an overachiever djlsjkdfh sorry

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