happy shark week :)

Happy Shark Week! There are over 400 known species of sharks in the world of all shapes and sizes. Get to know these three shark species a little better. 

Great white shark
Carcharodon carcharias

One of the world’s largest predatory fishes, great whites are at the top of the ocean food web. Far from being indiscriminate “killers,” they locate their prey—seals, sea lions, dolphins and fishes including other sharks— through smell, eyesight and a well-developed electrical sense. Attacks on humans are rare and probably cases of mistaken identity.

Thintail thresher shark
Alopias vulpinus

With a scythelike upper lobe of the tail fin as long or longer than its body, the thintail thresher is among the most easily recognizable of sharks. These migratory, open ocean giants feed mainly on small schooling fishes and squid, which they round up and stun by thrashing the water with their tails. (Image)

Whale shark
Rhincodon typus

The largest of all fish, the whale shark can reach 20 meters (65 feet) and weigh up to 20,000 kilograms (44,000 pounds). Despite their huge size, they feed by filtering small fish, squid and krill from the water. Whale sharks are thought to have a lifespan of 100 to 150 years, but relatively little is known about them. Learn more about whale sharks.

See models of each of these species in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.

You don’t understand how much I NEEDED this shark!

Percy’s favorite carnival game is the one where you shoot water at the small target because he can cheat manipulate the water just a LITTLE Mom I SWEAR!

Ever been to one of those boardwalk carnival things? Because I haven’t, do they have those water games? And yeah he had to play the game multiple times to win that giant thing.

Btw Happy Shark Week!

Shark Week: Intro

Happy Shark Week everyone!

Every day this week I’ll be posting about a different shark or shark issue. To kick off let’s talk about what sharks are.

Sharks are cartilaginous fish, meaning that their skeleton is made of cartilage rather than hard bone. The only hard bony structure that a shark has is its teeth, and this is why the only fossils we have of sharks are their teeth. Sharks also have what is known as dermal denticles or “skin teeth”. These are v-shaped scales that are made of the same material as teeth.

Sharks have ampullae of lorenzini which are special sensory organ called electroreceptors. They are located all around the face of the shark and under the nose. These jelly filled pores allow sharks to sense muscle movement of other animals.

There are currently over 400 species of shark know to us. They range in size from 8.3 inches (dwarf lanternshark) to 41.5 feet (whale shark).

Some sharks are active hunters.

Some are scavengers.

And some are filter feeders.

Some sharks lay eggs (Oviparity).

Some give birth to live pups (Viviparity).

And for some the eggs develop inside the mother shark (Ovoviviparity).

Being apex predators (at the top of the food chain) sharks are incredibly important to the oceans’ ecosystem and help keep other populations in check. I hope you enjoy shark week and that you learn something new. I know that most of the things being shown on TV this week are going to be over sensationalized and made to make sharks seem like these uncontrollable killing machines but there is so much more to these beautiful, complex animals.

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Would you do RFA+Searan taking care of MC on her period? Please!!


- When he wakes up to find blood covering your lower half and the sheets he panics.
- He thinks you’re dying Jumin how do you not know what a period is wtf
- Calls his personal doctor before you’ve even woken up
- You wake just as the doctor is walking in and Jumin is pacing. You’re very confused. “Jumin why is there a random person here did someone die??”
- Jumin gestures to the blood under you and the doctor laughs. You look down and you’re embarrassed as all hell but you realize Jumin called in a doctor for a period and you bust out laughing as well. 
- Once the doctor “”diagnoses”” you, a very flushed Jumin sends her away and fishes a pair of sweatpants out for you to change into. (Jumin owns sweatpants??)
- His caring for you really just consists of taking off work so he can laze around the house with you, and making Assistant Kang get whatever tools were necessary to “”cure”” your ailment


- Honestly? He’s probably a huge believer in that having sex is a good way to cure sickness. 
- But if you’re Not Feeling It he can just sit and rub your stomach, sides, back, anywhere you might have cramps
- Also keeps plenty of pain meds on hand so he can fetch whatever you need quickly
- Would go on pad/tampon runs and wouldn’t be embarrassed to pay for them himself unlike other people (I’m looking at you, Yoosung)
- He’s a good person to have around on your period 10/10 get a Zen if you can. He will take good care of you


- Despite majoring in a medical field he’s lowkey afraid of blood
- But he does his best to be a good support for you!! He buys tampons for you (and gets super red in the face at the checkout)(and buys the wrong size) but he’s trying okay
- Probably cries if you’re in pain he feels so bad
- Also takes care of all of the chores because he just wants you to rest and not be in any more pain
- If you get weird cravings he’ll try to make even the most disgusting food combinations taste good (”Grilled cheese with relish?? I thought gross cravings were a pregnancy thing?” Gets the plate thrown at him.)
- He’s so relieved when your period’s done, he hates seeing you in pain :(


- She knows what periods are like, and she’s suffering right there with you.
- Neither of you ever believed that “periods sync” bullshit but when you both woke up one morning and had a mini-fight over who used the bathroom first, you were both suddenly believers.
- Jaehee was more cramp-heavy while you had a heavier flow, and you almost got into another fight when you demanded she take the day off work because Jesus Christ, Jaehee, you can hardly stand you can’t go to work today
- She tries to object but she suddenly gets hit with the worst cramp and she gives in.
- She always has plenty of tampons, pads, pain killers, and comfort food on hand. She also keeps track of the time so she can know when you can both take more medicine, and when you should change out your tampons or pads. No toxic shock for you today, no ma’am.
- You spend all day watching Zen’s DVDs and cuddling and just trying to get through the first day of Hell Week.


- Up making jokes before you can even change your pants
- “Hey babe happy Shark Week~” 
- “Seven I’m going to strangle you–”
- “Haha your face is almost as red as your pants.” (Seven.)
- He’s joking right up until your eyes begin watering because fuck your cramps were bad. Then he’s all over you, tucking you into bed and giving you painkillers and doing anything he can to make you comfortable
- Probably tries to invent something to “cure periods” Yeah okay bud
- Just ends up abandoning his work for a little bit (”Sorry boss lololol”) and cuddling you 
- Still ends up cracking jokes to get you to laugh or get so annoyed you forget about your pain

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the ol’ squala magi/mahou same/madokasharks seem to be making the rounds again. it’s been many shark weeks since I first drew them and a lot has happened to pmmm in the meantime, so I doodled some more.

top: squala magi in civvies. it’s a hassle to have a bunch of accessories or extraneous magical markings when you’re just chilling out or going to school (or is it “shiver”? HURR HURR). I couldn’t think of any symbiotic shark-friend-fish besides remoras so bebe is just some dumb generic fish.

bottom: a certain infamous prehistoric shark species finally makes its squala magi debut. don’t think too much about the scale. point is, homucifer’s a big girl. with a rather creatively bankrupt design. i’m sorry

happy super belated shark week

The signs as sharks

♈Aries: Bull Shark

♉Taurus: Basking Shark

♊Gemini: Cookiecutter Shark

♋Cancer: Bigeye Sixgill Shark

♌Leo: Great Hammerhead Shark

♍Virgo: Blue Shark

♎Libra: Gray Reef Shark

♏Scorpio: Tiger Shark

♐Sagittarius: Blacktip shark

♑Capricorn: Carribbean Roughshark

♒Aquarius: Great White Shark

♓Pisces: Gummy Shark

(Happy shark week everybody)