happy seth is good!

Happy 31st Birthday to our one and only lunatic fringe, DEAN AMBROOOOOSE (aka Jonathan Good)!

He is a man who likes to dance..

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A man who does whatever he can to make us laugh..

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A lunatic who is also an adorable human being..

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A man who will always be a lunatic to me…

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And one of the best wrestlers I’ve seen in my time. Always will be.

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Thank you Dean for existing. 

I know it’s a little late but anyway. (Watermark @/celinambrollins [me on IG])
Happy Birthday to this legend. 31 years old and he’s already achieved so many things. People called him a future jobber, but now he’s one of the best wrestler who has to perform in the ring. He is the first FCW 15 champion. The first man to have held both the US and World Heavyweight Championship. The first NXT champion. He has a wrestling school @blackandbravewrestling where he trains future wrestler alongside with his long time friend Marek. It’s save to say that not many people have one especially not at the age of 31.

Not to forget that he found his soulmate in his former shield brother Dean Ambrose.

Thank you Seth for being an inspiration to the world.
Happy Birthday, Colby aka Seth aka Jonathan Good’s husband. ❤

Happy Birthday Seth Rollins
Happy Birthday to you
Please beatdown Samoa Joe
And for good measure Mahal ( * ) to

( * ) How could anyone want a hypocrite as a champion ? Claiming his culture yet Westernising his theme ? Mahal makes roid rage look like a sport. Maybe, he ingested some vitamins BROTHER. We don’t have those facts JACK.

I digress…

ANYONE for champion…Lesnar, Reigns, Booker T…James Ellsworth…just not Jinder Mahal. At least ‘J & J Security’ were entertaining…the Singh Brothers deserve to be managing @justinbieber. Here’s an idea…

The Shield & J & J Security v. Jinder Mahal, the Singh Brothers and Justin Bieber.

That’s what is best for business !

Happy Birthday Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins