happy second wedding

So I wanna post my thoughts but I…don’t know where to start??????

I’m happy about the second wedding, about their future, about R/R officially not being a thing, about the fact that ultimately I think Iain is rooting for them to be together and yet wants to keep them on screen which means drama (which I’m here for, as long as it’s written well).

I’m mad that they’re dragging Robert through the dirt and making her out to be a victim of his manipulation. WRONG.

I’m sad that the theory died.

I’m disgusted in Iain’s flippant comments about counsellors being on speed dial.

I’m kinda excited to see how it all plays out.

I’m kinda not sure how much I trust them anymore though?

And then also I’m just really concerned about the impact all these fandom happenings are having on my mobile data package because I CANNOT afford to keep upping my 4G plan, okay.

Sweet Valentine's Day!! || Pavi & Tina

It was a romantic morning of February the 14th when Tina woke up softly, her arm wrapped around Pavi’s body, her head resting on his chest as they slept. This day was special for another reason though… It was the sweet couple’s second Wedding Anniversary!

As Tina’s eyes opened, she purred and smiled, looking up at her lovely, gorgeous husband as he still slept like an Angel. They loved sleeping naked at times; that night was one of them. Tina stroked her Pabi’s chest and neck softly, pushing up gently to kiss his lips, purring again. She loved kissing him when he was sleeping.

“Mm, amore mio?” She whispered between her kisses. What would they do for this special day this year, she wondered.

Let’s be serious Harry… you’re the only one who is squeezing into their jeans

         Marriage of Napoleon and Archduchess Marie Louise Hapsburg

                                      April 2, 1810 – April 2, 2016

                                         Louvre, Paris, France

                                         206 years ago today…