happy second wedding

I’m very here for the idea that aaron and robert forget to get ~~ legally married ~~ until something happens and they realise however married they feel, they’re not actually married in the eyes of the law (lols) and so their second wedding is literally just them being fuck it let’s make this legal then and going to the city hall on some random thursday afternoon and then having a dirty weekend away as a second honeymoon


Happy second wedding anniversary to Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden 👰 13 June 2015

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As I've had a thoroughly depressing day and could do with something fluffy, could you do something with "happy tears" maybe?

“You know, the party is inside.”

Robert looked up from where he was sitting, gaze fixed on the grassy ground underneath him, taking in every detail of the new shoes he was wearing, needing something to focus on, something to ground him. “Hm?” he squinted at Aaron, his husband looking nothing less than godlike as he stood, the sun setting behind him and making him glow.

Maybe it was cheesy.

Robert didn’t much care.

“The party is inside,” Aaron nudged, easing himself down onto the seat next to Robert, a slightly rickety swing seat they’d built together, their first summer in the Mill. They’d had a lot of memories on it, in the two years since, good and bad, and none that made them want to fix the slight squeak the chair made.

It was perfectly imperfect, just like them.

“I just needed a minute,” Robert admitted, eyes flickering toward the house, their home. The noise was spilling out of the back door, the kitchen windows, music and laughter and the sounds of everyone they loved having come together to celebrate them, to celebrate their love again.

It felt sort of overwhelming, to know so many people wanted to celebrate the wedding redo, to cheers to their second chance. It had taken time, sure, but even Chas had come around, in the end, even buying herself a ridiculous hat for the occasion.

Their legal wedding.

The legality of it wasn’t the important bit, really. It never had been, for them - marriage was so much more than the license, than the piece of paper that tied them to each other.

But Robert couldn’t deny how secure, how safe he felt, knowing his life was bound to Aaron’s, in every single way, by choice, by law, by love.

“Talk to me,” Aaron said, his expression sincere.

It felt like a redo, of that first wedding, the quiet moment outside. Only this time, there was no heartbreak, there was no sense of finality, no dread of what was to come.

No, today was nothing but happiness, the two of them looking to a happy future together, no time limits, no impending prison sentence.

It was just the two of them, and a happy ever after.

“I can’t believe this isn’t a dream,” Robert admitted, tears glistening in his eyes as he spoke. After all they’d been through, after all Robert had done, he couldn’t quite believe he got to have this, the family, the house, the husband.

“You crying because you’re actually stuck with me now?” Aaron teased, pointy elbow digging into Robert’s side.

“I’m crying because I’m happy,” Robert admitted, wiping at his eyes with the back of his hand. It was summer now, warm and peaceful, the two of them having long since discarded their suit jackets.

New suits, for the day that was in it.

“I’m usually the crier,” Aaron joked, knowing that out of the two of them, he had always been the one who wore his heart on his sleeve. “Come on, don’t set me off.”

“Sorry,” Robert shook his head, reaching for Aaron’s hand, linking their fingers together tightly. “I just never thought I’d have this, you know?”

“A husband? Took me a while to wrap my head around that one n’all,” Aaron said, giving Robert’s hand a squeeze, a reassuring ‘I know’ sort of gesture.

He didn’t know, this time.

“Happiness,” Robert admitted, looking out across the garden again. Brightly coloured flowers, neatly tended flowerbeds, reminders of the hours they’d spend knee deep in dirt, turning their little grassy knell into a real garden. “I always thought I’d spend my life hiding a part of myself, you know? I never thought I could feel like this, happy - and free.”

Aaron gave him such an adoring look, his eyes full of love, full of pride that it set Robert’s heart racing. Happy tears shone in Aaron’s eyes as he spoke, Robert’s husband leaning in so their lips were only inches apart, his tone light and teasing.

“Happy second wedding day, Mr Dingle.”

Robert squeezed his eyes shut, wanting to savour every moment, remember how this very moment felt for the rest of his life as he echoed Aaron’s words. “Happy second wedding day, Mr Sugden.”

Sweet Valentine's Day!! || Pavi & Tina

It was a romantic morning of February the 14th when Tina woke up softly, her arm wrapped around Pavi’s body, her head resting on his chest as they slept. This day was special for another reason though… It was the sweet couple’s second Wedding Anniversary!

As Tina’s eyes opened, she purred and smiled, looking up at her lovely, gorgeous husband as he still slept like an Angel. They loved sleeping naked at times; that night was one of them. Tina stroked her Pabi’s chest and neck softly, pushing up gently to kiss his lips, purring again. She loved kissing him when he was sleeping.

“Mm, amore mio?” She whispered between her kisses. What would they do for this special day this year, she wondered.

Let’s be serious Harry… you’re the only one who is squeezing into their jeans

         Marriage of Napoleon and Archduchess Marie Louise Hapsburg

                                      April 2, 1810 – April 2, 2016

                                         Louvre, Paris, France

                                         206 years ago today…