happy schools

This week I got accepted into a premed school in my country. And this feels like a great accomplishment for me because it’s a great start. And I’ll be doing the med school exam soon and that makes me happier!

Some days ago I was genuinely devastaded because I felt my supposed “dream career” being taken away from me. But the truth is I was just closing a cycle, because I knew I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to be a pilot, or an engineer or whatever, because If I had I would have fought for it.

I mean I’m passionate about it. And it makes me happy, and I like what they do. But for the most part I love the idea of what they do and their job, and not the reality of it.

Like sure, it’s okay to dream but you can’t make a dream out of fantasies. And that’s something I had to remind myself.

Medicine on the other hand… Has always been my dream. And even though you need a lot of discipline and hard work and skills, I’m actually willing to work to get there. Because I like it even when it’s not sugar-coated as “I’m going to save so many lives!!!”. Because yeah, that’s beautiful and makes me happy. But I also need something to keep me grounded.

In fewer words, Medicine is so much more than “helping people” and I like even the not so pretty parts of it.

There’s a reason why last year I was studying so hard to approve the premed exam, instead of working to improve my GPA. And the reason is deep down I knew what I wanted.

The important thing of all of this is… I learned my lesson.

I learnt that I shouldn’t just focus on an idealistic view of things, because that’s not how the real world works… and I can dream, but also focus on taking action. And lastly that I can’t stop having my life on hold for people who don’t care about me, and won’t wait for me.


homework log day 2- english and science

ahh, i posted this like two days late. anyway, i was sick today so i ended up getting ahead for english so i have less to do later. it is still the same freedom writers project i worked on last day. i also typed it all on the computer as it is a rquirement for my teacher ://

next is my science homework (that also turned into a doodle page lol) i have a test on the periodic table on monday, and i get my quiz back tomorrow so im lowkey freaking out because i have no clue how well i did.

now im going to go to bed because i’ve been doing homework all day and im tired af. g’night :))))

Has anyone mentioned yet how our schools and education will be affected without net neutrality?

Think about schools who already have ridiculously low budgets that have to stop using important and useful sites on the internet because they can’t afford it.

Think about schools that CAN afford it, but have students who can’t access their work at home and struggle to keep good grades because of it.

Think about college students who struggle to even keep their apartments and get food on the table who suddenly can’t afford to access sites they need for their classes.

I’m no professional on this stuff. I don’t know exactly how it would work for education, but either way the removal of net neutrality is going to negatively affect everyone (except your service providers).

Good habits

Waking up early (like every day, even on weekends)

Going to sleep early (so you can wake up early)

Going for a walk every day (at morning or at night)

Drinking water before and after every meal

Eating breakfast



Reading something

Doing your work as soon as you get home

Planning your time

Taking time for yourself

Getting a shower

Brushing your teeth

Washing your face

Talking to your friends

Writing how your day was (memories for your future self?)

Being less than 3 hours on the phone

Not pressing the snooze button

Doing something good for someone

Being thankful for the day you got to wake up and for the day you lived through

let 2018 be the year to be selfish, a year to invest your time and energy into yourself

to improve yourself mentally and physically

to mind your mind and leave anyone or anything who doesn’t contribute positivity to your life behind

to set goals and to spend the year doing what you can to achieve them

to stay focused and work hard 

and most importantly, 2018 is a year to be spent loving and appreciating yourself 

2018 moods

you’ve been waiting to read your new book all day, finally getting to sit down with it and a cup of tea. soon you’re lost in its content, hearing only the sound of pages being turned gentle rain outside.

you’re laughing so hard tears being to form in your eyes, you’re stomach already hurting. no matter how hard you and your friend try, you both just can’t seem to stop.

it’s early, way too early in the morning, the sun hasn’t even come up yet. still, you’re already awake, seemingly before the rest of the world. everything is quiet and calm as you calmly breathe in and breathe out, ready to start the day off right.

“great work!” the little note on your essay says. you’ve worked so, so hard for this, and finally it has paid off. instantly, you begin to smile, newfound motivation radiating off of your beaming face. you can do this, everything you set your mind to is possible.

sometimes it seems like you can get lost in their eyes forever, forgetting the world around you. nothing exists, and even if it does, nothing comes close to being as important as this moment and the happiness you feel.

“doggo bath!”

something quick for @domesticvictuuriweek ! I probably won’t have time to participate for the rest of the week but I didn’t want to miss makkachin day :’>


“No doubt you’ve been wondering. You’d been waiting all year to see if I’d return. Well, you’ve nothing to fear. Night falls once again, and the wind howls through. It’s me, Dr. Junkenstein, and, oh, how I’ve been waiting for you.”

The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say (Season 2): #10
  • Dear Santa,
  • I'm writing to let you know that I've been naughty...
  • and it was worth it, you fat, judgmental bastard.