happy sasa


Had to post this one as well cause the words made me 😢 a bit. Beautiful.

Sasa being unaware of how biting a guitar pick just does things to a person
(Damn that’s one lucky guitar pick)

“I’ve always been a sort of self-imposed outsider, not a geeky outsider or a snobby outsider but, I just have a natural desire to live on the fringe. I’m not like a weirdo with a trench-coat but I just prefer to be alone or minimally surrounded by people.”

- Sara Quin (Happy Sara Sunday)


Ohh my I had to share this with you guys because it literally made my heart explode of happiness! My friend Sasa gave my this “Magic Bean” for my bday so today I tried it out and…. It’s literally magic. I’m not even kidding ok.

1. Open the magic bean can

2. Find the magic bean in the sea of glittery soil (am I dreaming?) and squeal when you see that IT HAs A HEarT ON iT

3. Neatly place the magic bean in the can and cover it up with the glittery soil

4. Water the magic bean every 3 days