happy rocks


Happy Blackout Day! My name is Sophia and I’m a scifi writer! I have two books on amazon. One is a scifi mystery about a black girl named Cosmo. My second book is a short romance story about black love in space!

Also sometimes I tweet things.

Every time @iguanamouth shares a pic of their iguana Wasabi, I think her nose looks like a cracked rock, so I decided to make a Pokemon design based off of that.

Presenting Iguagma, the Molten Lizard Pokemon. A Fire/Rock type, it is valued for the crystals that grow on its back, as well as the special gems that form on its neck. They enjoy eating various minerals and are fairly laid back, though attempts to keep one as a pet can be dangerous.

what does your amortentia smell like: teddy

Professor: Now, Teddy, it is your turn, pick up the potion and give it a big sniff, there you go!

Teddy: *instantly realizes what it smells of and panics*

Extra-Punk-Rock Teddy: *clears his throat* It’s uhm like

Extra-Punk-Rock Teddy: …and leather and beer and rock concerts-


Riordan give me stylized CHB outifts for my demigod children please

Both my parents never had the opportunity to study english, so they only speak portuguese, and since I’m very interested in languages they’re so proud to announce that to everyone. And now my uncle who speaks danish says both my danish and norwegian are really good, so my father now tells everyone smth like “mY DAUGHTER SPEAKS 5 LANGUAGES FLUENTLY SHE’S A MASTER” and though I don’t speak 5 languages at all I think that’s so beautiful because it’s like they’re helping me accomplish what they couldn’t and I’m so happy for that