happy river doctor appreciation day


River and the Doctor Appreciation Day - April 22nd

Who else was I going to fall in love with? a study in boops and looks


River & the Doctor appreciation day || 22.04.2016

Aaaaaaaaaaayyy, it’s the time of the year again! It’s the time to celebrate the timey-wimey and space-wacey marriage of the incredibly gifted, beautiful, amazing, smart, resourceful and talented archaeologist and her dumb space-and-time-hopping husband. 

You know what to do: fics, fanarts, gifsets, graphics, fanmixes, videos - whatever comes to your mind. You can also take part in a countdown challenge - if you feel like it. 

Countdown challenge:

#1. April 18th: River and… Ten, Eleven or Twelve?

#2. April 19th: Favourite kiss.

#3. April 20th: The best flirting moment(s).

#4. April 21st: Favourite ‘an old married couple’ moment(s).

#5. April 22nd: Happy Anniversary!

Use tags  #river doctor appreciation day and #rd edit to tag your works. Have fun, enjoy and reblog to spread the word. See you there and then!