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I think this is the closest i could get to actually draw for halloween this year 😅 Hope everyone had a great helloween/october!!


Tales of Angel Lu Chapter 2: Happy Halloween

[A/N: To everyone who have read the first chapter: The chapters are not necessarily in a chronological order. The chapters just tell random events of Angel Lu’s life. (Or you can just pretend that wings grow back after some time lol.)]

It’s time for the promised Haikyuu!! Halloween headcanons! I’ve been working on these for a while, and now their finally here!! The Shiratorizawa ones will be in a separate post as usual. (also there are a few Lev hcs because his bithday is the 30th)

  • Lev still goes trick or treating, he gets made fun of for it but he has no shame, nothing will stop this boy from getting free candy and scaring people (he doesn’t do it on purpose tho)
  • He originally wanted to dress like a giraffe, but Yaku gave him a costume instead, Lev was confused but wore it anyway because Yaku-san gave it to him
  • And thus Lev became slender man (the police got called bc he kept scaring children)
  • The rest of the team definitly uses Lev’s birthday as an excuse to get more candy
  • Kuro definitely dresses up as a clown and no one can convince me otherwise, he thought it would be a good idea but people kept attacking him and throwing stuff at him
  • He accidentally shows up to the Fukurodani Halloween party in the costume and forgets that Bokuto hates clowns
  • When he gets there Bokuto screams, grabs a chair, and slams it on Kuroo’s head 
  • Akaashi had to drive them to the hospital because Kuroo gets knocked out and Bokuto passes out when he finds out that it was Kuroo
  • It takes Hanamaki forever to decide what he wants to be for Halloween, but finally he makes a decision and begins working on his greatest costume creation
  • Hanamaki is Pepe
  • Matsun was going to dress in drag like usual, but instead decides to be Nicki Minaj Pepe to match with Hanamaki. They go to the Seijou Halloween party together in Matsun’s car that is also dressed as Pepe
  • Iwaizumi nearly kicks them out of the party because of this
  • Oikawa wants to fulfill his childhood dream of being prince charming from Cinderella, but to do that he needs a princess, the solution? Iwaizumi of course
  • Iwaizumi is forced into a Cinderella costumes that is many sizes too small for him, it’s so small that he can barely move, but it makes his muscles look fantastic
  • Lol but what if Kuroo somehow managed to convince the other captains to dress up as sexy disney princesses, I bet in the end he and Bokuto are the only ones who dress up like that
  • Suga dresses up as an angel and everyone who visits his house is overtaken by his ethereal beauty, meanwhile Daichi is in the corner fearing for his life because he forgot to send out the party invitations
  • Yaku ends up dressing like a cat, was it his first choice? No, did the others make him wear the costume? Yes, and they all suffer for it, especially Kuroo and Lev (lol Lev was staring at Yaku the entire night and kept saying how cute he looked)
  • The only reason he actually agreed was because it was Lev’s birthday, but he was extremely embarressed the entire time
  • Terushima shows up the the Halloween party in one of those latex suits and literally everyone kink shames, especially Daishou
  • Daishou shows up in a reptar onsie suit and no one knows it’s him, everyone assumed that it was either Tsukishima or Iwaizumi (Daishou wasn’t invited so he decides to crash it instead)
  • Akaashi doesn’t want to go to the party, he just wants to stay home, turn off all his lights, and prays to whoever that children don’t come knocking on his door
  • Kenma doesn’t want to go with Kuroo tho cus’ dat boi is embarrassing, and Akaashi knows that if he doesn’t go, Bokuto will probably start crying or throwing a temper tantrum 
  • Zombie Yamaguchi is still super adorable, don’t get too close tho or else he’ll eat your heart
  • OMG Haikyuu!! monster au! imagining lil monster Yams is precious
  • Kageyama dresses as a carton of milk (obviously) and Hinata shows up as a volleyball
  • Tsukishima is that person who wears the ‘this is my costume’ shirt to Halloween parties and gets offended when he doesn’t win best costume
  • Nishinoya shows up as zeus and Tanaka shows up as Hercules lol
  • Oikawa didn’t want anyone from Shiratorizawa to be invited, but  they were all invited anyway…

What about the Shiratorizawa??? I have a separate Halloween post for them that might include their shenanigans at the volleyball Halloween party. Also sorry I haven’t posted for a while, this week has been hell and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! (early or late I don’t really know lol) 




Dan and phil halloween baking pumpkin spice pumpkin cookies!!!

Phan collabs are adorbs

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