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if the silence was a song


“It’s … Your show is on so late at night,” Keith tries to explain, as if Lance didn’t know this already. “I guess I was just wondering why that is.”

A crackling silence answers him, and Keith’s stomach sinks. Did Lance hang up? Keith can’t exactly blame him.

But then he hears Lance make a noise––a short huff of breath that might have been either an impatient sigh or a quiet laugh … Keith has no clue.

“That’s the reason you’re calling? To complain about my time slot?”

or, Keith starts anonymously calling Lance’s college radio show and develops an unexpected crush.

Rating: T
Relationship: Klance
Words: 14,981
Status: Chapters 1/1 (Complete)

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This is my vld halloween exchange gift for @quintessenced! (sorry i’m a day late lol) you mentioned you like radio host aus and i loved that idea!! so yeah happy late halloween elliot, and i really hope you like this. :)

p.s. i made a playlist to go along with this fic which you can listen to either on spotify or playmoss 🎶

I think this is the closest i could get to actually draw for halloween this year 😅 Hope everyone had a great helloween/october!!

Happy late Halloween :D 
anyways i did a collab wth @baepsae10 !!! 
I drew Fell G and colored Jacob also wanted to color the background not the best but i like it 
They colored Fell G and drew Jacob and some decorations :D 
This was fun to do ! 
in the background there are two strange creatures i wonder who are they ?? 


Tales of Angel Lu Chapter 2: Happy Halloween

[A/N: To everyone who have read the first chapter: The chapters are not necessarily in a chronological order. The chapters just tell random events of Angel Lu’s life. (Or you can just pretend that wings grow back after some time lol.)]


Reader Tells Bangtan They’re A Vampire

⇝ request: text request where BTS find out you’re a vampire and they don’t really know how to react? XD

note: happy late aff halloween, y’all??? 💓 —Admin Sav

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Chapter One.

“How do you fare, Robert?”

Standing at the edge of the river, Robert turned around and gave a soft smile at the young woman approaching him. “I am well, sweet Abigail. Tell me, how has your morning?” he asked, hand held out as she stepped over and returned the smile. “Fairly well. Chores did not take long at all, which makes me happy. I was hoping to see you again before you went into town for any meetings you might have.” She smiled and gently took his hand in hers, looking out at the river stream that ran before them. Abigail knew he favored being outside out in the fields, listening to nature’s sound as opposed to the sound of the noisy townsfolk of Salem. That’s why the location of his home was so far from their small village; it was perfect for him to hideaway at.

“Any good news on your cousin?” He glanced down at her and gently gave her hand a comforting squeeze. She sighed and shook her head, looking out at the running water, “They still accuse her of witchcraft. Betty would never, her heart is too pure.” Abigail looked up at the man she had grown a bit too fond of. They met not too long ago, maybe three weeks, and she instantly was drawn in by his charisma. Though he might seem a little odd to her at times, his movements and the he way spoke, she was certainly falling for him. “I have to say, I heard something yesterday while I was taking my walk in town. Something…something about you.”

She frowned a bit as he lead her into his home. “About me? What was said?”

Robert pulled out a chair for her at the dining room table and sat down across from her, “People were saying you too were being accused. Is this true?” Abigail began to nervously play with her fingers, hands resting in her lap as she looked over at him, “No. I would never…” she looked down and then back up into his warm blue eyes. “These are nothing but accusations born from some kind of…hysteria. Do you believe them to be true?”

“I believe what you choose to tell me. I believe your words to be of truth and goodness.” He stated with a simple smile, resting his hands on the table, palms upwards, “Abigail, I must confess something. I believe I’ve fallen for you.” She gasped softly and rested her hands in his, leaning in, “Really?” Robert nodded, his unblinking eyes locked onto hers. “What are your feelings towards me? Do you feel anything for me?”

“I must confess that I too have fallen for you, Robert. My heart, my heart just sings for you. Being apart from you is unbearable, I count the hours until I can see you again.” She jumped up from the chair and rushed over to him, throwing her arms around him as he took her into his embrace, taking in another deep inhale of her scent. “Abigail, I’ve had a feeling for a long time now that we are meant to spend the rest of our days together. Do you agree?”

“Yes, I do.”

“It’s getting late now. You must go home and rest, and when you return tomorrow, we will discuss our plans for our future.”

“I will return to you as soon as my chores have been completed. I promise.”


Heart beating as if it was about to burst, Abigail made her way through the woods quickly, not wanting to lose another moment she could have with Robert. After yesterdays confession, she couldn’t deny her thoughts about marriage and a family; something she’s always wanted. She finally made her way towards the path that lead to her beloveds cottage, her smile never faltering as she got closer. “Robert? I’ve arrived! Robert?” she called out as she made her way inside, searching for him. There was no sign of him anywhere, which was strange as he told her before she left the night before that he would be waiting for her. “Perhaps he’s out by the well fetching some water.”

As she made her way inside the shed the well was in, she felt the air around her grow dark. The atmosphere felt thick and she could hear the sound of something snapping mixed in with the sound of something being ripped apart but what was it exactly? It didn’t sound…normal. The young woman turned the corner and let out a horrified scream. Right in front of her was her beloved, kneeling over the dead body of a young child. She could hear him snarl and growl viciously before he made a sudden stop, turning to her slowly as he stood. His clothes were soaked in blood, his once blue eyes were now a deep yellow, and his jaws were clamped down on muscle torn from the body that lay at his feet. “Robert..w-w-what are you doing? What is this?” she shook as she took a step back and fought the tears threatening to fall. “Dearest Abigail, I have not been fully truthful with you. Will you allow me to explain?” He spoke to her softly, reaching out for her hand like he usually did. Although she was afraid, her love for him triumphed over that fear and she took his hand in hers, allowing him to lead her away from the dead child, taking her inside his home.

Abigail rested her hands in her lap, twirling her fingers as she listened to his words carefully, trying to understand all that he was telling her. “So you confess to me that you are not of this world, you need human flesh to survive, specifically children because they are easier pray…have you ever thought of killing me?” She looked back up at him then away, looking out of the window. Robert nodded his head as he finished cleaning himself of the blood from his latest victim, eyes carefully watching the woman seated in front of him in case she were to try and attack him now that she knew what he was. “Yes but I was never able to bring myself to actually harm you. There’s something about you that would not allow me to. I believe it was love. ”

She kept quiet, lost deep in her thoughts.

“Are you afraid of me now?”


“Do you wish to leave me?”


“Dearest Abigail,” Robert reached over and gently tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, “I know this is frightening for you so I will tell you one thing. I believe you and I are meant to be for a reason. You see, I know you were not being truthful with me the night before. I know what you are, I know what you do. I have seen who you summon and what you do to them, the sacrifices.”

Abigail gasped and pulled away, hands shaking as she covered her mouth, “How?”

Robert stood up and took a step towards her, “I have seen you out in the woods. I have seen you in your home, practicing witchcraft with your cousin. You are a witch. A witch who was given a special gift by the one you sold your soul to.”


“Do you still love me?”

“Yes, I do.”

“You know what I am, what I do and yet you still love me?”

“Yes. You own my heart now.” She stood from the chair and took a step forward, looking up at him, eyes only seeing the man she had fallen in love with, not the monster he truly was. Robert cupped her face in his hands, intensifying their gaze, “Then you must make another sacrifice. Make another pact with him, tell him you wish to live all of eternity with me and he will grant it, I’m sure of it. I cannot die and neither will you if you do it.”

The young love stricken woman didn’t even hesitate to answer. It was much too late for her now. She was in love with this man and nothing he could say or do could keep her away from him. This could end in either two ways, she could run as fast as she could away from him and get killed anyways now that she knew his secret or she could do as he asked and live forever with him.

“I’ll do it. All for you, my love.”


Several days later, Robert was finally able find someone with a horse carriage who was willing to take them out of Massachusetts in search for a new home. The young man opened the door to the carriage and helped him with their bags.

“Where to,Mister…I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name the first time.”

“Robert Gray. Ms.Williams and I are off to Maine, good sir.”

“I see. It will be a long trip but we shall get there in no time.”

“Thank you.”

Robert took his seat beside Abigail and closed the door, looking out into the town center as a mob of angry townsfolk made their way to the courthouse.

“Ah. The trial has begun.”


Happy (late) Halloween!

I’ve been too busy to really celebrate Halloween last year but this year I got to make stupid cookies with my SO :D

Before everyone freak out about me cooking, I didn’t. My SO made the cookie dough and I just used it like playdough to make the silly shapes.

Some of my favorites are Doge, Zombie Southpark Jesus, poop, pot, and positive pregnancy test (what can be scarier?)