happy poem in your pocket day

Small things.
It’s the small things in life that you gotta enjoy. An inside joke. A Sunday brunch. A day out with friends. The cute new guy in your class. A flirty text message. Neon socks. Coffee. A smile on your parents’ face. Fireworks. Chicken. Tom and jerry and Mickey mouse. Special episodes of favourite shows. That extra hidden money in your pockets. Old journals. Old school magazines,with whom memories come back flooding. A basketball going perfectly through the hoop. A sudden rush of adrenaline. Unexpected rain. A summery, happy day. A chocolate. Late night conversations. An old dusty photograph buried under your enormous pile of clothes. A simple ‘i love you’ from your best friend, not boyfriend. Long walks. Short sprints. Music. Listening to a song after what seems like decades. Meeting or talking to an old friend after what seems like years. Seeing a smile break out on a face after what seems like days. It’s all worth it. The small things in life make you elated. Even if just for a few seconds. They make your day memorable. And that’s what life is, isn’t it? A collection of memories strung together to make a collage which you take with you, which no one can ever snatch from you. And don’t let anyone do it, because these memories make you go the distance in those times you think you can’t get through.

(Written and submitted by @mymellowcupcakestudent)

The day I turned twenty-one
we got drinks at chili’s
and ordered every appetizer on the menu;
didn’t even think about the cost,
but just wanted to fill ourselves
with small things.
My best friend bought me a wishing stone.
Polished and pink, it rested safe in my pocket
while she told me some people use them
to acquire more love in their lives.
“This is the opposite of your problem,”
she said, ordering me another coconut rum lemonade,
“you already have the love of everyone else.
There’s not a single person at this table ,
or in the world, who doesn’t love you,
and you have the hardest time
seeing it.”
Someone pops a balloon at the end of the table
and everyone throws their delighted faces back in laughter.
She touches the shape of the wish stone in my pocket,
“This isn’t to take any more in. This is to remember
what you’ll always have.”
A new glass is raised to me, ice cubes clinking
against the sour sweetness.
I take a sip
and I wish hard.
—  Schuyler Peck, The Pink Wishing Stone

Happy Poem in your Pocket day (April 21st!). If you forgot your poem, don’t worry, he’s a bunch of haikus for you!