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I’m going with Team Kronch for these guys, just for the sake of this dumb explanation sequence. Thanks to @taeloerohz for helping me name the meme dream team! :D

Close runner-up names you all suggested were Team Blue Skidoo (really frickin’ cute), Team Anklebiters (lol), and Team Stellar (which probably would’ve been the winner if memes didn’t get involved, haha)!


shower me with your affection (or let me wilt)

YOI bigbang || written by @exile-wrath​/@plotmaster, art by me!

“Victor and Yuuri meet in a summer of earthquakes, shower duets, musical filming, and figuring out whether they should suspect each other to be a murderer or not.”

Read the fic on AO3! <3

Wow guys I can’t believe SPM finally has it’s own animation

Wouldn’t it be sad if Black Hat had a similar backstory to Count Bleck with his own lost love…?!

Anyway the similarities between these two are astounding so I just had to draw them

Aries Venus: They want to feel providing, strong, sexy, and confident with their partner.

Taurus Venus: They want to feel safe, comfortable, and stable with a partner.

Gemini Venus: They want to feel elated, connected, and open with a partner.

Cancer Venus: They want to feel needed, reassured, and loved with a partner.

Leo Venus: They want to feel special, admired, and happy with a partner.

Virgo Venus: They want to feel appreciated, needed, and stable with a partner.

Libra Venus: They want to feel loved, adored, complimentary, and content with a partner.

Scorpio Venus: They want to feel wanted, passionate, sexy, and deeply intertwined with a partner.

Sagittarius Venus: They want to feel excited, free, and inspired with a partner.

Capricorn Venus: They want to feel supported, providing, stable, and committed to with a partner.

Aquarius Venus: They want to feel accepted, belonging, supported, and mentally stimulated with a partner.

Pisces Venus: They want to feel loved, emotionally connected, and cherished with a partner.

How to Know if you’re in the Right Relationship

1. You feel secure with the person and are happy to commit to a relationship with them.

2. You don’t feel you need to hide anything from them.

3. You respect them, and they respect you. Neither feels superior to the other.

4. You are happy for their successes. You don’t feel as if you’re in competition with them, or that their successes make you feel inferior.

5. You don’t challenge, criticise or attack each other in front of others.

6. Neither of you is looking to the other to have unmet needs met, or to make up for personal feelings of lack or inadequacy.

7. You are happy for your partner to spend time with their family and other friends.

8. You don’t have a secret back up plan (“If he cheats, or leaves, me then I’ll … “If he does X then I’ll do Y”)

9. You inspire each other to be better people.

10. You know that they’ll always be there for you.